Cheraw condition park course – thanks for visiting cheraw condition park course

Cheraw condition park course – thanks for visiting cheraw condition park course

Sc is renowned for golf, and when you are a golfer, you won’t want to miss playing Cheraw Condition Park Course or even the Hickory Knob Course — our two condition park courses!

Imagine golfing inside a pristine park setting, without any condominiums, houses, roads, or individuals penalizing out-of-bounds stakes. Picture your self on a training course where you can find no adjacent fairways – just attractive views of forests, ponds, and wildlife. That is what we must offer! Both classes are Tom Jackson designs, economical to experience, well-conditioned and golfer-friendly.

The Cheraw Condition Park course will help remind the seasoned golfer of individuals classic courses designed and built in early 1900s. With gentle sloping vegetables and generous landing areas on the majority of the componen 4 and componen 5 holes, you’ll experience golf inside a true parkland setting. Lake Juniper works as a backdrop on several holes creating a golf visit to Cheraw Condition Park is really a visual treat. The Cheraw golf course is another Certified Audubon Worldwide Wildlife Sanctuary.

Hickory Knob Condition Resort Park is next to Lake Thurmond. This massive Strom Thurmond reservoir lake can serve as defining feature of the challenging course. The waters of Lake Thurmond are visible or come up on every hole around the Hickory Knob Course. To be able to score at Hickory Knob, be ready to hit every shot within the book. There’s a significant number of slopes, contours, fairway widths, and bunkering, so take the best game for this great golf tract.

Cheraw Golf Vacations &amp Tee Occasions

For additional info on Cheraw Condition Park Course click the link or call the professional shop directly at 1-800-868-9630. You may also make tee occasions online! Also, take a look at our fantastic rates along with other information.

Hickory Knob Tee Occasions &amp Golf Vacations

For additional info on Hickory Knob Course click the link or call the professional shop directly at 1-866-369-9331. You may also make tee occasions online!

Take a look at our golf package, available all year round, our Links around the Lake Package using the neighboring Savannah Ponds Courses, our fantastic rates, Masters Week Special along with other information.


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