Dealing with hybrids – the golfworks

Dealing with hybrids - the golfworks

Dealing With Hybrid Golf Equipment

by: Britt Lindsey and Jim Yachinich

Hybrids are actually primary stream and it’s important to know a few of the club building dynamics which are involved. Among the questions we

get requested most is when lengthy will i create a hybrid club? Clearly, the most crucial factor is to really make it fit the gamer, but according to the

mind, shaft, grip relationship, its by pointing out mind weight and also the length the club will probably be built. Generally, mind weights are the things they

have been in forest and irons, due to industry average lengths or what some consider standard club lengths. Because of the number of hybrid

clubs, the thought of a typical length for those hybrids just isn’t feasible. However, by understanding the mind weight and evaluating that mind weight

to what particular iron or fairway wood, you will be aware exactly what the standard period of that specific hybrid was intended to be (See step five below).

Within the GolfWorks catalog, you will find recommended length charts around the hybrid mind pages. These lengths derive from particular shaft weights and

grip weights to provide a typical swing weight. Your swing weight range according to these parameters is between D0 and D2 generally.

When the shaft weight or grip weight varies, your swing weight range may change. We’ve outlined the steps below that should be considered when

building any hybrid.

Guidelines whenever using Hybrids

  1. Identify when the Hybrid utilizes a wood shaft (.335&quot or .350&quot) or perhaps an iron shaft (.370&quot or .355&quot taper tip).
  2. Find out the weight from the hybrid clubhead.
  3. When the hybrid utilizes a wood shaft (.335&quot or .350&quot), compare the mind weight to what fairway wood which has exactly the same mind weight.

    For instance when the hybrid weighs 228 grams that is nearest to what 7 wood (230 grams). Within this example you’d stick to the tip

    trimming instructions for any 7 wood whenever using the CT H16 Hybrid.

  4. When the hybrid uses an iron shaft (.370&quot or .355&quot taper tip), compare the mind weight to that particular of the iron which has exactly the same mind weight.

    As an example the KE-4 18 degree includes a listed mind weight of 231 grams that is nearest to what 2 iron (233 grams). Within this example you

    would stick to the tip trimming instructions for any 2 iron whenever using the KE-4 18 degree hybrid.

    Note: Using the KE-4 Hybrids with adjustable weight, you need to use the adjusted weight to recognize your trimming instructions.

    For instance should you removed the 8 gram weight within the KE-4 18 degree it might lower the load lower to 223 grams that is now nearer to

    what 1 iron and also you would are now using the trimming instructions for that 1 iron.

  5. Finished club lengths would be also based in the clubhead weights and whether or not they rival what wood or perhaps an iron. Within the CT H16

    example the finished period of 41&quot with graphite and 40.5&quot with steel overlap with we’d use for any 7 wood at 230 grams headweight.

Please Click the manufacturers below to determine each OEM Hybrid Guide:

  • Adams
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  • GolfWorks
  • Mizuno
  • Nickent
  • Nike
  • Ping
  • Sonartec
  • Srixon
  • Taylor Made
  • Titleist
  • Tour Edge
  • Wilson


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