Review: adams hybrids make believer from the golfer

Adams idea a12 hybrid versus. titleist 910h hybrid

Hybrids is usually the most effective developments in golf equipment within the last decade, once viewed as assistance to senior golfers and handicappers, but fully recognized now among the top players in the world. Without any company has pegged its name for the hybrid as strongly as Adams, and a pair of recent choices indicate the part hybrids have fun playing the bags of golfers at each side in the ability spectrum.

Lengthy ago when, just like a single digit handicap inside my early 20s, I needed pride in hitting a few iron to date since most of my pals could hit driver. There’s something magical in regards to the way individuals extended irons would send the ball off as being a bullet, boring a vertical line lower the middle of the eco-friendly. However which was about 10 years ago, your hands and forearms were a lot more effective, the ball was a good deal different, and i’m not playing five days each week any more.

I’m also not very proud to think about I would be hitting extended irons when a lot of the guys we watch on tv have switched to hybrids to repace their 2, 3, 4 in addition to 5 irons. When I’d the opportunity to place some Adams hybrids inside the bag, I jumped advertising online. Earlier inside the season I’d traded my 5 wood for just about any hybrid I’d selected up in route, though the wrong shaft plus a awesome design, Irrrve never loved it. Putting a 18 degree Adams Idea Pro a12 plus an Adams Idead Tech V3 4 hybrid into play solved the problem question why I used to be so late for the hybrid revolution.

Much like irons, motorists in addition to putters, you’ll find hybrids for far better players, individuals trying to find any controlable, low ball flight getting a smaller sized sized margin for error. You will find game improvement mixers encourage acquiring the ball in mid-air employing a lower center of gravity and weighting that makes all the club a lot more forgiving.

Adams, just like a leader inside the hybrid domain, has each side covered, and i also can now appreciate both clubs.

We have Got We’ve Got The Technology

The Adams Idea Pro a12 is perfect for the higher player, and could be located in the bag of PGA Tour champion Brandt Snedeker and according to Adams, it boasts:

• A hot face built of maraging steel produces greater ball speeds plus a penetrating ball flight.

• The only real remains enhanced getting a steel skid plate plus a flush-mounted weight screw that reduces the amount of turf interaction for far better playability.

• Sleek, tour-proven shaping meets the needs of greater players who wish a tight mind for far better shot-shaping abilities plus a dark finish in reducing glare.

The Adams Idea Tech V3 fits a wider choice of players, and may assist a mid- or high-handicapper achieve consistent results, especially in comparison to their performance getting a extended iron. According to Adams, the Tech V3 includes:

• An ultra-thin face for elevated ball speed

• V-created sole to reduce ground drag and turf interference

• Tungsten weighting at heel and feet lowers the center of gravity and enhances the MOI improves off-center shots

• Unmatched versatility and forgiveness


Comprehending the technology and understanding my game, which remains inside the low single digit handicap range, my first thought was simply how much I’d lean toward the a12. So that you can give them both a great review, I furthermore requested buddies who’re inside the 20-handicap range hitting both along with what we found was that even though the a12 is obviously a hard fit (especially at 18 levels, the loft from the traditional 2 iron) in situation your swing and ball striking are sporadic, the V3 is very playable across a number of ability levels.

Most likely probably the most enjoyable surprise in the playing review may be the way much I have enjoyed punching the V3, how versatile it no longer has sufficient any lie and the way much confidence it bred after watching one ball to a different discover the eco-friendly from 200 yards out.

The V3 4 hybrid getting a Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara stiff shaft, that’s a high-launch, lightweight shaft (the actual the complete opposite of a few things i normally play and from a few things i was match inside a recent Hot Stix fitting) flies a normal 205 yards, replacing my 4 iron, that have fallen from favor last season and launched my hybrid search. The V3 launches over the top and i also cannot control the trajectory after i could getting a 4 iron, nevertheless the tradeoff for just about any consistent ball that flies the identical each time can be a welcome change. The most popular factor in regards to the V3 happens when easy it’s hitting in the lie, particularly heavy rough that I’d never consider acquiring a extended iron through.

One knock that’s frequently made against hybrids, is always that for just about any player who plays a draw and contains a greater swing speed, design for a hybrid will turn a subtle draw in to a nasty hook. My first attempts previously getting a hybrid matched these results and switched me taken off trying another for just about any extended time. I hit it left, further left, and also to date left I finally handed the club with a friend and told him to think about it before it finished up in the pond.

Though the Adams hybrids, I don’t fight a hook whatsoever. Contrary, the a12 features a inclination to reduce as well as the V3 features a baby draw ball flight.

Whereas the V3 is very forgiving which is good club for extended componen 3s or configuring it in the rough, the Adams Idea Pro a12 is actually a performance club, serving much the same purpose as my trusty 2 iron of years past.

With my 18 degree a12, I’m capable of ascend to the tee from the narrow componen 4 with a lot more confidence over a person, 3 wood or extended iron. It flies roughly 225 yards combined with the Aldila RIP Versus Proto Hybrid stiff shaft (the Matrix Ozik Altus Hybrid could be the other stock shaft option), the ball flight is penetrating and consistently lower. Unlike the V3 which is built to fly high, the a12 hybrid gets the boring trajectory loved by better players, particularly high-spin players for instance myself. Inside my Hot Stix fitting, we determined that I’d have to be by getting an X flex shaft, that will eliminate a couple of from the ballooning shots I experience, but that’s through no-fault from the hybrid mind. Speaking concerning the a12 mind, it truly inspires confidence, having its iron-on-steroids look and how the facial skin seems to sit down lower a hair open, decreasing the concern with a terrible snap hook. The black finish frames the ball nicely, almost pleading you to definitely certainly hit it round the sweet place.

Because of the loft as well as the design characteristics, the a12 labored ideal for me in the tee or perhaps in the green, though it certainly plays better in the rough than my fairway forest and that i also have had success hitting it from low-lip fairway bunkers. The particular question personally is if I even need to have a 3 wood because the concept Pro a12 is within the bag.


After more than 24 models while using Adams Idea Tech V3 as well as the Adams Idea Pro a12, I’m offered on Adams hybrids as a good approach to make golf simpler. With the help of hybrids and eliminating extended irons, there’s elevated confidence into extended componen 3s and in the tee in short componen 4s.

Obtaining the chance to check both choices, it’s outstanding how easy and simple , reliable the Adams Idea Tech V3 hybrid is always to hit from fairway or trouble and into vegetables due to a greater ball flight that will help retain the eco-friendly.

The Adams Idea Pro a12 is obviously a golf club iron that will help produce a good player better, having its laser-like precision, supreme workability and a review of address that instills confidence.

Regardless of your handicap, I’m confident you’ll find an Adams hybrid that suits your game.


ADAMS DHY Driving Iron Hybrid Review


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JAG sixtyfive: Aha! Now we’re talking eh Rick! So much better than the UDI for you. More consistent ballflights, and distances, and no missed fairways! No brainer. I believe these are available to order in Europe now actually. Check out the new Callaway Apex UT next if you can get hold of one Rick!

furryikleewok: Adams had the speed pocket before TM did.

Branden Anderson: I too enjoy the confidence of looking down and seeing a bigger head

Paul Young: bought this club off eBay for 30 bucks. it’s great easy to hit. and great height when tee’d. might get the 2 iron

tigerbalm: hideous! Cobra Utility driving iron crushes this…and yes, I can never hit Adams or TM for som reason…

david killian: Love it, Thanks

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Dee Piper: I just demoed one of these tonight, a 24*. OMG so easy to hit. I would replace my 5 iron with it. I know this is last years model or whatever but i loved it.Trajectory was nice and high. I had about 174 yards of carry, plus roll for about 190 – 191 yards. Loved it.

nuster rab: Bought the 21* cause im 68 lost distance my regular 6 iron goes 150 i need 175 and this club is no sweat

Marty Schoo: I’m an Iron player (11 hcp currently) and actually don’t carry a wood in the bag at all including driver. My DHy 18deg with Aldila Tour Blue Xstiff shaft is my driver. It’s also my 3 wood. Shorter par 5’s I can reach with two of these!!! I’m very impressed with its forgiveness and length off both the tee and fairway. It compliments my titleist AP2’s very well. If you play your long irons well but find yourself wayward with your driver and woods like me, then I can’t recommend this club enough.

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