Titleist surefit tour hosel &amp performance fitting chart » dankgolf

Titleist surefit tour hosel &amp performance fitting chart » dankgolf

…and how knowing exactly how it operates might help your game

I’ve experienced many questions from consumers and golf industry employees in regards to what exactly occurs when you alter the setting around the Titleist SureFit Tour Hosel. Understanding ways to use the Performance Fitting Chart and it’s 16 settings is essential to experienceing this best launch conditions and becoming the most from your Titleist Driver, fairway metal, or hybrid.

Let’s imagine, lets make use of the 915 Performance Fitting Chart along with a right-handed 9.5* Driver. Within the A1 setting, the loft may be the mentioned 9.5* with standard lie position. As attempting to achieve maximum height and launch with this particular current mind/shaft combination, the right setting could be A4. This setting robotically adds 1.5* of loft, getting us as much as 11*. The key factor to bear in mind is this fact loft change takes only place should you hold your Titleist Driver in mid-air and don’t sole it. The reason behind this really is that whenever you set loft, you’re effectively closing the face area position should you SOLE The Motive Force On The Floor. So, going in the A1 to A4 setting can result in 1 of 2 scenarios. One, when the golfer never soles the club, squares the face area, and that he presently has an 11* driver. Scenario two would be that the golfer soles the club on the floor, takes his grip, and also the driver continues to be 9.5* however the face position is closed, adding a draw bias towards the club. If you’re a player that has got to sole the club prior to taking your grip (a lot of golfers are for me) you’re still fortunate if you’re attempting to achieve 11*. Simply sole the club, open the clubface until it appears square or “normal” for you, bring your grip and swing away. Some confusion arises for this subject because Titleist really has two Charts. The first is for consumers which is what you should find together with your literature when you buy a Titleist Driver. Another chart, that has more details regarding face position, can be found in fitting guides that Titleist produces for PGA Professionals and club fitters. Here is the chart when you are most likely accustomed to seeing it…

The Truth about the Titleist SureFit Tour Hosel &amp the Performance Fitting Chart 1

As you can tell there’s no specifics of face position. For me this really is acceptable because the extra information can have a tendency to confuse many people. The most crucial factor to bear in mind is the fact that when utilizing this chart, if you’re attempting to achieve pretty much loft, make certain you can either square the face area as the club is incorporated in the air, or else you must first sole the club, open or close the club until it’s square, after which bring your grip. Don’t sole the club after which immediately bring your grip. Should you choose this you’re simply having fun with another face position, and didn’t change loft whatsoever.

The other chart for club fitters appears like this….

The Truth about the Titleist SureFit Tour Hosel &amp the Performance Fitting Chart 2

You can observe there’s a completely new chart around the right side that shows exactly what the face position adjustments are when you are up or lower within the chart. For those Titleist metals, in the 910 series towards the 816 hybrids, the A1 setting has got the standard loft mentioned around the club and also the face position is .5* open. When going from A1 to D4, you can observe the face area position ranges from .5* available to .5* closed, one whole amount of face closure, and we’ll achieve a rise of loft of .75* once the face is squared. The explanation for this really is that loft to manage position is all about b .7/1 ratio… meaning for each 1* alternation in face position, the effective loft once the clubface is squared is altered by about .7*. To create things simpler Titleist models up to and including more round quantity of .75*. When we continue to increase the chart towards the A4 setting, the thing is we close the face area yet another degree, and add another .75* of loft once the face is squared.

How these details will help you play better golf:

Focusing on how face position plays a part in the SureFit Tour Hosel can certainly help golfers if they’re getting directional difficulties with their driver or metals. For example…

If you’re hitting a Slice:

Your setting would 100% be A3. Within this scenario, it is essential that you just sole the club, after which bring your grip. Don’t SQUARE The Face Area because then you’re taking your closed face position and draw biased club from the equation. Within the A3 setting the face area position is 1.5* closed and also the lie position is 1.5* upright, that will in addition assistance to effectively close the face area at impact and eliminate your slice.

If you’re hitting a Hook:

Your setting could be C1. Simply ground the club and bring your normal grip as well as in play you’ll have a driver that sits 1.5* open having a .75* flat lie position. These two specs will help with maintaining your face open during impact which help to prevent the left side from the course.

If you want the feel of a wide open club face but desire a draw bias:

Your setting could be A2. Here we don’t change face position whatsoever, we’re simply making the club more upright. Face position continues to be .5* open (that is a extremely popular position for golfers of abilities) however the lie position is going to be 1.5* upright to assist in achieving your draw. This raises the reality that loft and lie could be altered individually with this particular system. You may already know loft and face position link when rising or lower within the chart, but merely moving right or left within the chart ONLY changes lie position, and keeps loft/face position static.

Notes on face position based on Titleist.com

-Golfers will react differently to alterations in face position.

-Many will square the face area at impact and modify the loft.

-The mind may have more loft when squared at impact if starting with a shut face position.

-The mind may have less loft when squared at impact if starting with a wide open face position.

-Many will keep up with the club’s static face position and also the resulting alternation in face position will affect direction.

-A shut face position can lead to left ball flight.

-A wide open face position can lead to right ball flight.

-Some golfers creates a mixture of these adjustments.

-The golfer’s capability to consistently return the club face at impact includes a greater impact on directional control compared to face position setting.

-Ultimately, the golfer’s ball flight will probably be your best supply of guidance regarding performance.

 Important suggests bear in mind:

  • For driver…each .75* alternation in loft changes launch by ?” and spin by 275 revoltions per minute
  • For driver… each .75* alternation in lie position will affect direction by 2 yards
  • 915, 913, 910 driver heads and shafts are interchangeable
  • 915 and 913 fairway heads and shafts are interchangeable
  • 915 and 913 hybrid heads and shafts are interchangeable
  • 910 fairway heads and shafts aren’t interchangeable with 915 and 913
  • 910 hybrid heads and shafts aren’t interchangeable with 915 and 913
  • 816 hosel adjusts in 1.* loft &amp lie increments if utilized in 915 and 913 heads
  • 915 and 913 hosel adjusts in .75* increments if utilized in 816 heads

Titleist SureFit Tour Hosel &amp Performance Fitting Chart 3


As you can tell this publish has a lot of more information. My intent was to provide you with all of the necessary tools that will help you discover the SureFit setting that can help you receive the most from your Titleist equipment. For those who have any queries please don’t hesitate to inquire about or comment below. Best of luck!

Also, please comment below and let me know what clubs/ shafts/ balls you want to be tested mind to mind.I’ll choose typically the most popular demands and publish results As soon as possible.

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