Golf news

Golf news

Cape Town, Nigeria – COBRA Golf is ongoing to create golf simpler. Simple to hit it far, simple to hit it straight and, most significantly, simple to benefit from the game. The brand new Baffler® XL Fairways and Hybrids have a new, high MOI Tungsten Perimeter design with oversized rails to help make the most forgiving and easiest hitting Bafflers COBRA has ever produced.

&ldquoThe Baffler XL Fairways and Hybrids specified for using the specific intent to create golf simpler,&rdquo commented Tom Preece, V . P . of Development and research. &ldquoWe achieved that with the mixture of a higher MOI clubhead, low CG, pronounced rails and elevated Tungsten within the perimeter. Many of these technologies interact to improve ball speed, lower spin, improve confidence at address and eventually result in the ball go farther making golf simpler and much more enjoyable.&rdquo

The Baffler XL Fairways and Hybrids possess a thin, high strength steel face with increased flex to create greater ball speed. An excellent low CG because of 30% more Tungsten compared to Baffler T-Rail®+ along with a shallower face provides greater, longer ball flight with less spin.

The brand new, high MOI design is 15% greater compared to Baffler T-Rail+ having a 20g tungsten perimeter. Oversized rails along with a pronounced innovative delivers simple to hit, forgiving Fairways and Hybrids. A bigger aspect ratio than any one of COBRA&rsquos fairways helps make the Baffler XL Fairway simple to it and provides golfers confidence at address.

The Baffler XL products is known as for that 40th anniversary from the Baffler featuring a classy Legion Blue cosmetic that’s found through the new Baffler XL products such as the Baffler XL Driver, Baffler XL Combo Set and Baffler XL Irons. An offset design through the set can help correct slices, pronounced rails on fairways, hybrids and irons makes it simple to obtain the ball in mid-air and MOI helps make the Baffler XL products very forgiving.

The COBRA Baffler XL Fairway(R1799) includes a COBRA Baffler shaft and will come in 3+, 3, 5 and seven forest in Stiff (65g low torque/mid kick), Regular (55g mid torque/mid kick) or Lite (55g mid torque/mid kick) flexes in right-handed models. Left-handed models on offer are : 3 and 5 wood in Stiff, Regular and Lite flexes. The Baffler XL Fairways possess a COBRA Lamkin® REL EPDM Indication Grip.

The COBRA Baffler XL Hybrid (R1599) includes a COBRA Baffler shaft and will come in 2-7H in Stiff (70g low torque/mid kick), Regular (60g mid torque/mid kick) or Lite (60g mid torque/mid kick) flexes in right-handed models. Left-handed models on offer are : 2-7H in Stiff, Regular and Lite flexes. The Baffler XL Hybirds possess a COBRA Lamkin REL EPDM Indication Grip.

The Baffler XL Driver, Fairways, Hybrids and Combo Set can also be obtainable in women&rsquos models in Crimson Gem with Dahlia Crimson accents.

The Baffler XL Driver, Fairways, Hybrids and Irons is going to be offered at retail on November first, 2013.

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Is This 3-Year-Old Golf Prodigy the Next Tiger Woods? | Nightline | ABC News


SMSV2008: Child prodigies don’t mean anything when it comes to sports. It’s all about what you do at the ages 14-18 that will determine if you go pro. Plus once he starts growing, who knows how he’ll adapt his swing.

Cole H: He’s going to cheat on his wife with hundreds of women

Noah Roberts: Anyone else have absolutely no idea how they ended up here or why they watched the whole thing?

brody lockwood: A lion would never cheat on his wife, but a tiger wood. 😉

How can you not like Roxas?: nah,he will find the computer more fun.

Covenantal Apologetics (Jesus Is My Savior): Why is this a news story

edgar munoz: let me make this clear..THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER TIGER WOODS..he dominated a sport like nobody else

DbrowNick: Jordan Spieth is already the next tiger woods…

MimmGigg: no one wants a Tiger Woods, he’s an asshole. This kid is going to be driven around playing golf all his youth, then suck, get a beer belly, grow a 24 hour shadow and just be a teacher or

Sparta T: lol why am i watching this… the only golf i have seen is few clips on the internet and only player i know is tiger woods…

David Lemieux: He clearly is talented but hearing his dad say he’ll be in the PGA makes me laugh. So many things can change in the next 10 years.

ImDeffy: I started playing when i was 3 too, won my first major tournament for the Golf Channel in San Antonio at the age of 8, played on a small tour at the age at 10, tried out for my highschools team freshman year 2 years ago and broke my leg on the course. Went and played golf for the first time in 2 years today, shot 98. back to square one 🙂

TheMunsters1964: I did the same in his age, and I’m not a pro now.

Dan Grant: This video is pretty sad.  The kid showed absolutely no ounce of special talent in the video, all he did was (poorly) manage to hit a golf ball.  Any 3 year old that is taught golf is capable of doing what this kid is

sgreen4: How many girlfriends does he have? Once he has 5 or more then you can start comparing him to Tiger

Jerry Armstrong: that is clearly a midget

michhhael: All these grown ass men talking shit about a 3 year old kid lol what the fuck is wrong with people

Ben Crawford [golf shots]: I’m sorry! He’s 3 years old and has his own pro coach. Really!!

R6 Clips: It’s just too bad Tiger isnt as good as he used to be.

Jane Lin: Looking at the comments, it seems people who don’t golf really have no idea how hard it is to do what this little boy is doing.

Satat: That kid has some gift.

pseudo “dumb guy” intellectual: we don’t need more athletes. we need more scientists to make the next big human advancement. i would at least like more scientifically literate people in this country, that would be nice.

Spordan Jieth: This guy’s got some future.

CIRUS MEDIA: I’m sure next year around this time he will want to be a fireman!!  


SenniK: He has better contact then me! i’m 11 and started playing at 8. This kid has crazzy skills, he putts better then adam scott! 

Swaggles McFluffy: The putting is a fluke, he doesn’t have any good control over the ball, also there will NEVER be another tiger woods.

Portal Texture: Chuck Norris is the next Tiger Woods.

Jack Young: That awkward moment when a 3 year old is 100x better than you at golf :/

ripjaw2003: once his father pushes him hell grow out of the sport and hate it he will soon burn out once he goes on to us kids

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