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Titleist 816 H2 Grip Option

Golf Pride
Model Image Core Diameter Weights(g)
Titleist Tour Velvet .560/.580/.600/U.580/U.600 55/52/50/44/40
Titleist Tour Velvet Cord .580 52.5
Tour Velvet 360°
(917/816/716 Stock Grip)
.560/.580/.600/U.580/U.600 55/52/50/44/40
Titleist Tour Velvet 360° .560/.580/.600/U.580/U.600 55/52/50/44/40
Tour Velvet 360° Flat Cap
(915 Stock Grip)
.560/.580/.600/U.580/U.600 55/52/50/44/40
Titleist Tour Velvet 360° LT .580/.600/U.580/U.600 32.5/27.5/24/23
Titleist Tour Velvet 360°
Midsize Round
.580/.600 53.5/53
Tour Velvet .580/.600 51.5/49.5
Tour Velvet Ribbed .580/.600 51.5/49.5
Tour Velvet Midsize .600 53.5
Tour Velvet BCT Cord Black .580/.600 52.5/50.5
Tour Velvet BCT Cord Ribbed .580/.600 52.5/50.5
Tour Velvet Junior .500 45
CP2 Wrap .600 51.5
CP2 Pro .600 51.5
Decade Multi-Compound Red .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Red Midsize .600 59
Decade Multi-Compound White-colored .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Blue .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Orange .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Yellow .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Black .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Red .600 46.5
Decade Multi-Compound Platinum Blue .600 49.5
Decade MCC +4 Blue .600 50
Decade MCC +4 Grey .580/.600 50/48
Decade MCC +4 Eco-friendly .580/.600 50/48
Decade MCC +4 Orange .580/.600 50/48
Decade MCC +4 Red .580/.600 50/48
VDR Black .600 50
Tour Wrap 2G .580/.600 50/48
Tour Wrap 2G Midsize .600 58
Tour Wrap 2G Red .600 48
Tour Wrap 2G White-colored .600 48
Z-Grip Cord .600 50.5
Model Image Core Diameter Weights(g)
Sticky 2.3 Black .600 50
Sticky 2.3 Red .600 50
Model Image Core Diameter Weights(g)
Crossline .580 52
Crossline Cord .580 54
Crossline ACE 3GEN .580 52
R.E.L. ACE 3GEN Black .580 52
R.E.L. ACE 3GEN Blue .580 52
R.E.L. ACE 3GEN Red .580 52
UTX Blue .580 52
Model Image Core Diameter Weights(g)
DriTac STD .600 48
DriTac MID .600 49
DriTac OVS .600 50
DriTac LADY .590 35g
Stand out Medium Black .600 42

Note: To your reference only and doesn’t denote the information from the product.

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Michael Hsiao: hayche one and hayche two

tonlarj44: How different is this one from the 915h?

freedomnutz: that h1 looks like my adams tight lie 3 wood. that seems way to big for hybrid

John Yi: Hey Rick, great reviews! Could you possibly use GC2 while also using the protracer for your future reviews. I’d love to see your trajectories in addition to the stats. Cheers!

metamurph: Mid-handicapper, hoping to see him hit the new Srixon soon.

oskarfahlstrom: Titleist are in a league of their own when it comes to making clubs that look well-designed and expensive.

robert ocallagahan: Rick i think u should use the ball track on most shots

Klaus Buehler: first

bshagen: I tested both of these here the other day aswell. As a high handicapper I could hit both, but I liked the H1 better personally, just a tiny bit more forgiving for me and the Pro agreed, so that’s the one I bought. So your conclusion seems to be on the money 🙂

Sodthong: Adams Tight Lies 2 at £59 knock these off the park..

Bastian Simon: i Love your reviews and Videos!! You do a great job!! Go on with what you’re doing;)

Gerardo Contardi: Can they be bent?

JC Westlake: Great review Rick – love the color and the thinner slot on these vs the 915.

Jonathan Moosey: Love the new paint on the 816 hybrid line. The gray is very reminiscent of the old 975 line of drivers that Titleist used to make in the late 90s to early 2000s.

Reece Mann: how is it 229 average carry when the two numbers you are taking the average from are 230 and 233. not that 3 yards matters its just kinda funny

Calisthenics and Fruit: Hi guys, could someone offer me some advice. What would be the real world differences between a 19degree titleist 909H and this 816H? I can get the 2009 version for £40… I’m a high handicapper and wanting a hybrid, cheers!

Dtyler171: Wow, rick, you should get an H2 in like 15 degrees. I feel like you would never want a fairway wood again.

Red Vanquish: do a TaylorMade aeroburner driver vs a titleist 915 D2

Justin Taylor: Please tell me as part of the new way of testing, will that include protracer on all your balls not just the first one. That was awesome cause I love the camera angle and real conditions but my eyes can’t see the ball flight on my iPad screen. Rick please include protracer on all balls at that camera angle down that fairway off that grass. Becoming the best source of club review and testing on the planet !!! I want your life

Spencer power addicted to golf: Would you put the h2 in the bag over there new utility iron you tested? Cuz let’s be far you smashed them both was just interested to see how your thinking about your bag set up in relation to your quest for the open given the type of courses you and pete will be playing at. # big fan love the vids keep up the good work ��

Ceejer: Of course you took out the last shot with the H2.

Zack Nielsen: Have you heard of bomb tech? You should try there driver heard some great reviews.

Mark Inskip: The looks have gone backwards.hopefully the woods don’t follow suit!

Simon Hepher: Could you include RRP? That would be really helpful

shockolatte i: Have u been testing the Nike engage wedges 😀

remyd1984: how come you haven’t got a review of the ping g30 hybrid? i do like these tho

andrew jones: Love them, shame I purchased a 915H not so long ago, but i’m sure I could find room for the H1 though ��

Terry F: Hi Rick i would like to get the H1 but how can i choose the best loft for me, is 19 degree the most commonly used club face? love the review. thank you.

TXchadTX: I kind of disagree with the matching hybrids to irons theory. Most people buy hybrids that match their woods and often match the shafts they have in the fairway woods. I don’t know many people who have the same shaft they have in their irons in their hybrids.

Ben Ross: my only regret is buying a 19 degree r15 tp yesterday before seeing this review. That h2 looks phenomenal as a 3i replacement and the h1 could make a great 2i/5w replacement.

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