Nike vapor flex hybrid review – connected golf

Nike vapor flex hybrid review - connected golf

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The Nike Vapor Flex hybrid combines adjustability and great looks with lots of forgiveness. A great option for any degree of player.


It’s easy to create a club for any “hack” – provide a lot of offset and forgiveness.  It’s easy to create a club for any “player” – allow it to be beautiful and sweet feeling and end up forgetting about forgiveness.  The excitement is creating a club that golfers of various ability levels all can enjoy.  Nike performed exactly that task with the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid.  This is among the rare clubs that you’ll see being performed by ambitious and accomplished golfers.

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From the position, the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid is certainly one of my personal favorite searching hybrids of 2015.  At address, the size the club is ideal – large enough to instill confidence, sufficiently small that you simply seem like you are able to hit an exact shot.  You’ll also observe that there’s a ribbon of matte black across the front fringe of the crown.  This contrast using the gloss black crown makes it simple to aim, but it’s subtle enough it isn’t distracting.

Finally, it’s important to note that Nike leaves behind the red crowns from the Covert line for traditional black, although the swoosh around the crown remains.

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Seem &amp Feel

Players preferring their hybrids around the quiet side will like the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid.  At impact, there’s a soft, crisp click and absolutely nothing more.  It’s probably the most iron-like hybrid sounds I’ve familiar with a lengthy time.

Feedback out of this club is great.  It’s simple to determine exactly the type of strike you’d through feel.

Finally, this is among the weightier hybrids that I’ve hit this year…and that’s a great factor.  With its 80 gram Diamana S+ shaft, there’s ample weight in the possession of and mid-portion of the shaft, however the mind continues to be heavy enough that you simply won’t forget it on your swing.  This club certainly isn’t overweight hitting far, but it’s got enough weight that you simply seem like you are able to manage it striking precise shots.

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The key towards the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid’s great performance isn’t too surprising, it’s simply well-performed fundamentals.  For me, that begins with an excellent stock shaft.  As I pointed out, the stock Diamana S+ weighs 80 grams which provides a good balance between distance and control.  Additionally, it’s a shaft that are designed for more powerful swings without tossing every shot into left field.

This club also features the 3 major technologies that Nike continues to be using during the last couple of generation to supply forgiveness – Covert Cavity Back, Flybeam construction, along with a compression funnel.  Together, these pieces keep your ball speed high, even on mishits, plus they make it extremely easy to obtain the ball airborne.  Better players will love the truth that the launch and spin are generally fairly average, allowing the gamer to control trajectory and shot shape easier.  Further charge of the trajectory and shot shape can be obtained with the hosel adjustments 5 different lofts and three different face angles.

The cherry on top of all of this is the fact that Nike is making their custom options readily available than ever before through their website.  While we always encourage an intensive, in-person club fitting having a qualified fitter, individuals without use of this type of fitter can continue to obtain the shaft and grip of the choice direct from Nike.

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Many golfers end up stuck between buying clubs that they’re scared of “out-growing” yet others they “aren’t adequate for.”  If you’re for the reason that middle ground, have a look at the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid.  This club has got the forgiveness that each golfer sometimes needs, but her adjustability, look, and feel of the better player’s stick.


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