Titleist 816h1 hybrid review – connected golf

Titleist 816h1 hybrid review - connected golf

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The Titleist 816H1 hybrid is very large although not very forgiving or high launching.  Grey crown looks old-fashioned, although not in a great way.


Only one year following the discharge of the 915H, Titleist has unveiled a set of new hybrids, the 816H1 and 816H2.  This isn’t the effect of a breakthrough which had arrive at market immediately, but merely Titleist reorganizing their releases to pair hybrids with irons.

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There’s no trick photography here, no “Objects May Seem Bigger Compared To What They Really Are,” the Titleist 816H1 hybrid is legitimately certainly one of greatest hybrids I’ve tested lately.  This is surprising originating from Titleist, a company that prizes its image like a “players” brand.  Were it-not for that Titleist name (and also the brand’s fanboys), this club could be getting flamed on every golf forum to be enormous.  In comparison towards the H2, the H1 is noticeably bigger, but the H2 isn’t small either.

Besides the size, the factor I truly dislike concerning the 916H1 is the gray crown.  The gray not just helps make the club look bigger than (black is a lot more slimming), additionally, it causes it to be look old school…but not in a great way.  I’m sure the gray can give other golfers good nostalgic vibes, but it’s not for me personally.

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Seem &amp Feel

In keeping with my general impression of Titleist forest, the Titleist 816H1 hybrid feels dull at impact.  There’s no sense the ball is jumping from the face, only a dead, loud seem.

The 816H1 does stick to the current trend of hybrids being more mind-heavy.  There are five stock shafts offered by Titleist, therefore the feel can change substantially based on which you choose.  I tested this club using the Diamana S+ Blue 70 HY.

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While there are several strengths from the Titleist 816H1 hybrid, the headline is this fact hybrid isn’t high launching enough (especially given its size) and also the forgiveness is mediocre (especially given its size).  In situation I’m not obvious, a golf club this big ought to be quite simple hitting, high launching, and forgiving.  This club isn’t.

Within the interest of giving credit where it’s due, Titleist ended up getting several things right using the 816H1.  First, there are numerous loft options: 19°, 21°, 23°, 25°, 27°.  Add to this the SureFit adjustability and you may get almost any loft and face position combination that you would like.  Finally, when i pointed out earlier, you will find five shafts you will get with no upcharge, plus they cover an extensive selection of weights and profiles.  In short, this can be a club that you could fit very precisely.  The question for me personally is, why would i would like to become fit with this club?

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There is certainly a period when better players had to stop huge ball speed and forgiveness to obtain a hybrid having a neutral center of gravity.  In individuals days, the Titleist 816H1 hybrid would happen to be a good offering.  Today, however, with the kind of the Callaway Apex hybrid available, the 816H1 is just unimpressive.

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