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Cobra Fly-Z XL Hybrid ReviewCobra Fly-Z XL Hybrid Reviews (2016)

Here I’ll be fully reviewing the Cobra Fly-Z XL game-improvement hybrid. Area of the Fly-Z XL group of clubs (full irons review here), the Fly-Z XL aims to create superb distance and-launching forgiveness for that greater handicap.

So, how good will the Fly-Z XL meet its performance claims? Could it be worthwhile? What exactly are its weaknesses and strengths? Continue reading to discover all you need to know about it to create an educated purchase.

Do you know the reviews like?

The Fly-Z XL hybrid has high average consumer ratings — 4.6/5 on Amazon . com (testimonials here), 4.5/5 on Global Golf, 5/5 on Golfsmith, 4.5/5 on Very Cheap Golf and positive verdicts from critics. The club continues to be recognized because of its easy high and straight ball flight. It truly is a finest friend towards the beginner or high handicapper searching for forgiveness.

Do you know the features?

Such as the fairway wood within the same family, the Fly-Z XL hybrid includes a low and back center of gravity achieved through Crown Zone Weighting that takes weight from the crown and moves it low and during the mind. This produces a greater launch and greater moment of inertia (MOI) for elevated forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Also adding towards the distance and forgiveness from the Fly-Z XL is Cobra’s Speed Funnel Face. The Rate Funnel Face is an engineered trench that surrounds the clubface it cuts down on the thickness of the face, increasing face flexion at impact and therefore producing faster ball speeds all over the face area.

Another characteristic feature from the Fly-Z XL hybrid is definitely an offset design that can help players easier square the clubface at impact for any straighter ball flight. This is discussed more later within the review.

The stock shaft and grip offered using the Fly-Z XL hybrid would be the Fly-Z XL Graphite and Cobra Lamkin REL, correspondingly. The specs from the Fly-Z XL hybrid are tabulated below. A lot of related shafts and grips are available around the official Cobra website.

ModelLoftLengthSwing WeightStock FlexRH/LH

3H 19° 40&quot D2, D2, D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
4H 22° 39.5&quot D2, D2, D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
5H 25° 39&quot D2, D2, D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
6H 28° 38.5&quot D2, D2, D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH
7H 31° 38&quot D2, D2, D2 S, R, Lite RH/LH

So how exactly does the hybrid perform?

Distance: I found distance results to be really good overall. Some may not be as satisfied as others with regards to distance since the Fly-Z XL hybrid has a tendency to produce greater ball flights that what you will otherwise hit which means that strong swingers with already high trajectories may hit it excessive using the Fly-Z XL and finish up losing distance. On the other hand, natural low-fighters will probably obtain the height boost they have to considerably improve their distance. May possibly not possess the absolute hottest club face available on the market, however it certainly doesn’t don’t have any the space department either.

Forgiveness: The Fly-Z XL has excellent forgiveness both when it comes to ball speed and direction. The Crown Zone Weighting and Speed Funnel lead to minimal distance loss on mishits, and also the offset aids in hitting solid. Within my tests I discovered simple to use to create very repeatable shots even my mishit flights were impressively much like one another (and never disastrous either). Overall I’d say this really is certainly probably the most forgiving hybrids available at this time.

Ball Flight/Playability: The Fly-Z XL is a very consistent fighter — high and straight may be the typical trajectory created, meaning should you have a problem with getting height in your shots and/or have a tendency to curve the ball, you’re certainly going to obtain a lot using this hybrid. Obviously, natural results of this forgiveness is reduced workability, that is something should bear in mind if you’re searching to shape shots. Because it’s easy to obtain the ball up in mid-air, the Fly-Z XL hybrid is extremely playable from most lies including rough, fairway bunkers and short grass.

How about look, seem and feel?

Look: The Fly-Z XL hybrid includes a moderate footprint that’s perfect — not very small although not too big either. It’s fairly pear-formed with a few roundness and symmetry. The face area is medium-deep and also the offset is decent. The shiny black crown includes a Cobra emblem that works as a simple alignment aid. The only includes a solid design with a few straightforward labeling. It’s a great look, and that i personally think the club looks terrific within the ball at address.

Seem and Feel: The Fly-Z XL produces a bit of a “neutral” seem at impact — a good metallic seem that isn’t terribly explosive, quiet or solid. Feel, however, does have a tendency to be a little explosive short to explain it are jumpy, solid and responsive. This feeling diminishes while you escape from the sweet place but continues to be give a diploma. What I particularly like is when the (quite satisfying) seem and feel of solid strikes really builds confidence and helps encourage players to create consistently solid contact.

Where must i buy this hybrid online?

During the time of penning this review, this Amazon . com page has got the best online prices for brand new Fly-Z XL hybrids which i may find. You may also follow this eBay link to determine inexpensive (well under $100) prices for completely new Fly-Z XL hybrids of different lofts and shaft flexes, plus some really sweet used deals. Apart from eBay and Amazon . com, I’d recommend checking the current prices for used and new Fly-Z XL hybrids about this Global Golf page as well as on Golfsmith. A lady’s form of the hybrid can be obtained too.


Pros: Simple to launch up in mid-air solid seem and feel helps deal with slices forgives off-center hits very economical

Cons: Natural high-hitters may lose distance using the Fly-Z XL a bit of a 1-trick pony that’s hard to shape shots with

Classification: Game-Improvement

Best suited for: Beginners and greater handicaps who’re searching for any reliable, forgiving hybrid and may are in position to enhance their distance via a greater trajectory.

Rating: 4.6/5 (Excellent)

The Fly-Z XL hybrid is a quality offering from Cobra for that high handicapper searching for forgiveness, consistency, a greater ball flight and all-around solidness in a very economical cost point. Or no of the pertains to you, you need to really consider picking one of these simple up!

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