Nike air tech challenge hybrid – men’s – basketball – footwear – challenge red/black/white-colored/challenge red

Nike air tech challenge hybrid - men's - basketball - footwear - challenge red/black/white-colored/challenge red

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2014 Nike Air Tech Challenge Huarache "Agassi" Retro Sneakers With @DJDelz


8oyoya: waiting for these to drop under $60

HandSome_AssWhole: I love the white ones. it has that classic Wimbledon look.

DestinyWithTrent: What’s the retail?

FF18Cloud: but do they have that 6-month outsole durrability warranty? lol

Hector Froilan: Do they run big or small?

Ryun Lao: can you actually play tennis with these?

Aoner Dee: Got the white ones today a Steal at £50 you think that a good price

flip fever: I got the whitejoints

roksoulja84: waaah the splatter pattern was what i loved about the yellow ones~ 

angelluis4444: Nice. you think they’ll ever come back out with the Nike air bound 2003

Voodoo Browne: Prefere da OG sole this is yet another wack retro from Nike.

Patrick Melo Modesto: @surfingjc it’s not polyurethane from the outside dude…. The inside does crumble but you just tape the bottom off with 1 strip of tape and it’s wearable .

Patrick Melo Modesto: I’m mad at these I have the OGs of these … They look weird I’m glad mine are wearable

Tom Clarks: Agassi a legend and I remember in the hey day when these were in the store. think I got some sc cross trainers of some kind instead… been saying they need to drop these, all of his shoes….. and been tryna tell dummies that’s where the yeezy sole came from, people think its based on a Jordan…..

rod bahmanyari: that makes it the second Persian related shoe nike has made

MrLobart: They better eat their wheaties! Lol jk

isaias rosa: I have my ogs glad they made a comeback

You Nao: As these for 130 though about buying them but cutting back on the sneakers for now I love the Phoenix colorway but the white looks ugly to me

mike menta: I just got breds 2012 at flight club and don’t no if they real is the jumpman on the left shoe suppose to be facing the 23 and on the right shoe is it suppose to be facing the toe box?!?!?!? HELLP

GAMMA RAY: Just saw the black ones 2day…look pretty good

gee “geeman1017” n: Them black ones are nice

explicitx127: Whats good whats good back up in the building

Christopher Littles: boooty.. boooty..

BIGGZIVKO: the black ones been out for two months on nike in germany,,,,looks good but what i dont like is the look too narrow when they lace….but not bad at all.

mordie: So happy these aren’t hyped up, was able to get my yellow ones with no issues! Classic colorway

MasterGordon: Like these but I’m really waiting on those air tech challenge 2’s. You always give dope vids.

WVG103: The Black joints are fire. I have a thing for ‘Phoenix’ color ways…dope vid.

robert Gutierrez: Good memories

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