Adams idea a12 hybrid versus. titleist 910h hybrid

Adams idea a12 hybrid versus. titleist 910h hybrid


Adams Idea a12 Hybrid

Titleist 910H Hybrid

Manufacturer Info Like all golfer, Adams Golf believes the problem is not inside the swing, it’s inside the clubs. The business???utes founder can be a person known as Barney Adams who started Adams Golf later. Mr. Adams had built employment in golf manufacturing just like a component supplier and contract manufacturer. He benefited tremendously from his experience custom-fitting golfers, and used individuals options to determine the result numerous materials and mind designs had on golfer???s performance. While using training learned because process, Adams developed and introduced the Tight Lies fairway wood. Tight Lies had what is known becoming an ???upside lower??? mind design. This innovative design increased to get a phenomenon in golf but nonetheless enjoys tremendous customer loyalty. (a long time after it???s introduction thousands of golfers have Tight Is dependant on their bags.) Adams products is definitely limited to Tight Lies fairway forest, because the organization produces and sells an entire choice of product including motorists, wedges, putters, hybrid irons plus much more. Furthermore to endorsing its products, pro golfer Tom Watson helps with design and testing. Headquartered in Fairhaven, Massachusetts Titleist???s mission is always to serve the needs from the intense and recreational golfer. Titleist supplies a full golf equipment products including motorists, fairways, irons, Vokey wedges, utility irons and Scotty Cameron Putters. Titleist may also be an quite strong leader inside the basketball market. Titleist is well symbolized round the PGA TOUR additionally to many worldwide competitive tours. Titleist, along with Cobra, Pinnacle and FootJoy brands, together comprise Acushnet Company, that’s a practical company of Fortune Brands. (New you are able to stock market:FO).
Brand Adams Titleist
Model Idea a12 910H
Club Mind Material Steel Stainless
Gender Men Men
Club Type Hybrid Hybrid
SP_Golf_Shaft_Material Graphite Graphite


PGA Superstore Indoor Range (Adams a12 vs Titleist 910H)


Kory Gabrielson: Try a Lesson you might find it more benifitial Good LUCK!!


zack gilliam: Can you bring your clubs into the range?

zack gilliam: This song should not be in a golf video

bill joe: really looks like your hitting across the ball, also maybe if you plant your front foot it might allow for a bit more control with this swing.

Bennett “Benny” Kisla: GolfTEC is great too. Their training camp program is great. I had to cancel mine because I tore my acl so no golf till July 🙁

theMANxGOLFER: thanks for the comment, I do move the ball back in the stance a little and come down a little steeper to hit a high fade with this club

Alistair Bassett: you may be playing the hybrid too far forward in your stance, that’s what me and some other people I know were doing

paulcully93: No draw there just a pull

nifton666: What’s with the right heel lift on your back swing!?! knock that off mate, you’ll do loads better.

Ben Ellis: i have he a12 pro also and i absolutely love the RIP in it!

theMANxGOLFER: I seems like the club can’t catch up when I try this with my longer clubs. From the side view I can see a little casting, but I need to fix my lower body movement to allow your tip to help. Thanks for the input

theMANxGOLFER: @nhlgoaliem39 the a12 definately was great, especially when i flushed it. the problem I had was battling a miss to the right (draw or pull) that I wasn’t trying to play. the 910’s adjustbility has opened up a new range of shots I am finding on the range because I can play the ball to go either direction without compensating for the setup.

theMANxGOLFER: @nhlgoaliem39 did you go for the altus shaft or the RIP shaft in the pro a12?

PingGolfer59: The 910 was a lil better but still right

theMANxGOLFER: @wowplayer1998 Working on 2 videos right now.

theMANxGOLFER: @TJAY8888 Thanks for the tip, I do notice my front foot turning forward when I begin the downswing, this frees up my hip turn without stressing my knee. After looking closer I see from the front view a lot more head movement than at the end of last season. When I keep my front foot down it corrects a lot of these issues. Right now I am focusing on video to help me feel and see what is right. The swing comes from years of long drive competition where it was how fast, not how consistent.

theMANxGOLFER: @wowplayer1998 after seeing some of the adds I am interested in seeing my stats on the launch monitor with those clubs

theMANxGOLFER: @wowplayer1998 fun was had by all, voice needs to come back before I make my next video

theMANxGOLFER: @maxdrive02 big game coming.

theMANxGOLFER: @tmadegolfer14 what shaft did you get with the 910H? As far as the game, the news is saying it will be low scoring. I appreciate good defense. I’m still sore about the 2005 AFC championship

jake Stevens: I have also recently bought a 910H, and im also a Steelers fan… Should be a good game!

ryanpatrick16: @theMANxGOLFER I love my a12 I went a7 tm 11 rescue then this I love it I’m actually about to pick i20 wood and gps or rangefinder any recommendations?

theMANxGOLFER: @bucketlist2016 thanks for the suggestion. not sure if I’m ready to quit on the a12, but I’ll look at the ping

ryanpatrick16: @manxGolfer if you haven’t bought try the new ping i20 just as another option
I just bought the same Adams 80 stiff adila 18 degree absolutely loving never hit a hybrid so straight off the tee and so far off the fairway

Brody Hewitt: thanks for putting e in the comments greatly appreciate it

theMANxGOLFER: @Callaway1096 what shaft do you have?

Callaway1096: I have bought the 17 degree 910h, 100x better than the tmade 11 rescue. It’s great

theMANxGOLFER: @flemer3134 what shaft do you have for the 910H?

theMANxGOLFER: @FowlerFan1986 I tend to lift the right leg more with the driver and hybrid. With the irons and wedges I shorten the swing and focus on more on a desending path to the ball.

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