Adams blue hybrid review: hybrid reviews to find the best hybrids

Adams blue hybrid review: hybrid reviews to find the best hybrids

CATEGORY: Game Improvement Hybrids

Cost: $180

WE TESTED: 5h (24°), 6h (27°) with Aldila SlimTech 55 graphite shaft

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A slot inside the sole helps generate added flex low obviously.


PLAYABILITY: Kudos — an very easyto- hit iron substitute results in a high ball flight that lands softly on vegetables typically plays it straight or getting a small draw strong artist from tight lies combined with the rough.

Precision/FORGIVENESS: The Adams Blue is regarded as the forgiving Game Improvement hybrid inside the test enormous sweet place — even balls struck round the heel or feet stay on the web and lose little yardage top-shelf precision — shots go in the actual pin with a lot of stopping power.

DISTANCE: Repeatable lengths with ideal gaps that fit straight into nowhere iron set like the irons they replace, but much easier hitting with consistency.

FEEL: Round the lighter side, but well-balanced remains stable for smooth, easy swingers clean, energetic feel in the clubface sufficient feedback to permit testers know how they struck the ball.

LOOK: A sporty mind getting a blue finish the offset, coupled with colored grooves, allows you to look for the face area at address — you will definitely have the ball airborne clubhead creates square by getting an &quotA&quot on top for alignment.


Testers need to visit more length players with greater swing speeds find it hard to feel relaxed, possibly due to the light nowhere color and racing stripe round the crown aren’t for everyone.

Primary Point Here: Players with smooth, easy swings brings the most effective during these iron replacements. The Adams Blue delivers stellar forgiveness, a greater, repeatable ball flight and foreseeable distances.

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How To Hit Hybrid Clubs


Daniel Hatton: Haha Pete in the background videobombing

fdllicks: I keep hearing how easy they are to hit.But for me, it is the hardest club to hit. When i make good contact, it is amazing. But contact is erratic. I just bought a 3 iron today bcz im tired of these clubs.

Ryan Townsend Golf: Peter Finch in focus mode in the backgroud -.- hahah Great video Rick

Jack Love: I would like to thank you for your input on how to hit a hybrid.  I will try this out the next time i am out on the range

Lorna Rowena Torres: Coach Rick can you teach what golf equipments to use that gives more distance if one of the holes your playing is 430 yards or 500 yards so that I have lower scores and easily go to the greens.Help me please can you teach and gives tips about to lowering scores like par 2 or par4

Lukestersim :3: For me, i do very well hitting it like i hit an iron

Puryear Eaker: Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for ‘woodprix’ website:)

James H: great tips

Yu Ma: What’s Peter doing back there?

theSZ73: Eye spy Peter Finch

Brian Reilly: I keep hearing about great hybrid clubs If you are not hitting them get a 5and7 wood easier to hit will try both methods to see what one works best thanks

fdllicks: I just spent a month experimenting with hybrids and finally got it. This is what I discovered. First, you want a brand that is easier to make contact. Callaway and Cleveland were the best, ping and titleist the worst. Always CHOKE UP on the club. the shafts are Far too long. I cut my shaft down an inch. Only use from a good lie. If not, use your 4iron. Play it and hit it like a 6iron. Dont try to sweep it. Contact is helped by sticking your butt out more and light light light grip. if it slices, use a draw stance, and again , hit it like a 6iron. The best advice advice is choke up!!! it is much easier to hit.

Stacey Janson: Awesome suggestion!! Thanks

bombergolf x: but, there’s pete behind you!!!

Mumbolian: Hehe wrong camera :P. Good video though. I can hit my 3 wood off the ground well and my 5 iron well, but my 3 and 4 hybrids go so high and to the right. Maybe I need to change the style.

ajh21313: Rick, what if your right eye, right arm dominate?

Dee Piper: The first hybrid clubs I had were the ones that came with the first generation Adams Idea A1 Hybrid irons. I really had to hit those the second way you demonstrated there to get a good, decent, ball flight. I tried hitting them like a wood when I first got them and it just didn’t work. I tried moving the ball back in my stance with them one day and swinging them like I would a 7 iron. The ball just seemed to jump off the club face. The hybrids I have in my bag now I can hit either way. 

whogg0521: Great suggestion.  I frequently struggle to find what is best, but i like the idea of two approaches and sometimes give up and go to my 4 iron (which is a MP-Fli Hi) versus my Adams 3 hybrid.  I’m really happy I came across this channel even more now.  Great timing for me.

redlinejcw: Glad you went back to this intro music. Much better.

JAG sixtyfive: It also depends on how/when a Golfer releases the club. I, personally, have a late release, and that can result in the effective loft being reduced, so I struggle with low lofted fairways/hybrids. But a 22* hybrid for example, actually comes out like an 18* hybrid in terms of both ball flight and distance. Same happens with a fairway wood. I can’t hit a 15* 3 wood, because my effective loft at impact is more like 10-11*, but going up to 18*-19* in a fairway, has a ball flight more akin to a 15* 3 wood, and therefore distance is comparable too. It works for me, so it’s important to diagnose how and when a golfer releases the club too, and whether a clubs’ effective loft is affected at impact.

MacClellandMan: Helpful direction, Rick. I’ve avoided hybrids as neither fish nor fowl because of the varied and non-specific advice on hitting them. Might try a 3h, now.

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