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Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats 6

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite, a cleat set to produce on 10/1, is really a true hybrid baseball cleat, part plastic, part metal—something we’ve been awaiting at WPW for good since Bryce Harper began wearing hybrids in 2013.  Disappointingly, Harper’s new signature cleat (set to produce prior to the All-Star Game) does not feature the metal front/plastic back that people see Bryce putting on on the nightly basis (below).  The Vapor Ultrafly Elite, however, has it—and if you’re a significant ballplayer, this can be your cleat.


Under Armour Harper One White

The gamer who’ll begin to see the most value from hybrids such as the Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite may be the guy playing huge schedule.  If you play 90+ games a summer time in metals, your ft will begin to feel it, however if you simply opt for plastic, you might not obtain the traction you’re searching for.  Enter the Vapor Ultrafly Elite:

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats 4

Unlike Harper’s that have metal fronts and plastic backs, Nike has strategically placed the metals at points where traction is most important, and also the more forgiving plastic underneath the balls from the feet and in front from the heel.  Nike could explain it much better than us, however the placements look prefer situation scenario for traction and luxury.  Expect to determine burners like George Springer and Alcides Escobar to become throughout these.

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats 3

Combine the exciting technology with the truth that they are sexy as hell, and i believe Nike has itself a champion.  At $110, its a bit more reasonable compared to Trouts, which could perform better still.  They’ll release October first.  Here’s a few more looks:

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats 2

Nike Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleats 5

Can you rock these?

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