Taylormade’s 2017 m family: m1 and m2 motorists, irons

The 2017-model M1 driver by TaylorMade.

TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf is presenting a re-imagined group of M Series forest, hybrids and irons at the start of 2017, including M1 and M2 motorists and irons. Generally, the 2017 models are recently updated and improved with new designs, however in the situation from the M1 irons are completely new.

We’ll check out the TaylorMade 2017 M Family here as well as on the next pages, starting with the large sticks. For more information about the M Series clubs, visit taylormadegolf.com.

Both 2017 M Series motorists, the M1 and M2, have to do with helping golfers hit it farther with forgiveness on mishits. However the M1 comes with an additional concentrate on &quotcomplete personalization,&quot giving golfers a range of methods to dial within the clubhead to non-public specs and  preferences.

Both motorists are marketed to golfers of abilities. Yes, you are able to consider the M1 driver as the one which lower-handicappers might veer toward, and also the M2 as the one which mid- and greater handicappers may be attracted to. You are able to. But it’s not necessary to. A number of TaylorMade’s tour golfers will have the M2, and not the M1. Some greater-handicappers may love the enjoyment they are able to have using the adjustability options that come with the M1 some lower-handicappers may love the raw power the M2.

If you are searching for any motorist, and can consider TaylorMade, hit Them both and compare the outcomes.

2017 TaylorMade M1 Driver

TaylorMade touts the 2017 M1 driver using the tagline, &quotdistance, forgiveness, complete personalization.&quot

This model includes a longer T-track than its predecessor. There’s two sliders around the sole:

  • one going heel to foot (which impacts right-to-left shot dispersion – draw bias and fade bias, quite simply)
  • another going in the club’s face towards the club’s rear (which impacts shot height – lowering or raising the trajectory).

The T-track sliders have 27 grams of weight and, TaylorMade states, provide 64-percent more front-to-back center-of-gravity movement compared to original M1. The M1 440 model has 94-percent more CG movement compared to original M1 430 model.

Also new within the 2017 M1 is really a carbon foot panel. Combined with carbon crown, there’s 43-percent more carbon fibre this season. This is a big way the club saves weight that’s repositioned with other locations round the clubhead (including towards the T-track).

The load savings also produces a club having a bigger footprint, which will help raise the MOI, leading to more forgiveness.

The clubhead has that 2-tone, white-colored-and-black appearance at address. The 2017 TaylorMade M1 driver is available in 460cc and 440cc models, both available beginning Jan. 27, 2017, with MSRPs of $499.99.

2017 M2 Driver

The TaylorMade tagline for that 2017 M2 driver is &quotnew degree of distance and forgiveness.&quot The organization states the bottom line is a brand new set it up calls &quotGeocoustic&quot (a mix of &quotgeometry&quot and &quotacoustic&quot).

A &quotsunken sole&quot shape saves weight at the base from the club, permitting a bigger clubface and much more forgiveness. Exterior seem ribs help manage vibrations and seem at impact.

The M2 also has a new Speed Pocket that’s three occasions more flexible compared to one out of the 2016 M2.

Such as the M1, the M2 driver includes a 4-degree, 12-position loft sleeve for modifying the loft position, however the M2 doesn’t have the T-track sliders. That simplifies things for individuals golfers who would like a person that needs less technical understanding or experimentation.

Additionally towards the standard model, there’s even the M2 D-Type, which will come with several draw-bias technologies to assist golfers who slice. Both M2 designs include 460cc heads, achieve stores on Jan. 27, 2017, and also have MSRPs of $399.99.

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NEW 2017 Callaway GBB Epic and TaylorMade M1 Driver


Ben Lucas: So happy that Callaway will be finally releasing a new club. It’s been almost a week since their last.

viperr007: Pete have you had a chance to review the Kirkland golf ball from Costco

Benicio C: I think the GBB Epic name is corny and the new M1 is ugly… Just saying…

TXchadTX: It’s going to be hard for TM to sell a $600 driver when it looks almost identical and is named the same as the recently reduced M1 that will sell for half the cost.

Paul Gerencher: Both Callaway and TM are making a huge mistake… should hold off releasing new driver in 2017 and wait for 2018

john uren: Already looking forward to the EPICS replacement ..

Glen Williams: Interesting shift for TM especially as they’re up for sale. Do love my M2 not sure if be upgrading just yet though. More likely a 2 year cycle

Mediocre Golfer: Why do the photos look like they have been taken by a second rate eBay seller?

Paddy Mat: Can you test out the new Costco Kirkland Signature Golf balls that have come out?

merkules2001: Where and when can I get an Epic? Jax, FL.

Michael Ackerman: I have not been a big fan of the Big Bertha line of drivers – like the XR driver better.. I think the M2 is a great driver. Also, Cobra has the F7 , F7+ and the F7 TI coming out.

Trevor Dickie: I’m still playing my 52 and 56 degree CG15 wedges I got in 2011 I think? But I bought new irons this summer, which have a gap wedge at 51 so my spacing is way off. Likely go with a 54, 58 and maybe a 62 time will tell.

Matt Green: This is one reason I like Titleist. They are subtle, they don’t just drop new clubs on players for the sake of it and provide great marketing around products over a long period.

Gav Xample: Good video, not bothered about yet another new driver. Interesting to hear about the new pro version however.

Ryan Jurgens: once again…another new Callaway driver….

andy conn: epic is for the yank market !@yankie doodle doo..

Thomas Waters: How much more weight can they take out and move around.

Caity Seeley: The epic looks bad

alex reeves: can you do a new whats in the bag?

Tony Westwell: Cannot wait for the new M2 as that will make the current M2 price point drop. Cleveland wedges are my favorite ones. Golf balls, buy what you can afford to loose as this can be quite an unforced extra expense in the golfing year, especially if you play a lot of courses where I do (in austria) as most have water on them.

Utilizeweb Company: Pete please u r a taylormade man. Did u not get invited to taylormade in USA. Give callaway a go mate just in case TM takes M1 away from u. Know wat I mean? Balanced opinion please.

MissyLaMotte: And Callaway just announced even more clubs … the BigBertha Beta family. As a software developer I have to say that that name is even worse. It sounds unfinished. A product in beta state is not quite ready to be released to the general public yet. I’d rather go Epic than Beta, truth be told. But in any case Callaway is suffering from TMCR syncrome (too many club releases)

Cooper n: the new m1 driver

dmp327: Ping G25 driver still in the bag.

Patrick Smith: Are you going to test the new Kirkland Signatures? @peterfinch

Andrie K: Pete, would you advocate the use of Bushnell for professional competition? Do you think, you, Peter Finch, will play worse on the same golf course when you have a Bushnell or a professional caddie without technology, just yardage book? Or it won’t make a difference?

Christian Viscontti: Taylormade wedges are the best wedges I have ever had… Feel amazing and spin like crazy

Killacamfoo O.G.: Callaway better watch out or they’ll be up for sale as well.

Julian Meier: Would never buy callaway stuff just for their frequency with releases. Will not support that.

Robert Singh: Nothing on the new cobra drivers? What about the Kirkland Signature (aka CostCo) balls?

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