Product review: nike covert tour 2. hybrid

Product review:  nike covert tour 2. hybrid

Who’s searching for any hybrid that provides you the opportunity to not just smash lengthy and shots however with full loft adjustability? Guess what you’re fortunate as you have happened upon the club that’s within my bag. Also referred to as the Nike Cover Tour 2. hybrid that we am gaming inside a 3H.

There comes a period in existence when you really need to check on your ego in the door that we have confidence in golf may be the hybrids. After getting a 3 iron within my bag forever yesteryear 24 months go the clear way of a 3 hybrid because to be honest, Nike causes it to be just far too simple to hit as well as in golf easy is a great factor. So jump on board and be ready to place the Nike Covert Hybrid inside your bag too.

Product Details:

The Nike VR_S Covert 2. Tour Hybrid #3 features an improved cavity back design with new Fly-Brace technology to provide faster ball speed and greater forgiving distance with each and every shot.

Longer Shots

The Nike VR_S Covert 2. improves on its predecessor having a reengineered High-speed Cavity Back the perception of elevated distance and much more stability. With all of-new Fly-Brace technology, the trunk area of the club is reinforced to ensure that more energy is used in the face area at impact, leading to longer and straighter shots.


The FlexLoft adjustability system enables you to definitely personalize your loft and face position positions individually of one another to optimize launch and spin conditions for optimum distance and precision. This straightforward pull, turn, push-and-tighten system provides more range and flexibility within the bag to satisfy the requirements of the game.

More Speed

The redesigned NexCOR face incorporates variable face thickness for any faster, hotter face and, subsequently, more ball speed at impact.

More Benefits

  • Kuro Kage Silver HBP Graphite 80 shaft having a greater balance point for greater swing speeds without adding shaft length
  • New Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip for any great feel

Product Details

  • Specifications: 3: 17°- 21°
  • Includes mind cover and instructions
  • View technical catalog/custom options


Product Review:

Look 10/10:

Similar to the driver Nike has hit the reload button around the Covert line with huge enhancements. One especially surprising using the 2. line which i think might be overlooked is the new type of hybrids using the loft adjustability we like with Nike. They required exactly the same great red crown with black and white-colored colorways similar to the 2014 Covert Tour 2. driver. An execllent touch may be the red Golf Pride Tour wrap grip around the White-colored Kuro Kage graphite shaft. If only Nike might have gone using the Tour Velvet but nonetheless an excellent look. I provide the beauty from the Nike Covert Tour 2. hybrid a tenOr10.

Feel 7/10:

Feel of the club is solid having a muted seem that may throw me off sometimes but simply takes getting use to with range some time and using the program. After I determined this club of the items shots feel great makes me feel happier about this club. Even the Kuro Kage shaft feels better within the hybrid than driver. So if you’re keen on a far more solid sounding club over a loud tingy seem than provide the Nike Covert 2. Tour hybrid a go since you will be considered a happy camper in the finish of the next round. I provide the overall feel a 7/ 2.0 covert hybrid

Distance 10/10:

In my opinion Nike should relabel this club the Covert “Bomber” hybrid as this factor has one job which is to smash golfballs effortlessly. The NexCor face is hotter than ever before having a redesign and could be seen when compared with last year’s model. Nike provides you with the opportunity to leave your 3 iron in the spare room and collect dust because you now have the weapon which will go further and greater than your lengthy irons. My personal favorite part is altering the loft lower to 17 levels before playing a couple of course where I understand I’ll need some extra distance but normally let it rest at 18 for gapping purposes between my 3 wood and 4 iron.

If you would like among the longest hybrids hanging around your search is over because Nike has delivered a hybrid which will defy the laws and regulations of physics passing on a tenOr10 overall for distance.

Workability/Adjustability 10/10:

Lift up your hands if you prefer a hybrid which has full  adjustiblity and workability. I see lots of hands up since i know you’re excited to listen to concerning the Nike Covert Hybrid 2.. My personal favorite feature of the club is the fact that Nike have harnessed the strength of their FlexLoft technology to their hybrids. “The FlexLoft adjustability system enables you to definitely personalize your loft and face position positions individually of one another to optimize launch and spin conditions for optimum distance and precision. This straightforward pull, turn, push-and-tighten system provides more range and flexibility within the bag to satisfy the requirements of the game.”

Since Nike has covered all you need to handle with adjustiblity it is time to maneuver onto workability. I’ve not a problem working ball flight and direction with this particular club. We’ve got the technology within this club provides me with confidence will be able to attempt any shot around the course without fear of having the ability to maneuver the ball right or left, from deep rough or tight lies as well as from fairway bunkers. This club checks all of the boxes and that i provide the overall workability/adjustability rating an 10/10.

Overall Rating 37/40:

Nike makes some good enhancements towards the Covert 2. type of motorists, forest and hybrids this season. If you have the brand new Covert Tour driver inside your bag don’t forget to checkout the under rated weapon from the Covert family. So if you’re battling hitting your lengthy irons and wish to finally look at your ego in the course I promise adding this club to your bag will payoff 10 fold around the course and you may thank me later.

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Nike VRS Covert Tour Hybrid


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