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Taylormade save 11 hybrid review - the online hackers paradise  : the online hackers paradise
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April 26, 2011


Golf clubs has certainly come full circle recently. From irons, motorists, fairway forest, as well as putters went an entire overhaul in the manner they’re checked out and performed. When hybrids first arrived on the scene these were made to switch the longer irons within an iron set which were harder hitting. In most cases. With recent technological advancements, hybrids are actually replacing fairway forest. They’ve come a lengthy way since first being regarded as a ‘cheating club.’ Taylormade produced some serious noise this year by presenting the colour white-colored to the type of clubs which white-colored trickled lower to the popular Save hybrid too. THP place the R11 Save through some testing to find out if the performance would match those of the paint. Made it happen? Take a look.

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From the organization

  • Adjustable loft with Flight Control Technology (FCT)
  • 4 degree face position change, 2 degree loft change, 2 degree lie position change, 1,000 Revoltions per minute spin change
  • Much deeper face minimizing CG for simpler launch
  • White-colored non-glare crown and black clubface for simple alignment


There’s no mistaking a Taylormade golf product this year. White-colored may be the new black and it’s taken the golf world by snow storm. The awesome factor is the fact that they’ve nicely incorporated both black with in to the club. Black and ivory, white-colored and black cookie, Taylormade Save 11? It all fits in place! If you’ve never witnessed the brand new white-colored crown yet you’re surely passing up on a visible treat. It’s not stark, glaring, etc. It’s really calming at address and also the black clubface supplies a great alignment help with of itself. May be the clubhead squared towards the target line? Your investment alignment aid around the crown and also the graphics on the rear of the crown, make use of the clubface as the guide. For those intents and purposes you forget the club is white-colored following the first couple of shots or holes by using it that is one less distraction you’ll need before ripping a go served by this club. The stock Aldila RIP shaft is a fairly accessory for a previously sleek but effective offering and also the look certainly blends well. The club has the feel of a smaller sized fairway wood which provides the convenience of hitting them back the tee, from the deck, or perhaps in the rough. Hybrids undoubtedly are versatile, no?

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Everything concerning the Save 11 hybrid screams ‘technology.’ The paint around the crown, the RIP shaft, and particularly the adjustability factor. This factor, referred to as Flight Control Technology (FCT), may be the soul of the club. With FCT you are able to decrease or increase the launch position by 1 degree. You will find eight, count them eight, different FCT positions where you can decrease or increase loft in .5 increments too. Why must it’s your government R11 driver have the adjustable fun right? With each and every FCT adjustment your spin rate may also change too. More loft provides you with more spin for greater carry as the lower the loft the less spin you’ll get after some less carry. Don’t trust me? Take a look at Exhibit A below. Exhibit B are available in the ‘Testing’ portion of this review where I say to you things i saw after i performed using these different settings to dial myself in. Additionally towards the adjustability, Taylormade also placed the CG (center of gravity) lower and much more for the rear from the clubhead which is made for better shot shaping capacity. Performs this all work like its marketed? Continue reading my buddies.

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Dealing with the Save R11 would be a great experience which had its ups and downs that’s without a doubt. As awesome because the adjustability is it can be hard finding what setting fits your needs. Once you discover that setting though, it’s an incredible feeling. One factor I rapidly found was this club isn’t probably the most forgiving if not hit in the heart of the clubface that we found odd for any hybrid. You’ll see far loss nevertheless the trajectory continues to be straight so you ought to be who is fit together with your next shot. But if you catch this club around the screws the ball just rockets from the face with a feeling of power behind it. The CG at the office? Yep. This CG also is necessary when one wants to utilize a hybrid to experience just a little bump and run. The CG and also the clubface work nicely together to spring the ball forward with control along with a nice solid feel into it. This club may be worth getting inside your bag due to this reason alone. You’ll thank me with this little bit of playing advice when you begin shaving a couple of strokes off your game.

The club includes a great feel into it and also the weighting is place on. You are able to sense the clubhead through the swing that we quite loved. Although at occasions I discovered this to matter particularly on tighter lies or perhaps the fairway in which the club appeared to ‘stick’ about when studying the turf. I don’t think turf interaction is it’s forte nevertheless the R11 really excels at drilling with the rough. First cut rough, primary rough, it doesn’t matter because this hybrid welcomes and assumes all sorts of rough effortlessly. You now almost come with an excuse not to hit as numerous fairways since you may like.

I discovered the neutral setting to become a little around the high launching side and so i worked out dialing the settings lower to find out if that will help balance out the trajectory. Well it did but buy doing which i also opened up in the clubface a little which meant my natural fade was now a set out slice. Bad, and so i wound up growing the loft a bit which produced more spin and brought to more distance that was things i was looking to get to start with. The trajectory was a bit more penetrating compared to neutral setting and generally the form the shot was dead straight or had some draw into it. In the finish during the day there must be an environment that every golfer will find and be pleased with without having to be at a loss for a lot of choices.


Taylormade has provided the golfer options without which makes them feel they’re overwhelmed and never finish up while using features that include the Save R11. I believe this can be a nice bonus to some golfer who might not yet anticipate to undertake a variable driver or fairway wood. Crawl before you walk right? Hybrids have formally became a member of the adjustability game and also the Save R11 is really a player. A significant one at this, paint plan aside. There’s something for everybody with this particular club also it should certainly perform your narrow your search to look at if you’re looking for a brand new hybrid. When the color has your attention, the performance will likely snap it up. The Save R11 retails for $189 and could be available at online stores for example Blind9Golf. A lot of this along with other TaylorMade products are available at world wide web.taylormadegolf.com. It doesn’t matter what you might have heard, the performance matches the paint and we’re not speaking Dale earnhardt jr . here either. Acquire some white-colored hot performance when you can. Who knows what might be up Talylormade’s ball sleeve next.

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