Cobra’s king f7, king f7+ driver, fairway forest, hybrids

Cobra's king f7, king f7+ driver, fairway forest, hybrids

Wearable technology makes it simpler than ever before to evaluate your whole golf performance in realtime. The majority of the devices presently open to golfers need to be worn from case to case or connected to the shaft or butt-finish from the grip to operate correctly.

Cobra’s new King F7 and King F7+ motorists feature similar technology — having a noticeable twist. Individuals acquainted with Arccos’ Driver platform be aware of club-to-cloud device includes a sensor that’s connected to the butt-finish from the driver grip.

Once paired via Bluetooth towards the Arccos iPhone application, the machine instantly tracks every drive and offers in-depth statistics (distance and precision) in your driving performance.


The King F7 and King F7+ motorists both have a similar sensor known as Cobra Connect that’s operated by the Arccos system. Only rather of getting to monitor the removable sensor, Cobra and Arccos partnered together to generate a version that’s hidden inside the butt-finish from the Lamkin REL-Black grip. The machine works exactly the same way because the Driver platform, relaying distance and precision figures towards the smartphone application combined with the club.

Golfers may also be in a position to access rangefinder Gps navigation distances for 40,000 courses and compete within the company’s King from the Hole virtual lengthy drive competition. They’ll likewise be able to talk about pictures, longest drives or key stats directly with buddies or any other users on Cobra Connect.

Based on Cobra, the sensor, which weighs 4.6 grams, has developed in the works during the last 2 yrs and does not modify the overall swing weight from the club.

“Golfers appetite for information is certainly growing as more attention on TOUR is compensated to player statistics from Shotlink,” stated Tom Olsavsky, Cobra Golf’s VP of research and style. “Creating Smart Clubs with the addition of the Cobra Connect Operated by Arccos technology enables us to fulfill that appetite and supply our consumers with direct accessibility kind of data that’s utilized by TOUR pros. We feel seeing this can help golfers of abilities enhance their performance and also have more enjoyable.”

Obviously, there’s more towards the motorists than the usual new grip design. The greater forgiving 460cc King F7 includes a face which has been elevated by 5 % to supply additional forgiveness and safeguard ball speeds over the entire structure, especially on mis-hits.

A variable weight system with three center of gravity (CG) settings right in front, the rear and heel positions enables for 3 differing ball flights (low, high and draw) based on player preference and course conditions.

Once the heavier 12-gram weight is positioned right in front weight port, the middle of gravity position creates a low, penetrating ball flight with less spin and maximum rollout. Moving the load towards the back position helps make the driver more forgiving and offers a greater launch with a lot more spin. The heel position reduces spin to fix a slice for players that need more consistency.

“We are actually excited introducing our longest and smartest motorists using the new F7 and F7+ products,” stated Olsavsky. “By incorporating the very best zonal weighting technologies, we produced the right mixture of low CG and MOI to provide golfers the very best in distance, forgiveness and precision.&quot

The motive force includes a re-engineered Ti-811 E9 that’s lighter and thinner compared to previous version, along with a bigger Sweet Zone over the face that generates faster ball speeds. A multi-material TeXtreme Carbon Fibre was put into the crown that reduced weight by seven grams in the top mind and permitted engineers to maneuver discretionary mass lower in the only to enhance launch and forgiveness.

Cobra’s MyFly8 with SmartPad technology provides eight loft settings (9., 9.5, 9.5 Draw, 10.5, 10.5 Draw, 11.5, 11.5 Draw and 12 levels) to tweak launch conditions and maximize distance and keep the club mind square at address.

A King F7+ version may also be available with similar technology because the standard version inside a smaller sized, classical mind profile minimizing loft range (8., 8.5 o, 8.5 Draw, 9., 9.5 Draw, 10., 10.5 Draw and 11 levels).

Cobra’s King F7 ($349) is going to be available Jan. 13, 2017 and comes standard with Fujikura’s Pro 60 shaft (Lite, R, S and X flexes) in three glossy crown color combinations (black with orange highlights blue with red &amp white-colored highlights and silver with yellow highlights).

The King F7+ model ($399) has a Fujikura Pro XLR8 61 shaft (R, S and X flexes) and 2 crown colorway options (black/orange and blue/red/white-colored) inside a matte finish.




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TheGulbisfan: Lol love it, Mark Crossfield does some on course reviews and now we got Rick doing them.

Adam Flynn: get them in ur bag Rick �� i have used cobra fairways in the past…they were very good �� wouldnt have a problem bagging these…like the blue too ��

Tommy Falcone: Hey Rick u should do a Dan Whitaker witb!!

ksinghvirk: Why didn’t you test it with weight forward?

NowisEvollovetion: Those rails were first used on Mizuno’s T-Zoid woods. Man, they were good woods.

Connor Bennink: Rick in your FSX skill challenge you said that 250 yards is a ‘little 2 iron’ but you hit this 3 wood only about 250 yard???

d ke: Rick you should do that more often by going onto the course and you should use shot tracer aswell. just a suggestion.

The Black Rabbit: These rails aren’t a new idea though are they? Mizuno T zoids. Cobra Bafflers. Cleveland Mashie Glide rails.

Chris “Birdiexris” Embardino: My 3 wood and 7 wood for a number of years were the Cobra Baffler persimmon clubs. They were phenomenal. That 7 wood got into places and enabled me to get the ball out of stuff that my hybrid has a problem with. nice to see them come back with that technology that works.

stuart hayes: torn between this or the new m2

Ollie Wardle: Nice colour correction!!!

App Trail: I think the straightest 3W you have hit yet…and about average carry for you but limited roll for some reason (spin?)

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Ryan Mextorf: Still using the Cobra X-Speed Pro from about 9 years ago and couldn’t be happier. They’re 3 woods have always been HOT HOT HOT

golfboy1989: I see Ricks swing has reverted to looking exactly like it did before lessons with Dan…maybe it’d be better to refine your natural motion rather than reinvent the wheel? Dan seems super position orientated and if your recent vlog performances are anything to go by….well it’s still early days I guess!

XxJkatxX: Just got the cobra king F7 driver for $350 and it included my choice or hybrid or fairway wood for free chose the fairway wood and I’m super excited to get it after seeing these reviews great videos!

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jergernice1: i am a club junkie. i will tell you this is in the bag to stay. there is so much help with turf interaction i feel like i can go down and get it. while definitely not as long as the epic sub zero or the 917 i had…..its long enough and the turf interaction is down right amazing. i play at a 3.

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