Titleist 915 f fairway blows away its predecessor – golf exchange

Titleist 915 f fairway blows away its predecessor - golf exchange


One of the most anticipated cool product releases this fall would be the 915 forest from Titleist. We tested these items against their predecessor, the 913 forest. And also the answers are impressive. We’ll discuss the motorists here. Also browse the outcomes of the 915 Drivers’ tests.  
New Active Recoil Channel 
Associated the 915 Motorists would be the 915 F fairway and 915 H hybrid. Just lie the 913, the 915 F and 915 H are each obtainable in “D” mixers are much deeper, produce lower ball flights, and therefore are typically an endeavor solely for better players. All 915 fairways and hybrids feature Titleist’s new Active Recoil Funnel (ARC), which enables the face area to flex at impact resulting in greater launch, lower spin, and much more distance. Each model also features Titleist’s new Radial Speed Face, that is an insert that’s thicker within the center and also at the perimeter. This delivers more distance on off-center hits. The lower face thickness enables Titleist to reposition the load in the face to low and deep behind the mind. Doing this boosts the club’s MOI, leading to elevated ball speed while preserving forgiveness. 

The 915 F Test 
Our 915 F tester would be a former collegiate player that presently has a one handicap. Having a driver club speed around 105, our tester is average length for any better player. Each one of the fairways were tested with 15 levels of loft and Mitsubishi, mid-ball flight, stiff flex shafts. Titleist Pro V1 baseballs were utilised for that testing. 

Listed here are the outcomes as measured by Trackman.  


The 915 absolutely blew the 913 from the water. 
With only comparable club speed, our tester selected up almost 6 miles per hour additional ball speed using the 915. The extra ball speed coupled with lower spin along with a lower loft mind brought to twenty yards more carry—and almost 30 yards of more distance. I was certainly not expecting individuals results.  


It was really no contest. Not just was the 915 longer, it had been amazingly accurate given its additional distance. The graphic below shows simply how much longer the 915 truly was. Titleist-915-F-Blog_10

Conclusion:  Titleist includes a hit on their own hands using the 915 F.    
We’ve never witnessed results quite this dramatic. It seems that Titleist has a success on their own hands using the 915 forest. With updated shafts within the 915, such as the extremely popular Aldila Rogue, we believe the 915 F is essential apply for anyone—not just Titleist users. 

The 915 H Test 
Our tester would be a former collegiate player that presently has a one handicap. With driver club speed around 105, our tester is average length for any better player. Each hybrid tested was 21 levels in loft coupled with Mitsubishi mid-ball flight stiff shafts. Titleist Pro V1 baseballs were utilised for testing.

Listed here are the outcomes, as measured by Trackman.


The 915 H created nice results versus its predecessor the 913 H. Typically, our tester transported the 915 H 5.3 yards longer having a much the same launch and spin. Our tester’s two longest shots and three of the longest four shots included the 915. 


The 915 was a lot more accurate for the tester versus. the 913. And, the face area position could be adjusted. Within the neutral setting our tester recognized a lesser left bias in comparison to the 913. 


Conclusion: The 915 H is slightly longer and much more accurate. 
The 915 H created minimal, but significant, performance improvement within the 913. For the tester it had been both slightly longer and a little more accurate. 

If you’re thinking about trying the new 915 forest, visit any one of our four locations.  

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Titleist 917 v 915 Fairway Wood


beaney56: Personally i would say if you have the cash go for the 917. If you don’t grab a 915 at sale price before they stop selling them. For the average man on the street golfer the extra £££ is just not worth it. However you have the chance to get a fantastic club (the 915) at a seriously knock down price.

Reece Mann: i hit the 910,913,915,917 driver all d3 all 9.5 all in the shaft i got fitted for. i hit 10 shots with each club and the total distances are as follows. i was measuring distances with GC2 at a golf academy where i live.

孙德龙: These numbers are very bias. What is the point if you use bad hits (915) compare with good hits (917)? I DON‘’T THINK YOU ARE HONEST AT ALL.

Santiago De Ponce: Complete hokum…….faces cannot be hotter and the draw fade can be done with simple stance adjustments.

DoCoMo661: I’m a bit confused,

CMBelite-FR: Tbh, i thinbk there are pretty similar, your first shot with the 915 should have been removes as it was a terrible strike. it seems that the 917 gives a bit less spin. thanks for the review

Philly BDawk20: Like the club after hitting it, however, did not like the color change

โดนัท ธนกฤต: M1 Vs 917 driver

Stuart Barclay: Shame we can’t see peak height to see how much higher the 917 is, look forward to driver comparison.

stumpyslvr: Excellent video.Look forward to the 917 vs 915 driver comparison.

Mark Blaydes: Looks like its not all talk from Titleist!! The figures speak for themselves here, interesting test thanks.

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