Thomas golf at705 hybrids (ladies : right handed)

Thomas golf at705 hybrids (ladies : right handed)

Hybrid Driver AT705 10.5 Degree Loft by Thomas Golf

Thomas Golf AT705 Mini Hybrid Driver Review

  • Hybrid-like design delivers superior control and playability
  • This &quotMini-Driver&quot is simpler hitting from fairway because of its smaller sized 230cc mind &amp shorter shaft
  • Low center of gravity increases carry from the tee
  • Patented shot alignment guide and flat crown ensure consistent, on-target aim and precision

Golfers everywhere have found the sport-improving advantages of hybrid clubs. Yet many players find it difficult to get maximum distance and precision from today’s motorists.

Thomas Golf developed the AT 705 Hybrid Driver to become as simple hitting as the favorite hybrid, without having to sacrifice distance from the tee. This excellent club continues to be known as the &quotMini Driver&quot, with design characteristics of the hybrid it’s clearly a bold advance in equipment technology and playability.

Unmatched Precision

  • Thomas Golf’s patented alignment guide makes it simple to aim the clubface precisely at the target on every single shot.
  • The club’s level crown results in a wider effective hitting position for excellent forgiveness on off-center hits, so that your misses finish nearer to the prospective.
  • The AT 705 Hybrid Driver is outfitted having a shorter shaft than conventional motorists, greatly aiding control and lowering the margin of the mis-hits. Graphite-shafted models have a standard period of 43.5” (versus. 45.25” for many motorists) steel shafts are 42.5” (versus. 44.5” for other steel-shafted motorists).

Exceptional Distance

  • Having a lower center of gravity (COG) than conventional motorists, the AT 705 delivers greater ball flight for added carry distance from the tee.
  • The flat crown eliminates the power-absorbing flex of traditional, dome-formed motorists. Which means more energy is transferred from your swing towards the clubface and in to the ball, leading to longer drives.
  • For golfers with slower swing speeds, the club’s loft of 10.5° increases launch position and spin rate to help keep the ball airborne and maximize distance.
  • Simpler hitting in the Fairway

Unless of course you are a professional, today’s 460cc motorists are extremely difficult hitting in the fairway. The mind from the AT 705 Hybrid Driver measures just 230cc – half how big the biggest models – making an impact when establishing hitting a ball off the floor.

In addition, the shorter shaft promotes a concise, in-control swing, as the AT 705 Hybrid Driver’s wide sole – like what fairway wood – can help you sweep the ball from the good lie. The club’s low COG and 10.5° loft will be sending shots airborne without any special swing adjustments.

Precision Sweet-Place Alignment

Like several Thomas Golf motorists, fairway forest and hybrids, the AT 705 Hybrid Driver features advanced top-plane technology. The amount crown lowers the COG to directly align the sweet place from the club using the sweet place from the ball at setup – greatly boosting your odds of hitting it flush, generating maximum distance and optimum spin.

The Science of Correct Aim

Are you aware that greater than 85% of golfers are afflicted by chronic alignment and ball position issues? Which poor aim can really cause – and hide – lengthy-term swing problems? It’s correct.

Whenever a golfer frequently aligns right or left from the intended target, your body compensates by pushing or pulling the ball back online. This exaggerated swing path becomes ingrained with no player ever realizing he’s arranging incorrectly. Many occasions, he experiences a number of futile swing changes when all he really needs is true alignment.

The offender? The curvature from the traditional driver’s clubface and crown, which create visual confusion and hinder the golfer’s capability to align the club towards the target.

Thomas Golf’s level top plane and patented alignment indicator are made to eliminate this problem and obtain you place up properly on each and every shot. You’ll begin aiming the club correctly and, just like importantly, setting the ft, sides and shoulders square for your target line – the important thing to hitting lengthy, accurate drives.

The Thomas Golf AT 705 Hybrid Driver delivers incredible distance, precision, forgiveness, trajectory, seem and feel. It requires driver playability to another level.


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