Taylormade r15 tp save hybrid club review

Taylormade r15 tp save hybrid club review

The TaylorMade R15 TP Save hybrid is probably the latest and also the finest within the company’s portfolio, having a tour inspired design/shape along with a tad smaller sized footprint compared to regular R15. These functions are targeted at growing the club’s playability and enhancing your game. Being smaller sized compared to previous generation, the TaylorMade R15 TP hybrid provides you with more versatility and due to its central center of gravity position, the ball trajectory could be more neutral. The club is posseses an open funnel Speed Pocket which is made to improve launch conditions as the three levels loft sleeve enables the TaylorMade R15 TP Save hitting the sweet place regardless the space. The organization focused intensely around the playability within the R15 TP Save hybrid hence, if you’re a sophisticated golfer, by using this baby provides you with the opportunity to hit all sorts of shots with this particular club, in all kinds of scenarios/situations. That’s essentially exactly what a hybrid club is perfect for and also the R15 TP Save will get the task completed with flying colors.

Unlike other hybrids in TaylorMade portfolio, the R15 TP Save doesn’t offer weight adjustability, however the default setting promotes an unbiased ball flight, when i already said however, this fits great with my game style, hence I don’t contemplate it a drawback. A tiny bit of adjustability can be done because of the three levels loft sleeve, therefore if you’re a skilled player you will find the way to tweak your game/lofts for that optimum distance. Main point here, I regard the TaylorMade R15 TP Save Hybrid among the company’s finest achievements and that i must tell you just how the Fujikura Speeder 869 Evolution TS shaft plays a large role within the outstanding characteristics of the club. The R15 TP Save Hybrid retails for $280 also it comes highly suggested because of its stability, versatility and consistency whatever the situation, this baby has what you want without fuss or drama which sounds great in my opinion.

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Taylormade Rescue Golf Review


Joey Sanchez (JSanz11): no sldr reviews in the upcoming mix??

Bru21om: Love this club.. right from the first day I swung it, just great results every time

randomyoutubename002393: just ordered one. so excited to use it.

anx365: Definitely my go-to club. Gets me out of many sticky situations and is very consistent, feels very smooth and solid on the hit. I’d suggest this club to just about any player.

Bennett “Benny” Kisla: can you adjust the 16 degree to 19??

PSGFPRODUCTIONS: I have the 16 degree tp version and it is smooth and feels like money off the face

Capn Morgan: can you compare this rescue to the ping i20 hybrid thanks!

h0773ck3r: 21 that replaces the 3 iron or 7 wood

Tom Ludwell: the club mark is hitting, in the 3 equivalent, is a 18 degree club.

Anthony Barton: I have the 3 hybrid and when I hit it it feels
Like butter. I love it.

Rohan K: @natmok39 dont think it was a shank…dont look to where the camera is pointing, look towards where the mat is facing… anyways….910H ***two thumbs up***

ctz74: When will you be testing the Taylormade Rocketballz woods?

Allen Hsu: i have the 21* rescue and it is amazing. thinking about adding a 16* to my bag. It is so easy to hit

James Rim: @1234noza clean the club? maby that will get rid of the dirtyness of the white

Nicholas: 9999 views!

Shaun “The Sheep” Cumming: Love the sound that comes off this thing, very satisfying when you strike it out of the centre. For me the 21 degree means no need for any lower than a 4 iron or any higher than a 3 wood in my bag. Looks good and feels great, top club.\r
Nice review as always.

The Paddock: i literally just purchased one of these and it is soooo good 🙂

Mitch Drennan: I have a OLD nike sumo2 hybrid. Looking to replace it soon. Which club would you recommend?? Taylormade Rescue 11 or the lovely Titleist 910h?

Jeff Lee: Got the #3 – 18, very easy to hit. with factory settings (std loft), reached 220 yards with range balls. very satisfied 🙂

I guess I should tweak the FCT to try…

5150markg: Just bought one of these to (no.3) to replace my Burner 08 No3. The Burner is slightly closed at address and very easy to hook if your concentration slips.
Just hit the 11 Rescue at the range and a little tweak on the FCT – it produces a much nicer trajectory and shape. A good 210-220 yds as well with range balls.
Very impressed, an looking forward to using on the course tomorrow!

Jacob Harris: What about the Nike VR Pro HYBRID??

ben mckenna: love the new camera mark

Mitch Drennan: Ive got a old nike sumo hybrid that ive had for about 4 years. I find that its getting to much spin and height for me so would you recommend this?

SneakyLong: love the new camera angles Mark.

How do these compare to the 09 TP do they feel similiar?

David P.: finally, an HD camera!!! great vids Mark.

emac417: i like the view out into the practice range. does this have the adjustable head/shaft/

dvfly: that sweetspot marker on top of club looks preety close to heel, are all hybrids like this?

BiTechxual: awesome quality mark!!!

mcgroogtube: Nice vid man!!, looks like a new camera from the quality!, the only thing is that when theres an object that moves that object goes all fuzzy with lines through it, maybe have toput camera on movement setting?, also love the different camera angles, and finally get to see what ur hitting out to, never saw that before!

Chessxgolf: hi whats the diffrence with taylor made superfast rescue? Is there difference between rescue and hybrid? thx

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