Callaway x2 hot hybrid review: hot distance, hotter performance

Callaway x2 hot hybrid review: hot distance, hotter performance
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From the performance perspective, the X2 Hot Hybrid surely delivers. Simple to swing, the club delivers solid contact from a number of lies, and it has not a problem obtaining the ball in mid-air. You will find, it’s lengthy. My regular Hybrid, also is 19 levels, typically carries about 230 yards in good conditions. I had been surprised, and pleased, to determine the X2 Hot Hybrid transporting 235 to 240 yards. Pretty good thinking about there’s very little lost when it comes to control or precision. There’s a couple of a few things i noted though that may be drawbacks with respect to the situation you’re in. First, the ball flight were rather fairly consistent, punching with the air instead of elevating lower the opening. This tended allow it a substantial amount of run, that is great if you work with them back the tee or running it to the eco-friendly on the lengthy componen four to five, although not so excellent if you’re attempting to fly this into vegetables from 220+ yards out. Furthermore, the workability from the club, while decent, might be improved. Cuts and fades weren’t a lot of a problem, but drawing the ball was difficult. That old slinging hook might be achieved, although a substantial amount of control sheds when you are performing so. Overall though, the club delivers as marketed.



Regardless of the very couple of shortcomings from the X2 Hot Hybrid, it’s still an excellent Hybrid choice for individuals searching for greater distance and control from a number of lies. It appears great, is simple to swing, and more importantly, delivers around the extra distance we are craving. I would suggest this club for anybody who loves to hit a minimal lofted Hybrid from the tee when precision is vital, because it is an excellent option when 230 or 240 from the tee is the thing you need.


Callaway X2 Hot Hybrid Review


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