Group of golf hybrids-single length ?????

Group of golf hybrids-single length ?????

Club Period of your favourite hybrid.
Shaft: Type/Flex/Weight/Trim/Balance Point
Grip: Type/Size/Weight
Mind: Weight/Face Position
Lie: Very N.B. as the group of SLVL hybrids will each have a similar lies.
Loft: Lofts in your SLVL’s come in four to five levels separation to fit your club set-up.


For You Personally With A Trustworthy CLUB MAKER

For info on our Wishon 775HS hybrid mind


Because of 1 Iron Golf for that above Image.


ensures maximum ball striking consistency along with easy play. There’s

just one swing and ball position to ingrain).


don’t mean just your 2, 3, and 4 irons- I am talking about completely through for your 6 iron.



(single length,

single lie, variable loft)




too have attempted numerous golf hybrids during the last couple of years, however

these were all Tom Wishon’s. Tom has developed his best hybrid mind design


Visit world wide and review his 775HS

mind. Take notice of the HS. It means high strength steel, which

faces are very hot.

I discovered that my personal favorite hybrid was my #4, also it was 39.5 inches lengthy,

were built with a lightweight,

high launch, shaft flexed to my swing speed, a swingweight of D4, my personal favorite

grip, were built with a LIE of 60 levels along with a LOFT of 24 levels. This is actually the answer to your

new group of golf hybrids. You have to find your very best hybrid and know what it’s.


an abrupt back injuries (herniated all five lower lumbar dvds), I discovered hitting

the reduced irons very difficult and punishing. It-not only was psychologically

difficult to create a proper divot hitting the low irons, however it physically

really hurt and can lead to further injuries towards the back. After hitting my #4

hybrid effortlessly and precision, I began to question, why don’t you see the number of lower

irons I possibly could replace. WOW-exactly what a thought-not just could I hit the #2 high

and accurate, however the #6 hybrid switched to be my personal favorite club.


the key to this complete experiment is the fact that I built every golf hybrid

identical, in most ways. ThusBody swing, one ball position and voila- consistent

shots about twelve yards distance separation in between each club. You can’t

purchase these from the rack. 




finishing the shallow face, .830 COR style of the 949MC fairway forest,

Wishon started to take a position whether it may be easy to push the envelope of

high COR face design a measure farther and make up a golf hybrids clubhead using its COR

also in the limit enforced through the Rules of Golf. While golf hybrids have been

brought to golfers within the late 1990s, by 2007 no business had yet marketed

a hybrid having a high COR. Again, due to the smaller sized face size of the

hybrid clubhead, the had felt hybrids had not big enough of the face to become

in a position to engineer their design to flex inward enough at impact to develop a

high COR.


designed the very first high COR irons in 2004 (770CFE irons) and merely coming off

getting produced fairway forest having a 32mm face height having a high COR (949MC

forest), Wishon felt it may be possible to produce a high COR hybrid design.

What chose to make this possible was the truth that at that time, golf hybrid clubheads

typically appeared to be made with a taller face height than most fairway

forest. As the width of the hybrid face was under what fairway wood,

having the ability to design the face area after some taller face height permitted Wishon

to consume enough face area that whenever coupled with a really high strength steel

alloy created to some thickness of just 1.6mm, a COR of right underneath the USGA limit

of .830 might be achieved.

Additionally, very precise automatic welding was

employed to attach the skinny face towards the hybrid mind body so the width of

the welding line might be minimized to permit because the face area so that you can

be deflected inward at impact. Employing a very unique 304 grade stainless

steel hosel, the 775HS mind is bendable for custom lie and face position fitting. The end result was the 775HS

hybrids which stand because the industry’s first hybrid clubhead made with a

high COR?

I can not highlight more, just how much fun these hybrids will be to have fun with. My index has came by 2 and my approach and componen three shots are earning my playing partners very upset.

If you want to go over this idea more, please call 226-785-1396 or e-mail me at and that i may even cost you out of trouble a collection.

It’s amazing the number of teams of these SLVL hybrids I’ve built. You can’t get these hybrids elsewhere but through a custom club builder, and Tom Wishon’s 775HS hybrid heads. The O.E.M. company hybrids cannot be modified to create a truly matched set.

Best Of Luck and GOOD GOLFING!!!!!!


SHAFTS: Wishon S2S Graphite Blue, White-colored, Red &amp Black

S2S Blue: 50 gram. For average ability golfers who require the lightest total weight.

5 iron swing speed: 40 to 75 m.p.h. AA, A, R flexes

S2S White-colored: 70 gram. For average ability golfers who require an easy weight shaft.

5 Iron swing speed: 45 to 85 m.p.h. AA, A, R, S flexes.

S2S Red: 80 gram. For players having a semi-late release and excellent strength.

5 Iron swing speed: 70 to 90 m.p.h. R, S flexes

S2S Black: 90 gram. For players with very late release and excellent strength.

5 Iron swing speed: 65 to 90 m.p.h. R, S flexes

The Selection Of GRIP &amp Includes Headcover

$ 149.95 Cdn. + taxes &amp shipping.

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Cobra One Length or Sterling One Length Irons


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George Buck: Hey Mark, I noticed the yellow tru vis ball was much easier to track flying after you hit it. Would using them on more vlogs be a possibility as seeing the ball after you’ve hit it makes for better viewing. Thanks

StylesThaIcon: Kind of intrigued about them seems like its more of a trust issue than performance they perform well just have to trust hitting a long or short shot with a longer or shorter club pending on distance to standard lengeth

Duggie Montana: Wondering if one length fits all or would a very tall player have them at 6iron shaft lengths and a short or junior player have say 8 iron shaft lengths?

gary smith6: Coach`s ball position looks to far forward Sort him Mark

C. Adams: Why did you not take a drop from the cart path?

Chewy V: I think the single length shaft for all your clubs is a great idea, we all struggle with switching up to longer irons it’s even hard to find 1 irons now a days imagine have a 1 iron the same length as the easiest and best iron you can hit we all have that one iron in our bag that’s just the easiest to hit we tend to go to it for everything and that could be for all my irons ?! Yea sign me up.

hollywood1513: Do they change the COR on the Sterling?

Tom Donnelly: I don’t understand the compensations used on the lower numbered irons (4, 5, 6, etc), Cobra increasing weight, Sterling increasing COR. One of the concepts of the single length is that a difference of half an inch adds almost nothing in terms of Club head speed (1/122 of the length of the club plus the arm). The loft alone should take care of the distance each club hits. The 1Iron Golf people have been making single length clubs a lot longer than Cobra or Sterling, and they don’t need any compensations between clubs. What am I missing?

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Scott Hughes: I think you should still be hitting drivers and using the irons like you normally would so it’s a real test of how you would use them while playing a full round

PabloShmablo: The Sterling irons also do same head weight, so total weight is consistent throughout the set. But the Sterling irons definitely emphasize increasing the COR for the long irons, whereas the Cobra Forged One irons focus on headweight more (I suppose because they’re more of a players’ iron).

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