Adams tight lies hybrid review – versatile and consistent

Adams super 9031: a hybrid for far better players

adams-tight-lies-hybrid-review-2015Just like a market leader in Hybrids, the Adams collection has well and truly upped their game to complement the normal player to finally make use of the equipment. It known that Adams offers and produces numerous models almost solely directed at players who play with a high standard although offering a well known max game improvement compared to that minority. That’s well suited for that fortunate minority what in regards to the masses as well as the average Joe’s? Step-in the Tight Lies. This truly outstanding Hybrid is built to really fulfill the expectations in the average player and many meets the eye in a casino game-improvement stick.

Adams have really required in and produced a Hybrid of real quality to be sure the the majority of keen golfers can certainly make the most of their equipment although also offering a Hybrid which promotes consistency. Design for the club is impressive, while using ‘upside-down’ mind shape promoting a smaller center of gravity which aids the benefit of high launching shots to actually enable the consumer to navigate that inevitable area of the course with relative ease.

The appearance may also be from the trapezoidal ‘tri-sole’ which ultimately enables for just about any cleaner hit without such a great deal of earth participation. The facial skin in the club includes our prime-strength Carpenter 455 stainless although also mixing with channels inside the crown and sole which helps with an improvement in face deflection which just about always boosts ball speed.


An Adaptable Club

Because the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid can be a distance club and definitely not just a short hitter, if you are purely trying to find distance, it would definitely be smarter to utilize another club. However, proclaiming that, in situation your game is complemented by raw power this really could be the perfect club to suit your needs as very handful of game improvement models match the mix of versatility and control the Tight Lies Hybrid offers.

Generally known as Houdini Hybrid, the Tight Lies Hybrid is definitely an very versatile club understandably in the Hybrid. It’s known as the Houdini Hybrid because of the little bit of magic that it could mysteriously create in escape shots.

adams-tight-lies-face-reviewThe small but weight ridden mind functions just like a torpedo when powering its way with the most difficult of environments such as the dreaded thick rough, pine straw or any other situation you’re in in the wayward miss-hit. Design for the only real is special since it doesn’t permit drag or dig due to the fact that it’s an all-natural high-flier although furthermore, it enables for the magic to get ongoing by supplying indigenous techniques to fly for the pin from awkward grounds.

Although a extended hitter, the club greatly responds simpler to precision than raw power. As pointed out above earlier inside the article, Whether it’s pure power you are trying to find, then regarding your game, it may be simpler to select a far more effective option, but also for people with great precision and technique this club is unquestionably worth an assessment.

The Tight Lies Hybrid is wonderful for pinch hits for many-, 4- or possibly a 5-iron although also offering a calming gap in the rough and people annoying bunkers. The club its it’s distance, doesn’t compromise precision and forgiveness. The Tight Lies Hybrid is certainly a precise and sincere club that will fly straight nevertheless it perform you perfect as though it will help you inside your misses, it certainly won’t help erase them.

The style of the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid Is probably the best in the market. Although substantial considering its size, the dense clubhead enables for your generation from the tight though a tidy sense of compression through the initial impact although the quantity the club provides helps to make the swing very easy and simple , smooth to help the fluency in the motion and subsequently permitting an even more precise and accurate shot.

Retailing at $180, the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is excellent the best value taking into consideration the standard it provides for just about any Hybrid. And it is type of being compact and minimal getting a clear, teardrop silhouette, the club enables that you ought to focus on the task in hands also to truly make use of the consistency the club offers.


Callaway X2 Hot Deep Vs Adams Tight Lies FW Challenge


straight True: I noticed in this comparison your ball speed for the Callaway X2 hot was a full 4mph faster than the Adams. Looked like you were trying to hit it harder and the numbers show it. Since for every extra 1mph ball speed will produce average 2 more yards, these 2 clubs are a lot closer than you suggest.

Moritz Bünger: How stupid to reduce fairway woods to the distance they hit. I BET, that 80% of golfers would hit the Adams more consistently and, especially off the deck, also further as it is easier to elevate which is what most amateurs struggle with.

sypen1: Rick please please can u do a review x2 hot 2 deep at 12.5 loft. I want to know the difference in distance compared to the 3 deep.

scotty195823: I have the Tight Lies 5 wood and it is one of the easiest 5 woods I have hit.  It is not especially long compared to others but it hits the ball high and lands soft.  Very good if you have about 210 into a smallish green.  I am 56 and not particularly strongly built so I feel 210 yards is fairly respectable. 

sean craig: What is that gigantic blue ramp on the left side of the driving range?

Trevor Thompson: I have the Adams in a 16 degree and it made a huge difference to me in carry however spin did suffer a little

Chris Miller: Not a particularly fair comparison given the longer shaft. I have the 16* Tight Lies and the 15* X Hot 3deep and they’re simply not comparable clubs. Adams is way more playable from fairway and rough than the 3deep. Distance is not everything.

Jack Dent: The tight lies is beautiful

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