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Once we pointed out, the Nike Vapor Fly Hybrid comes completely redesigned for 2016.  As make certain with the design features you will observe a typical theme: forgiveness. Nike made some pretty changes and the very first is a genuine page turner.  The new HyperFlight face is thinned out round the perimeter to create extreme ball speed over the entire face for much better performance on off-center hits and really should reduce mis-hits.   The Flightweight Crown was slimmed lower to some tune of the 30 % decrease in crown weight versus. 2015’s model, producing a lower center of gravity and greater MOI (Moment of Inertia) for greater launch, less spin, and much more overall forgiveness.   The compression funnel seemed to be re-engineered which helps a springboard effect which again leads to better performance on mis-hits.  Nike also altered in the FlyBeam Reinforced Covert Cavity Back which dramatically stiffens the chassis while redistributing weight towards the heel and foot for optimum impact efficiency, tuned acoustics and a few extra forgiveness. The club is made to replace individuals lengthy irons that need precision swings and ball striking to obtain a great a go.  The Nike Vapor Fly Hybrid is made to provide you with better yardage than individuals irons but additionally more forgiveness if you have that under perfect swing.

Nike Vapor Fly Hybrid Review


Should you hit the 2015 version making the change to the brand new model you’ll certainly watch a improvement in feel.  Obviously, feel is really a personal touch but the design of the hybrid has the redesign from the FlyBeam cavity back because the face strikes the ball, the ball explodes from the face without any resistance. Great feeling around the hands without any ping or rattling and also the cavity back really pushes weight towards the perimeter for additional stability and appears to stick to Nike’s declare that it boosts overall impact efficiency.   The club is easy and lightweight to swing, take care not to get too excited and then try to swing way too hard.  Let Nike’s technology perform the work and merely focus on placing a good swing on your ball.


Because we were testing the #3 Hybrid, we’d be searching to exchange our 3 iron, based on far you hit your iron.  When evaluating shots to the 3 iron we certainly saw more distance using the Nike Vapor Fly.  If you used the 2015 version you may be worried about the decrease in size backward and forward years, but don’t be, the Vapor Fly is extremely efficient and slices through the very first cut effortlessly.  We generate a comparison test directly with 3 iron, we had an organization average of plus 9-16 yards consistently.  We also observed better ball flight and also the extra distance appeared to become easily achieved with a decent swing.  If you find it difficult to hit for distance in order to get consistent swings together with your low irons, the Nike Vapor Fly Hybrid might be a great match your bag.


Nike’s concentrate on forgiveness really shines through in this region.  While you still lose distance on the mis-hit you may still decide to lessen the right or left spray that you’d typically see with an errant low iron shot.  With that thin and lightweight crown design, you’ll really begin to see the weight moves lower for any greater launch point without getting hitting the main from the face.  This enables you to definitely maintain control, lower your errant shot but still conserve a long way.  It is actually nice to place a great swing on your ball (not great) but nonetheless achieve great outcomes.  The club won’t do everything for you personally, but it’ll certainly assist you to try taking some strokes off your game.

Nike Vapor Fly Hybrid Review


Having a base cost of $250, we certainly believe that the Nike Vapor Fly Hybrid has the best value.  The club is around the pricier side it brings a great deal to the table.  The upgrades done in the previous version are actually impressive along with a Nike has come up with a good club.  If you’re really searching for any club that will help you for the reason that 200-230 yard range this club is certainly worth your consideration.  We also suggest this club to anybody who struggles hitting low irons because you will be really impressed using the Vapor Fly Hybrid is going to do for you personally game.

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Nike vapor fly hybrid 5 – 26 degree (club review)


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