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CATEGORY: Better Player Hybrids

Cost: $250

WE TESTED: 2 (adjusts 15.5° to 18.5°), 3 (adjusts 17.5° to twenty.5°), 4 (adjusts 19.5° to 22.5°) with Fujikura Pro 80 graphite shaft

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Placing the 25-gram tungsten weight within the foot and also the 3-gram aluminum weight within the rear helps alleviate hooks.


PLAYABILITY: Shots can be created to buy, and also the M1’s menu is big at its most from clean lies — ideal for teeing off on componen 4s or attacking short componen 5s.

Precision/FORGIVENESS: Not totally idiot-proof, but it’ll enable you to get that which you deserve adjustable weights are helpful from the dreaded hook misses fly far.

DISTANCE: The M1 may fly as an iron, however it hits just like a Mack truck — most likely a long hybrid within the test packs an additional gear — some say it’s ten to fifteen yards past a similar iron, also it wants your 3-wood’s job.

FEEL: Deep and dense smothers the ball, then blasts it away swings just like a wood and rips with the turf misses are heard around felt.

LOOK: Cadillac class within the ball with concept-vehicle tech underneath the hood testers are glad to determine TaylorMade in black very little larger than some 3-irons.


Picks control of finesse each time, and a few guys obtain the periodic lengthy foul ball such a long time that it could make time to squeeze into your go about average from trouble.

Main Point Here: Pound-for-pound, the sleek M1 might pack the greatest punch of anything we tested. If you are a powerful ballstriker searching for any distance boost along with a club that you could manipulate as an iron, your search is over. This can be a big step-up for TaylorMade.


NEXT REVIEW: Titleist 716T-MB Hybrid

Resourse: http://golf.com/equipment/



Cameron Mayo: love that color

wayne higgins: Hi i am 10 years old and play of 26

bulletproof12: Never hit a Mizuno but this is a damn nice looking club.

MINIFREDDO7: Hi Rick I’m 10 years old and have a handicap of 29 is that good???

spocktra50: Double dare you to put it in the bag Rickster !

mackay19850203: Once you set it to a specific setting, it becomes one club, not 4.

Kyle O’Brien: Hey rick I’m 7 years old and I can drive the ball about to 285, is that good? Oh and I’m a 3 handicap.

Jeff M: That outfit is the opposite of flattering

Cayden Brown: Rick I am a very good ball striker and a great putter but lately I have been hitting the ball severely low and left and I am losing my rhythm and the face of the club is pointed at the sky at the peak of the backswing…. any suggestions?

Nic Herme: I had one of these fitted for me about a month ago and I love it

Dante Martin: The only hybrid that looks good, and seems like the ball won’t go astray. Maybe I’ve had bad experience?

sehnaz1: Most hybrids I’ve used tend to have a draw bias. Better than using a long iron though.

Alfred Tu: Tested this at Toronto golf show and its pretty unreal feel and sound. Not sure about how long it goes, but felt great! Also, Rick when are you doing the wedges review?? I saw that picture with all the wedges!!!

Dwayne Meyers: Hey Rick it’s good to know I’m not the only who has problems with the hybrid clubs going left. That club seems to be very user friendly. Love the demo’s.

Colin Graham: Still use Mizuno MX Fli Hi 3 & 4 hybrids. Really old clubs now but still work for me.

Andrew Bassitt: Rick, does altering the loft affect the draw/fade bias at all?

Mr Kipling: Nice bit of kit. Well reviewed Rick. Maybe the first few shots were pilot error, ie not trusting the club to not go left? You smashed it once you got used to it!! Thanks for posting.

wally wonker: Nothing has ever beaten my seve hybrid ,,but it’s getting a little beaten now ,,so may try some hybrids this weekend.

Nixon Gill: Avg total yards for the 4 good shots was 235

Brady Bunda: I am 14 and play off of 2

IAN HOWROYD (ISHMANU1969): Rick I’ve just ordered jpx900 driver , 5 wood & 3 hybrid ��they give me so much confidence hitting them ��# quality

Chikhan Ooi: How come you never put a good set of Mizuno forged irons in your bag?

Tim Tran: Looks a great club. I have that problem you mention where my 4 iron goes the same yardage as my 3 hybrid. Seriously interested in getting fit for this. Thanks for the insight mate.

Alan Mills: Nice review. Great looking club.

EatAllThePies: Good review Rick looks a fantastic club

Neill Hobson: get in the bag Rick!!

Ste Smallman: Love that hybrid

James Harvey: Looks great! If I hadn’t just swapped my i25 hybrid for a G Crossover (because the hybrid kept disappearing left on me) I might be interested!

Adam Niswonger: So can the lie be adjusted independently from the loft or are both tied together? Also curious if changing the loft opens or closes the face at address.

Dan Fry: stop with the crappy accent! its FAKE!

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