Adams tight lies hybrid – summary of the club

Adams tight lies hybrid - summary of the club

The Adams Tight Lies newest hybrid technology offers consistent distance, swing after swing, offering similar distances as hard to hit extended and mid-irons, though an even more forgiving nature. In the event you struggle hitting extended irons, an excellent addition for your bag. The Adams Tight Lies Hybrid is suitable for individuals players, including seniors, in addition to good junior golfers.

The Adams Tight Lies Hybrid has got the Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage graphite shaft (65 gram), Adams standard grip and mind-cover. The KuroKage hybrid shaft fits what Mistubishi call their ‘smooth’ profile. This means the shaft is softest within the tip, softer inside the mid-level and stiffest within the base.


The Adams Tight Lies hybrid can be a medium-sized hybrid. This club has slots round the crown as well as the sole, something the Adams brand is famous for, nevertheless the top slot is hidden. This concealment is actually impressive it’s appropriately named Ghost Slot Technology exactly like you didn’t understand it was there, you wouldn’t notice it.

The only real in the hybrid posseses an updated cut-through slot that will help increase loft and lift. The tri-bevel shape produces a large impact position for greater launching shots.

The ladies club features a silver-coloured mind and blue shaft. The general club features a black mind and blue shaft. The stiff mind cover is black and blue for your standard club and cream and blue for your ladies club.

Appear &amp Feel

Right from the start, the appear and feel in the Tight Lies hybrid is outstanding. This club feels solid being an iron instead of a wood. The end result appear is quiet and periodic. You’ll know when you’ve hit a thin shot, but due to the Ghost Slots impressive handling of mis-hits, it is not super easy to feel when you’ve developed a fat shot or other horizontal misses.


Adams Tight LiesThe Adams Tight Lies hybrid has the benefit of greater ball speeds and elevated forgiveness. The hybrid consistently maintains ball speed when the swing contact is positive or negative. A normal ball speed creates foreseeable distance every time.

Research ensures that lighter shafts such as the 65 gram shaft in this particular hybrid, become more effective for your average golfer since weight produces shots of greater distance and precision. The Tight Lies hybrid choose the ball in mid-air when the contact is great or else. Most of the helpful when faced with tough lies or individuals who’ve a inclination hitting their extended clubs thin.

The Tight Lies hybrid also improves performance on windy days since it is low spinning as being a fairway wood.

Expert reviews demonstrate that with a variety of shots the finish result was much better than your swing deserved, getting a rather greater launch and less spin than other similar clubs. The Mistibushi Kuro Kage hybrid shaft is recognized as is the most effective within the companies range.

Technical specifications

ClubLoftLieLengthSwing weight

3 19° 58° 40&quot D2
4 22° 58.5° 39.5&quot D2
5 25° 59° 39&quot

6 28° 59.5° 38.5&quot D2

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Resourse: http://hybridgolfclubs.internet/reviews/adams-tight-lies/



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