Callaway hybrids reviews

Callaway hybrids reviews

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Callaway Hybrids

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Like a name that’s respected and reliable by golfers around the globe, Callaway’s golf equipment are used by lots of players regardless of what remarkable ability level. Go lower for your local course and you will likely see Callaway clubs in many golf bags.

Major champions Phil Mickelson and Michael Campbell are simply two many top professionals who are recognized to play, in order to have performed Callaway clubs recently. Doing no injury to the businesses already great status along the way.

Similarly using their irons and motorists, the hybrid clubs that Callaway produce will also be very well-liked by plenty of players through-out the field of golf.

Particularly due to the fact that Callaway do design golf equipment for each degree of player, may it be an expert or perhaps a newbie, the organization aim to possess a club available which suits any golfers specific needs.

For any lengthy time now, the organization have stored releasing a lot of newer and much more advanced clubs towards the golfing public. Making certain that players can take care of the ever altering designs and layouts from the courses nowadays.

Therefore if you are thinking about discovering much more about a particular hybrid from Callaway, and whether they might be for both you and your golf performance. Just select the models below to determine an evaluation learn more.

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid

Callaway Foot Hybrid 08

If you’d like more details about we’ve got the technology and specifications particularly of Callaway’s golf equipment. You are able to click the link below to visit the Callaway Golf web-site, that will open inside a new window.

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Callaway XR Hybrid + XR Pro Review


Malcolm Powder: Hi Rick,

Kevin Newsome: Rick, 

Richard Ouimet: Have your mid handicapper test the X R hybrid

whogg0521: lol…want them drug tested..that was freakin’ funny.

Sean Sack: Your accuracy was pretty bad with these Rick. Extra distance doesn’t mean much if you miss your target by 40 yards. I don’t understand the push for distance with clubs that are designed to cover gaps and provide precision.

David Ciccoritti: What Callaway ball are you using? Would be better to see the numbers with your ProV1x balls that you typically use for testing. Really enjoyed that speechless look on your face 🙂

Arvind Das: Simply amazing !

Arvind Das: They are awesome ! WMD

Sodthong: £99 at Clubhouse Golf now, bargain.

Nici G: So, why would you buy the pro over the standard one then? Curious.

tigerbalm: Is XR better than Alpha 815?

Jun Woo Park: callaway makes one of the best hybrids on the market rn

tigerbalm: 241 is massive yardage!

ryan morris: my reaction exactly when I hit these. I couldn’t believe the flight. they were even more impressive on the course!

Mike Bailey: They are on PEDS…the ben johnson of Hybrids.

VWRabbit2008: So this could be played as a 5 wood/2 hybrid with those numbers. Might have to look into that

9soccerplayr: what are the differences between the XR and the XR Pro and how does he know how far hes hitting the ball?

Hugh Rogers: I still bought one of these, even though Rick’s review is a bit giddy. I hit these two and the JPX, and the XRs were just more solid and consistent. The Pro version was just way too small for me. No shaft length trickery, the 3 is just a tad longer than my current 4H, as would be expected. As a 20hcp I hit this 185m (202 yards), which does the job of filling the gap between my 4H and 5W. I find it easy to hit well, and even when I don’t, low face and toey shots still get out there.

goldenglove25: i can hit my 4 iron 241

Hugh Rogers: This seems out of character – considering you’re usually so measured with your comments. Your JPX hybrid review was posted 3 days after this one, and despite hitting them as far or further and straighter, you couldn’t seem to find the same excitement for them

TheHeez: Been watching this review a lot lately. I’m a 9 capper and can’t stand the larger hybrids. I demo’d the XR Pro in 23* and was blown away. Very consistent, very controllable and fits my 200 gap perfectly.

Neil Tosolini: Just had these fitted at True Spec Golf in NYC and they are awesome. Thanks for the video. 

skit vinter: Great vid as always! But you seem to forget that the normal XR you are testing is in 18 degrees and not 20. Keep up the good work!

Kaleb Turner: what is the song going on in the background haha. sounds latino

Edward Buchanan: Great swing and tempo.

s.d. reese: BEHAVE Rick

Nick Prince: I just pre ordered these bad boys…carrying a 7i 170…I had brought my old 7 to compare and I was getting 20+ yards of carry difference..I’m very excited to get them in…thanks for the video…

TXchadTX: These things really are fantastic. 

jkee1718: How do you deal with all the extra eyes on you as you do the reviews? Does that put more pressure on you to perform in front of all us Americans (your American accent) lol

Flyersboy66: Just sounds so good!

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