Nike vapor flex/speed fairways and hybrids – preview thread

Nike vapor flex/speed fairways and hybrids - preview thread
THP was lucky so that you can attend Nike’s official unveiling of the Vapor metal-forest selection in the Oven in Dallas and obtain some on the job time using the lines in addition to a deep dive in to the technology and specifications from the different clubs.

The present release date for motorists, fairways, and hybrids is 1/30/15.

Info on the visit to The Oven are available here: https://world wide…-The-Nike-Oven

Vapor Flex/Speed Fairway and Hybrid Selection Info:

Using the hybrids and fairways within the Vapor line Nike is providing two options in every, the Flex (FlexLoft) and also the Speed (glued/glued). On their behalf the Flex may be the attempted and true shape/profile however with a shorter hosel because of the new adapter (also, .335 within the hybrid too, that was for continuity with the line Along with a size issue at address). The Speeds however are bit bigger footprint overall in addition to being much deeper.

Since these clubs aren’t underneath the same constraints because the fairways, the rate Channels they have will vary than individuals within the motorists. It’s much deeper near the middle of the face area along with the heel and foot to be able to, as Nike place it, &quotheat&quot the middle of the club more along with the heel/foot.

Among the greatest changes in the 2.0’s is incorporated in the innovative, its much straighter/fltter, this is needed to assist a couple of items like from the deck and also the general launch/etc goals they desired to accomplish, above all else though, its only a better look.

Just like the motorists, the Cavity Back technologies are alive and well here. Nike are firm believers with what it will and what they’ve learned it may be evolved related to specific structural and style adaptations. The Cavity Back tech enables for any forward weight/CG that may keep your MOI constant over the club as well as reduces how big the apparatus effect while increase overall stability (potential to deal with twisting). Overall you receive less changes towards the overall launch conditions over the face from the motorists which helps in reducing the hook/cut flights. Essentially, lower spin without having to sacrifice stability means more length and straighter flight.

Also just like the motorists (as well as in the Flex models only here), the Flex Loft adapter has altered, but simply in weight. Nike were able to save 5g in overall weight using the adapters and keep the 15 in 1 setting ratio (with what many feel is the greatest adapter available, I am certainly one of individuals). The 5g represents 30% savings and knowning that means a lighter headweight than we view from Nike . Also, they’re backwards compatible and old adapters works during these heads too. However with which will happen single.5 swing weight change due to the 5g. As pointed out above, within the hybrids the adapter can also be .335, NOT .370 there Won’t be .370 adapters available, it’s a size issue because the hosel looked too big around the hybrids at this size. So, they’ve become a few of the companies to ensure they are .335 hybrid shafts (Mitsubishi is exactly what we had in the event).

Nike Vapor Flex and Speed Fairway Info:

The Vapor Flex Fairway:

  • Straighter innovative
  • Lower CG versus 2. Tour
  • 7.8% in 3w – 6.8% in 5w

  • Nearer to the face area versus 2. Tour
    • 3.% in 3w – 4.5% in 5w
    • Measurables versus 2. Tour
      • 1.5 Miles per hour Ball Speed increase
      • .3 Launch Position increase
      • 120 Revoltions per minute Spin decrease
      • 5 yard increase
      • The Vapor Speed Fairway:

        • Straighter innovative
        • 1/2&quot Longer playing length than Flex
        • Lower CG versus 2.
        • 3.% in 3w

      • Nearer to the middle versus 2.
        • 8.5% in 3w
        • CG Depth versus 2.
          • 28% much deeper
          • MOI versus 2.
            • 15.7% increase
            • Measurables versus 2.
              • .8 Miles per hour Ball Speed increase
              • .5 Launch Position decrease
              • 626 Revoltions per minute Spin decrease
              • 6 yards longer
                • Furthermore! The Rate fairway is 25% Bigger compared to 2. was (7.8m longer face to back) and it is a far more sloped crown which will help using the CG height movement within the mind.

                They are both offered in 3w and 5w combined with the Diamana S+ (authentic) in RH/LH. The Flex costs $249 and also the Speed costs $199

                Release date is 1/30/15

                We did not get a lot of images, aren’t able to find the Flex, but here’s what we’ve:

                Nike Vapor Flex and Speed Hybrid Info:

                The Vapor Flex and Speed Hybrids:

                • Straighter innovative
                • Lower CG
                • 2mm CG drop
                • 2* launch increase at SAME lofts

              • Speed is 1/2&quot more than Flex
              • &quotLinear Progression&quot
                • Bigger body and much more shallow face around the lengthy hybrids progresses to some sleeker build and much deeper face around the short hybrids
                • Means more forgiveness and speed around the lengthy hybrids and much more shot making precision around the shorter hybrids
                • 2h/3h are seen as the &quotAdvance&quot hybrids
                • 4h/5h are seen as the &quotApproach&quot hybrids
                • The FLEX hybrids can be found in 3 and 4 only, combined with the Diamana S+, RH/LH, and also have a cost of $229.

                  The Rate hybrids can be found by 50 percent, 3, 4, 5 in RH and three, 4 in LH. Combined with the Diamana S+ and also have a cost of $179.

                  Release date is 1/30/15.

                  Just like the fairways, there exists a couple images, but did not obtain a ton, apologies:


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