Miura golf corporation. hb3 / hb4 miura hybrid

Miura golf corporation. hb3 / hb4 miura hybrid

Golf equipment serve people, and not the other way around.

The Miura MG may be the Peoples&rsquo Hybrid.

We took in carefully to golfers to determine their true intent in making use of hybrids. The things they told us harkens back into the true concept of the term: a helpful mixture of the options of two or more good stuff.

What we should discovered first of all is that golfers use hybrids to are designed for pinpoint targets, just like they are doing with irons. Therefore it made sense to adopts a blade-like face design, to increase towards the hybrids exactly the same feeling of security golfers feel with Miura irons. Now, the greater advanced player could work a hybrid into his bag with confidence striking the shot he intends, rather of wondering if the flight will flare offline.

The Circle Cut Sole method

Numerous design features combine to accomplish this liberating effect. The MG moves easily and strongly with the turf, because of experiments we did using the sole.

We created a method known as Circle Cut, by which we cut a line with the sole inside a proper place. This results in a second tier one step, for a moment. Not to mention, this moves the center of gravity — although not to the cheapest point, once we thought it could. Rather, the Circle Cut Sole puts the CG in a good option — low, to be certain, although not bottomed out.

Now, the middle of gravity plays a role in a powerful flight that stays online, even while it gains enough height to carry the eco-friendly on landing.

Additional features tend to be more subtle, but no less important. The I.P. black finish helps make the MG look smaller sized, which focuses player concentration at address. And also the sole relief within the foot and heel is calculated to optimize that turf travel.

Ideal balance of height

Using the MG Hybrid, it&rsquos not every about the level of the mind. Rather, we recommend golfers concentrate on the height from the face.

At address, the peak from the face is nearly as good as the peak from the ball: 43mm. Due to this, players can consider the MG being an iron at address, striking the ball exactly the same way being an iron.

Be sure that you hold your finish. You&rsquore likely to enjoy a specific item.

Resourse: http://miuragolf.com/

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