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Cobra king f6 hybrid review


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The Cobra King F6 hybrid is really a consistent and solid save club that matches in well with Cobra’s recently elevated standard in equipment.



If you’ve been following our Cobra reviews in the last handful of several weeks, it’s not a secret that I’ve been an enormous fan from the Cobra King Limited line.  I had been greater than anxious to find out if the brand new Cobra King F6 line resided to the same high standard established through the Limited clubs.  Using the King Limited line missing a hybrid, the Cobra King F6 hybrid stands because the only high-finish hybrid option over the Cobra catalog this year, and so i was excited to find out if this club had what it really required to complete the forest portion of my bag this year.



If you’ve taken a detailed take a look at Cobra hybrids in the last two generations, the general shape and size from the Cobra King F6 hybrid won’t be surprising for you.  The footprint is really a medium size using what I’ll call a larger, round-ant pear shape.  It’s definitely not bulbous, however i wouldn’t consider putting it within the “tiny peanut” category either.


The aesthetic differentiators from previous generations are available around the sole using the predominant black, vibrant orange fixed weight, along with the textured us dot pattern around the trailing fringe of the crown.  Also, inside a surprising move, the King F6 hybrid is just offered inside a black finish – a departure from formerly available vibrant colors like orange, red, and blue.


Seem &amp Feel

Both in seem and feel, the Cobra King F6 hybrid begins to leave the prior versions of Cobra hybrids.  Previous generations of Cobra hybrids had much more of a little metal wood seem (that sort of springy metallic ping) which trampoline feeling at impact.  The King F6 hybrid has an infinitely more solid feel plus much more of the solid “thwack” for any seem.  Where some players may prefer that confidence-inducing trampoline vibe, other players are likely to like the stronger and responsive sense of the Cobra King F6 hybrid.  Mishits will definitely become more noticeable with you using the F6, but they’ll hardly leave both hands stinging as a direct consequence of the poor shot.



I believe the performance from the Cobra King F6 hybrid is basically likely to be according to what sort of hybrid player you’re.  Theoretically, the King F6 hybrid should be simple to launch high in mid-air using its center of of gravity low and deep within the mind.  My current gamer hybrid is really last year’s Cobra Fly-Z hybrid, and that i honestly thought both of these hybrids would perform much the same.  Using the Fly-Z hybrid, I recieve much more of a higher launch having a soft landing creating a much better lengthy iron substitute.  Using the King F6 hybrid, utilizing the same shaft, I discovered I had been striking the ball having a bit lower trajectory and becoming more roll.  Basically was searching to make use of my hybrid like a fairway wood alternative for greater distance, I believe the King F6 hybrid will make for a fantastic choice.  Obviously, it’s understandable, lots of people will probably hit the F6 completely different than me and also have a nice high trajectory and soft landing.

One factor which was very apparent and exciting for me personally was the precision from the King F6 hybrid.  During some investigation we did previously (view it here), we discovered that hybrids are usually more than lengthy irons, but they’re much less accurate.  You know this without effort is you’ve seen how frequently people hit giant slices and hooks together around the course and range.  The Cobra King F6 hybrid was astoundingly accurate for me personally.  I’d a really tight dispersion using the F6 hybrid, and found it very consistent and foreseeable – ideal for a hybrid.



Within the interest of absolute honesty, I won’t sit here and tell you just how I believe the Cobra King F6 hybrid is really a revolutionary hybrid…and that’s ok.  For someone searching to obtain a fresh look along with a new hybrid within the bag, the King F6 is a great choice with solid feel and reliable precision.  The hybrid clubs in your bag ought to be tools of dependability and consistency to provide accurate lengthy shots for tough distances, and also the King F6 hybrid will definitely be up with this job.


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