Adams super s hybrid review

Adams super s hybrid review

While Adams has consistently been crushing it lately utilizing their all-around choice of clubs, in the last few years they’ve been well-known as undisputed champion of hybrids. Because the Adams marketing engine certainly hypes the hybrids, it’s for a simple reason – the hybrids may also be used extensively by players around the globe and also on all of the tours. The rest of the manufacturers have trouble standing to Adams in relation to matching hybrid performance.


The Super S hybrids will be the new mass-market hybrids from Adams. They’ve introduced the Super S within an attractive cost point and inside the achieve in the the everyday golfer.


These new hybrids are available while using signature Super S matte white-colored-colored crown and mind graphics and they are all-around great searching hybrids. The Super S hybrid is not adjustable, but is supplied in many loft combinations including 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, and 28 levels. The version tested with this particular review was the 3 Hybrid in the 19 degree loft.

Look &amp Feel

The Super S hybrid is a good searching hybrid. The matte white-colored-colored finish, Super S crown graphics, black face, and hints of red combine for just about any great searching club. Although many golfers initially provide an unsure reaction in regards to the crown graphics, the questioning in the graphics has started to sizzle out.



Personally, In my opinion the crown graphics look good although they work as simply decoration, they have been a welcome addition.


According to the style of the hybrid, there wasn’t a good deal that felt worth mentioning. The sensation actually was good overall, but nothing was out as either exceptional or missing. Solid hits feel good, mis-hits feel just a little dead, as well as the club generally appears as if you recognized a hybrid to feel.



In relation to hybrids, probably given a variety of purchasing manufacturer’s club inside the bag – I’d go for Adams nine from ten occasions. In the last few years I’ve observed can simply trust the Adams hybrids as well as the Super S is not different.


I didn’t go to whichever performance increase in either distance or dispersion than I’ve come across within the Adams hybrids inside my bag from a year ago. The feel and appear is noticeably different because the performance is nearly such as the Super hybrids (the steel version) from a year ago.


The Super S hybrids come stock while using Matrix Kujoh shaft that’s a excellent default pairing plus an great default shaft.



The introduction of the Super S gives Adams an up-to-date look and feel for his or her mass-market hybrid options.


The updated look and consistent performance that everyone originates you may anticipate from Adams helps to make the Super S a contender for most golfers available.


Adams Idea Super S Hybrid Review

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