Adams pro hybrid review – connected golf

Adams pro hybrid review - connected golf

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The Adams Pro hybrid is an additional solid artist that deserves its “Pro” moniker. High finish while not terribly forgiving. Great check out address.


In our golf marketplace, almost any club is great, but certain companies inside a couple of segments have greater expectations. Utilizing their good status for exceptional products, an Adams hybrid can’t you have to be good, it must be special. It’s prone to need to have a devote your bag. For people while using game, the Adams Pro hybrid is just this kind of club.

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At address, the Adams Pro hybrid features a clean, compact look. The matte black thoughts are missing of alignment aids, although it arrives with a big velocity slot. Adams does this for many generations now, and so the “I think that looks weird” crowd needs to be in regards to this. Plus, the slot much less noticeable round the black mind compared to white-colored-colored and silver of past Adams clubs.

One component that sets the Adams Pro apart from other players hybrids is having less “bulge” inside the feet – the shape is almost perfectly symmetrical.

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Appear &amp Feel

Like the Adams Pro DHy, the professional Hybrid is not afraid to inform you about the grade of your strike. Around the pure shot, you’ll be challenged to discover a better-feeling hybrid. It’s solid an hot, getting a muted, low-pitched appear. If you miss, however, the Pro Hybrid can get louder and isn’t afraid to jar both of your hands just a little. When the were a golf club iron targeted towards 20-handicaps, this can be a critique for just about any “Pro” club, this greater degree of feedback is not just tolerable, it’s desirable.

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The Adams Pro Hybrid does just what better players want their hybrids to accomplish. First, it’s more forgiving when compared to a extended iron. While it’s definately not most likely probably the most forgiving hybrid in the marketplace, you’ve much more leeway using this than you’d getting a 3-iron. Second, the professional hybrid flights the ball slightly more than the typical extended iron. You will not be hitting moon balls using this club, the flight is medium-low, nevertheless it launches greater plus much more easily than comparably-lofted irons. Finally, it’s going longer and might be a more consistent when compared to a extended iron. Most better players aren’t searching for hybrid to switch their driver, they require consistent, repeatable distance. That’s what the Adams Pro hybrid delivers. I came across it was subsequently about fifty percent a golf club iron greater than an iron of equal loft, however ths issue was the consistency: the professional hybrid was always plus or minus 5 yards instead of had the big 20-yards-short miss.

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For far better players searching to switch their extended irons, the Adams Pro hybrid needs to be one of the primary clubs to check on. It offers the ball control and effective flight from the extended iron however with no penalty on mishits. I’ll offer this warning to high handicap players: this club deserves its “Pro” designation since it is not probably the most forgiving hybrids in the marketplace. In the event you put this within your bag, you need to go ahead and take A casino game.

Cost and Specs

The Adams Pro hybrid retails for $200.

It will be lofts of 16°, 18°, 20°, 23°, and 26°.

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