Callaway epic mentality, concept-vehicle approach involves new set of irons and hybrid – golf digest

Callaway epic mentality, concept-vehicle approach involves new set of irons and hybrid - golf digest

The brand new Callaway Epic irons (standard and Pro) develop a vital concept of the organization&amp#x2019s effective Epic driver: making the face area more flexible by stabilizing the framework that supports it.

But because complex because the Great Big Bertha Epic driver&amp#x2019s support fishing rod structure referred to as &amp#x201CJailbreak&amp#x201D may be, the complexness of construction behind the brand new group of Epic irons and hybrids might be another step function greater entirely for 2 simple reasons: First, irons tend to be smaller sized than motorists so getting less face area to utilize causes it to be a lot more difficult to produce ball speed enhancements for additional distance. Second, unlike motorists, irons can’t be just a pure distance play because precision and trajectory and eco-friendly-holding flight are simply as essential and frequently harder to attain.

Callaway attacked individuals two challenges more aggressive ball speed and much more consistent division at work from iron to iron by concentrating on two areas: a better face design and a method of materials. The end result would be a project that broke new ground for the organization in components and process, and using more than 100 technicians and operators touching each iron from starting to end product, additionally, it leads to the organization&amp#x2019s innovative cost reason for nearly 2 decades: $2,000 for some eight with steel shafts.

&amp#x201CWe&amp#x2019re really attempting to produce the lightest stiffest body we are able to so we&amp#x2019re coupling it to some very flexible face cup,&amp#x201D stated Alan Hocknell, Callaway&amp#x2019s senior v . p . of R&ampD, who conceded the Epic Pro iron would be a special favorite of his since it brings the greatest spring-like effect technology up to the more compact players iron shape he personally would rather play. &amp#x201CSo it’s some much the same theory to the driver construction, but we’ve the extra problem of really low volume comparatively to place the mass in the best place which means you visit the extremes of materials and internal structure.&amp#x201D

First, the face area may be the next iteration from the cupface technology that’s been the hallmark of Callaway irons since moving from fairway wood technology first introduced 5 years ago. Inside a cupface the face area forms just one cup that wraps round the bottom and top from the mind. That thin lip or rim round the perimeter flexes at impact to produce more ballspeed for on-center hits and fewer lost ballspeed on off-center hits. Within the version around the new Epic and Epic Pro irons, the face area cup&amp#x2019s rim continues to be thinned to less than one millimeter, or thinner than the usual paper clip. The cupface design runs with the full group of irons.

Hocknell and Scott Manwaring, director of Callaway&amp#x2019s irons and hybrids R&ampD, stated the important thing behind that versatility is again the effectiveness of the dwelling supporting the virtually hollow style of the Epic irons. Support beams, similar to the rods within the Jailbreak feature around the GBB Epic motorists, form a cage-like structure bracing the cupface. It&amp#x2019s what Callaway calls an Exo-Cage, and is comparable to that which was first seen around the Big Bertha OS irons.

&amp#x201CThe added stiffness from the body helps make the face cup continue to work harder, causes it to be flex more during impact which enables us to create more ball speed,&amp#x201D Hocknell stated.





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2PUTT SHANKUR: Rick’s reaction to to Rob’s ‘ I don’t like watching your reviews ‘

Lee Dawson: Rick please could you consider doing the same format reviews with a high handicap player please maybe around 22 handicap something like that would be interesting to see what the epic and other new products do for high handicap game. Thanks these are great reviews.

Chris “Birdiexris” Embardino: Great video. The Epic for me was absolute trash. My 2016 M1 beat the living piss out of it – for lack of a better phrase – carried 20 yds farther and much better flight. That being said – the options for fitting weren’t what i would call great. Very limited shaft options as far as what they actually do – couldn’t find anything that was the optimal launch and torque specs that i wanted/needed. The HZRDUS T800 was great but it’s not for everybody for sure.

John Ferguson: you’re my fucking hero rob!!!

GMRedline: I’m done with Rob. He test equipment that performs better than the stuff he’s using and won’t switch. Find a new mid handicapper.

Billy Bennink: 12 minutes for 3 shots… hmm

Ted Kobelt: Hello Rick. Would please do a Hot Metal vs 2017 M2 comparison. Thanks

Grant Bostick: I haven’t watched the video yet, but I am going to go out on a limb and say rob rates it a 9 like every club he’s ever hit haha

David Fletcher: Robo rating a callaway product high no surprise there tbh. Bet the M1/2 even if they perform will not get good ratings as Rob won’t see past the look that he didn’t like before.

Joe Pesce: the video i have been waiting for since gab epic was introduced. very nice guys!

William Bacon: Where is the 2017 M2 fairway review Rick??

Quutamooo: Some of these comments are the stupidest I’ve ever seen.

Andrew Hadfield: Great vlog as always lads. Starting to worry about our match with those straight drives!

schwarg: Why the hell would Callaway choose such a stupid name, someone at marketing needs to be shitcanned.

Nicklas Wöhlk: Is it just me or does he let one go at 5.38 when striking the ball?

Bryce Young: this guy is 13 handicap and only carrys driver 230 yards

lbsst14: Would love to see the Epic vs Ping G / Sub Zero vs LS Tec Ping G

Bob Pfaff: Perhaps in the UK it should be called the great big Nigel! Does it really matter what it is called guys?

Sgt Pepper: Rick just 2 let u know they are titanium rods not steel as u keep saying ��

Andrew: you guys are awesome, keep it up

Allan Butler: Oh Rob youve gone and done it, i have been waiting for you to demo this driver all the while getting very excited about it watching pros like Rick play it and get great results and you just showed me that some to most of the hype around this driver may be for real and applicable to mid teen HC players… cant wait for the sub zero but think i need to try the Epic ASAP… 1 question, may be hard to say is a tall faced driver like say the titilest 917 D3? the D3 is taller and lett streached back when compared to the streached back more squshed down face on the D2? It looks like the Epic is taller a fraction compared ot the sub0 but cant really tell for sure? As always yous is a very valuable opinion. thanks

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