Cobra golf introduces 2017 fairways &amp hybrids

Cobra golf introduces 2017 fairways &amp hybrids

Cobra Golf, an innovator in club innovation and style, today introduced its new assortment of F7 fairways and hybrids. The F7 fairway and hybrid family utilizes COBRA’s legendary Baffler Rail System, first introduced within the brand’s original Baffler forest greater than 4 decades ago, combined with today’s front-to-back weighting systems for that perfect mixture of personalization, distance, control and forgiveness from the lie.

“Rails on the fairways and hybrids produce a more forgiving and efficient turf interaction when hitting from the lie,” stated Jose Miraflor, Sr. Director Product Marketing COBRA Golf. “Proven though Rickie’s performance together with his current Baffler fairway wood, the Rail Technology enables him to become aggressive when attacking vegetables. The tour-proven technologies will give you all golfers using the perfect mixture of distance and control.”

The F7 Fairways (MAP $239 – 3-4F, 5-6F and seven-8F) feature progressive rail heights which are strategically built to be shallower within the 3-4 forest and progressively thicker while you transfer to the 7-8 to provide easy-up distance and consistency of all the lie. The leading from the rails improve turf forgiveness while the rear of the rails assist the club glide from the turf more easily.

The F7 Fairways come outfitted with two Center of Gravity (CG) positions and 20-gram and three-gram moveable weights that may be positioned right in front or even the to deliver whether penetrating or towering trajectory, based on player preference and different course conditions.

To maximise distance and ball speed, COBRA Golf engineers used a thinner, high-strength, forged 475 stainless face insert plus a 17-4 stainless body, which creates discretionary weight and enables for greater CG adjustability. MyFly8 delivers eight loft positions (loft ranges are highlighted below) to fine-tune players’ lengthy games. Available Jan 13, 2017 in black/orange, silver/yellow and blue/red colorways in RH/LH, the F7 Fairways come outfitted having a graphite Fujikura Pro 65 shaft and Lamkin REL-Black grip.

KING Limited Black Fairway (MAP $299) features exactly the same, revolutionary SpacePort design observed in the KING Limited Motorists, a multi-purpose structure that strategically positions discretionary weight low that the gym has mind for ultimate distance. An additional benefit – by taking out the port, golfers can visually connect to the COBRA technologies around the interior from the club. The crown consists of a multi-material TeXtreme Carbon Fibre that is 20% lighter than the usual standard carbon fibre crown. The load saved may then be distributed lower to provide Zero CG inside a fairway for top-launch, low-spin and maximum speed for additional distance. The Rate Funnel Face, an engineered trench round the perimeter from the face, results in a thinner, more unsupported face for elevated distance and faster ball speeds on off-center hits. MyFly8 with SmartPad enables for eight adjustable loft settings (loft range the following). The Limited Fairways (3-4 and 4-5) can be found in RH only inside a new, stunning matte black finish. Available November 18, 2016, these fairways come outfitted having a graphite Aldila Rogue Black 70g shaft and Lamkin UTX 360 grip.

Rounding the metalwood collection would be the KING F7 Hybrids (MAP $199), that also feature COBRA’s Baffler Dual Rail the perception of improved turf reaction and consistency of all the lie. Each club (2-3H, 3-4H and 4-5H) includes a fixed back CG (13-gram) to provide high MOI along with a more centered CG for additional forgiveness and precision shot-after -shot. The brand new hybrid touts a skinny 455 SS face for optimum ball speed. The hybrids also boast COBRA’s MyFly8 and are available in black with orange highlights having a graphite Fujikura Pro 75h shaft and Lamkin REL-Black grip. Available The month of january 13, 2017.

WOMEN’S: The women’s F7 Fairways (MAP $239 – 3-4F, 5-6F, 7-8F) are available outfitted with Baffler rail technology, two front/back CG positions and MyFly8. They are available in two colorways: silver with raspberry and black with Lexi blue and graphite Fujikura Pro 55 and COBRA Lamkin REL grips. KING F7 Ladies Hybrids (MAP: $199 – 3-4H, 4-5H, 5-6H) feature rails plus a single fixed weight (8.5g) positioned low and to generate a high towering ball flight for extreme distance and forgiveness.

Loft Ranges:

F7 3-4 Fwy: 13 O, 13.5o, 13.5 O draw, 14.5 O, 14.5 O draw, 15.5 O, 15.5 O draw and 16O

F7 5-6 Fwy: 17 O, 17.5o, 17.5 O draw, 18.5 O, 18.5 O draw, 19.5 O, 19.5 O draw and 20O

F7 7-8 Fwy: 21 O, 21.5o, 21.5 O draw, 22.5 O, 22.5 O draw, 23.5 O, 23.5 O draw and 24O

Limited 3-4 Fwy: 13 O, 13.5o, 13.5 O draw, 14.5 O, 14.5 O draw, 15.5 O, 15.5 O draw and 16O

Limited 4-5 Fwy: 16 O, 16.5o, 16.5 O draw, 17.5 O, 17.5 O draw, 18.5 O, 18.5 O draw and 19O

F7 2-3 Hyb: 16 O, 16.5o, 16.5 O draw, 17.5 O, 17.5 O draw, 18.5 O, 18.5 O draw and 19O

F7 3-4 Hyb: 19 O, 19.5o, 19.5 O draw, 20.5 O, 20.5 O draw, 21.5 O, 21.5 O draw and 22O

F7 4-5 Hyb: 22 O, 22.5o, 22.5 O draw, 23.5 O, 23.5 O draw, 24.5 O, 24.5 O draw and 25O

For additional info on the whole KING group of products, visit

Media Contacts:

Rachel Rees, COBRA PUMA GOLF,, cell: 760.710.7434

Jared Kelowitz, JDPR,, 864.233.3776 ext. 24


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ESikora12: LOVE this hybrid and the F7 3/4 fairway. First hybrid that came even close to my FlyZ head. Same Tour AD Hybrid 95g shaft, just swapped it over. New Billy Club, can pull it anywhere with complete confidence

Cace Smith: Just picked up the 3/4 hybrid today to fit between my F7 3/4 wood and my 4 iron. I’m really impressed by what Cobra has been putting out there the last few years. Very solid.

fullwerkes: Hit these last weekend. Brilliant Hybrid and feels lovely!

Lars “LurbaN” Lurban: Just got back from Alicante and Las Colinas, Great course

Brandon Law: hi mark, how would you compare this to the titleist H1

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gary mcdonald: how far do you hit a 5wood

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Fred Flinstone: Straight in the bag Mark?

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