Nike vapor driver forest and hybrids – setting new standards and adjustability and control

Nike vapor driver forest and hybrids – setting new standards and adjustability and control

nikevaporreviewNike’s cool product offering for 2015 may be the Vapor series which will come in motorists, forest, hybrids and irons. Within all these groups are subsets for a moment. For instance three Vapor motorists can be found: the Vapor Pro, Vapor Speed and Vapor Flex. Forest and hybrids can be found either in a Speed of Flex model and irons can be purchased in 3 different types: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo or Vapor Speed. One type of clubs with numerous models, each one of these enhancing another a part of your game. Selecting which set is the best for you is one thing that is better left towards the experts in a Nike Performance Fitting Center. Listings and maps to those Performance Centers are available online. This review will concentrate on three clubs: the Vapor Pro driver, Vapor Flex 3-wood and Vapor Speed hybrid.

Whatever the kind of club and model you select, every one has several additional features in keeping features that provide subtle enhancements within the previous generations:

FlexLoft 2 Technology – while using two adjustment rings around the hosel, you are able to adjust the clubface position from 8.5° – 12.5° and hang the face area position to at least one.5° left, neutral or 1.5° right. The FlexLoft 2. adjustable hosel can also be 5 grams lighter (every tiny bit helps) than its predecessor and works with previous motorists, meaning you are able to swap heads with existing Nike shafts. This will make the Nike Vapor series probably the most adjustable clubs available on the market.

FlyBeam Technology stiffens the rear cavity structure from the club mind for improved launch and playability.

Covert Cavity Back Design redistributes the load for the heel and foot for optimum forgiveness.

NexCOR Face Design incorporates variable face thickness for any faster, hotter face and much more ball speed at impact.

Compression Funnel Face Technology: Nike has re-introduced the Compression Funnel that was an element within the Nike VR motorists in 2010. Actually, their manufacturing process couldn’t support both a cavity along with a funnel within the same clubhead, but, after a little retooling, Nike found a method to have great results. The Compression Funnel works with the Covert Cavity and also the NexCOR Face design, developing a trampoline effect at impact for elevated flex that the gym has face and faster ball speeds. The funnel is wider within the heel and foot, but narrow enough within the center to adapt to USGA rules.

Vapor Pro Driver

This is actually the driver Rory McIlroy continues to be playing recently. The Nike Vapor Pro driver comes fitted having a Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 gram shaft which will come in three flexes: regular, stiff and Xtra stiff, along with a Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2g grip. Although my game isn’t something which comes even close to Rory’s – especially from the tee – Used to do discover that the ball came hot from the face from the Vapor Pro driver, producing remarkable length on hits which were far under perfect. I had been surprised about the way the ball just ongoing to sail after which what lengths it ran after touching lower. At impact, the club provided good feedback and didn’t provide an ear-splitting seem.

At address, the club sitting as near to neutral as possible and also the pear-formed mind will produce different ball flights depending the player’s swing. The middle of gravity sits lower and much more forward when confronted with the club, creating a slightly lower launch and spin, permitting elevated control. This club could be more attractive to better players. The colour plan is certainly aimed at a more youthful crowd. The Vapor Pro driver retails for $399 as the Flex – and it is 30 adjustment settings – applies to $499 and also the Speed costs $299. A women’s model can also be available.

Vapor Flex 3-Wood

What separates the Vapor Speed and Vapor Flex type of fairway forest may be the adjustable hosel. Around the flex models, the three-wood can be adjusted from 13° to 17° and also the 5-wood could be altered from 17° to 22°, in 1° increments. Furthermore, you will find three face position settings, enabling you to open or close the face area by 1.5°. That’s 15 different settings, so that you can affect the trajectory of the shots in an exceedingly subtle way. Using the Vapor Speed fairways, that which you buy is what you’ll get.

Whenever you look carefully in the hosel, it seems very cumbersome, because of all of the variations it affords. However at address, it blends in nicely using the colour of the clubhead and it is barely, if noticeable. I really loved the feel of the Flex much better than the rate, with a very thin hosel, even though the Speed includes a silver face, which doesn’t show all the marks such as the black-faced Vapor Flex.

When stacked facing its predecessor, the Covert Fairway wood, the Vapor Flex includes a slightly smaller sized mind and taller face. At address, the very best line provides the appearance the club is open, that we am told is one thing better players prefer.

The Nike Vapor Flex 3-wood comes fitted using the new Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 70 shaft, which will help the typical player gain distance and control in addition to a Golf Pride 2G Tour Wrap grip, that’s grey colored to complement the shaft. Available flexes within the shaft are regular, stiff and additional stiff. The Vapor Flex 3 and 5-forest retails for $249 as the Vapor Speeds applies to $199.

Nike Vapor Speed Hybrid

The mixture from the Covert Cavity, Compression Funnel and NexCOR face assist the Nike Vapor Speed hybrids produce extreme distance, without having to sacrifice forgiveness and precision, whatever the loft setting. The Vapor Speed hybrids possess a low center of gravity, creating a greater launch minimizing-spin rates, as the Covert Cavity Back design redistributes weight for the heel and foot which maximize forgiveness.

When producing some hybrids, a lot of companies simply alter the loft. But Nike went one step further as well as alter the mind size which will get smaller sized along the way up. They also have altered the face area height which increases along the way up. Apparently individuals at Nike wanted a couple hybrid to feel and look just like a fairway wood and also the 3,4 and 5 hybrids to become a lot more like driving irons. Nike claims that typically, a golfer will get 4 yards over last year’s Covert hybrids.

The Nike Vapor group of hybrids have much deeper heads, meaning the middle of gravity continues to be moved back. This can help to raise the ball rapidly and simply. The general weight from the club is light and created a higher ball flight without any ballooning. Standing around address, this can be a attractive club using the sliver top type of the face area serving as an alignment aid. Whenever you setup, the club may appear just a little open however with solid contact, creates a straight ball flight. With a few minor adjustments, the club can be simply labored right or left. If you’re getting challenge with your lengthy irons and therefore are searching for a fast fix, then your Vapor Speed hybrids are the answer.

The Vapor Speed Hybrid comes in both Speed and Flex models. Both of them are fitted having a Mitsubishi Fubuki Z 70 shaft, obtainable in regular, stiff and additional stiff. The Fubuki shaft provides upgraded stability with greater launch minimizing spin. A Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G grip can also be standard operating procedure. Retail cost around the Nike Vapor Speed hybrid is $180 as the Vapor Flex is $229.

I discovered the professional driver, Flex 3-wood and Speed hybrid all super easy hitting. They were given the ball in mid-air rapidly and created a really penetrating ball flight. The ball appeared in which to stay the environment longer and merely stored going on and on. The 3 clubs were simple to work the ball right and left having a couple of minor adjustments and incredibly forgiving on my small miss hits.

The neon eco-friendly color around the sole and emblem may delay many people but that’s a little cost to cover clubs that may help you gain in distance and control. I’d recommend considering the brand new Vapor selection. To learn more, go to your local golf store or even the Nike website at world wide


Nike Vapor SPEED Hybrid Review


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Arleen Clarkson: ~

Amanda Fox: That isn’t as long as the aero burner tho

Brandon H: i used a stiff shaft to compensate my higher swing speed

Brandon H: I swung a demo of the vapor flex hybrid and i hit that club better than any other club ive ever used including irons, drivers, fairway woods, etc…it gave me a nice draw that looks professional and it makes me feel like a PGA player everytime i swing it…the forgiveness is good even when i feel like I hit it off the heel or toe it stays relatively straight and even if i don’t get under the ball all the way it still carries and stays true without much left or right action i recommend at least swinging a demo if not making it your go to club….

Daniel Salinas: Great review, Rick.  How do you compare this club to the Ping G30 hybrid in terms of forgiveness?  Thanks in advance.

Joshua Payne: The shape looks like the 2014 Adams Idea hybrid. Even the silver face as well makes it stand out and have a classic look. Now if it’s as good as the Adams then I’m sold because that club is the best (longest, forgiving, accurate, etc.) hybrid I’ve ever hit!

emac417: Since you are a x-stiff man. If you hit that hybrid with x-stiff would take take some of the left side out?

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