Titleist 816 h1, 816 h2 hybrid reviews: reviews for the best hybrids

CATEGORY: Better Player Hybrids

Cost: $250

WE TESTED: 19° (adjusts 18° to 21°), 21° (adjusts 20° to 23°), 23° (adjusts 22° to 25°), 25° (adjusts 24° to 27°) with Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White-colored 90, Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue 70, Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Red 60 and Fujikura Motore Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec graphite shafts

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The woodlike 816H1 is made for sweepers, instead of individuals with steeper swings. The iron-like 816H2 creates a flatter ball flight compared to H1.


PLAYABILITY: The H2 could be the most versatile Titleist hybrid yet — it is simply plain fun, having a driving trajectory along with a stiff upper lip in adverse lies defaults to some mild, repeatable draw that you could hit straight or fade when needed tight steering — hard, high-speed turns exist if you would like them the H1 flies just a little greater, but you may still flight it lower and move it around whenever necessary.

Precision/FORGIVENESS: The simple-going H1 is straightforward hitting straight, as the H2 includes a surprisingly big sweet place because of its size misses maintain a lot of integrity off both clubs the H1 takes dead aim, as the H2 is more prone to sling one out of there, but both can get you to the same location: near the pin.

DISTANCE: Top-tier length — both models flex comparable muscle the H1 provides more carry and is commonly more consistent overall these don’t lose much from rough the 2010 expanded loft options and fine-grain adjustability make putting it inside your bag a simple call.

FEEL: Just like Titleist has developed in the past, these may be better still the H2 provides a Goldilocks balance between feel and feedback — plenty of positive reinforcement the H1 supplies a softer, quieter sensation at impact both of them are hefty although not inside a annoying way kudos for the plethora of shafts, including some heavier models.

LOOK: The bigger, low-profile 816H1 and also the slimmer 816H2 give golfers two sterling setups both versions are very well-proportioned having a symmetrical, no-hook look black has gone out — the brand new clubs are battleship grey.


Most testers want Titleist to return to black heads the H2 may take a couple of testers for any ride requires some tweaking to obtain these setup perfect.

Main Point Here: Titleist nailed it using the 816s — the woodsy H1 provides you with a bigger safety internet, as the iron-style H2 plays with increased swagger. You cannot fail in either case: Both 816s rank one of the better Better Player hybrids currently available.


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Titleist 816 Hybrid Review H1 vs H2


David Ciccoritti: Randy. Quick question, how would you compare the 816H1 vs the PIING G or G30. I own the G30 but keep reading how good these 816H1’s are. Apparently dispersion seems to be a little better for most and they supposedly launch much higher. Two of the biggest things I look for in a club are dispersion (off center hits) and peak height. Thanks. P.S. I check your YouTube page every day hoping to see a new video (quick fan mail voice 🙂

Tony Bananas: Try the New Titliest 816 H1N1 and 816 HPV Condoms…They give 28% better ball speed and are far more penetrating than the old technology condoms we shoved down your throats last year..

Tony Bananas: When did they start selling golf clubs without shafts? Are they clubs for ants?

Station 2Station: Great review! For me the sound of the H2 was more persimmon-like. A pleasing characteristic which made me want to play the H2 more.

Caddiesense: The review didn’t do much for me but that music is bad ass!!!!!!!!

BF golf: nice work on the review! be cool to see some head to head performance vids, maybe even a little tournament format with drivers! don’t think anyone has done that yet

Mike Reiter: I think you explained this once already but is it just preference that you choke down on certain clubs?

BROWNS321780: LOVE the review! Please do more!

TXchadTX: I went H1 as well. Forgiveness, height and spin are what a hybrid was created for

Ben Hoganblades: Excellent video. More of these types of videos. 5 of these to every 1 course Vlog.

Ben Hoganblades: Excellent video. More of these ty

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