Titleist 716 irons (ap1, ap2, cb, mb) and 816h hybrids

Titleist 716 irons (ap1, ap2, cb, mb) and 816h hybrids
Titleist AP1 (front) and AP2 (back) irons.

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Titleist’s October 2015 product releases incorporated four teams of irons plus several utility/hybrid clubs. (So we put within their latest baseballs in those days, too.)

The Titleist 716 AP irons – that can come in AP1 (for any wider selection of golfers) and AP2 (for lower handicappers) – switch the 714 models within the company’s selection. So the 716 CB (cavityback) and MB (muscleback) forged blades.

Titleist also announced at the end of 2015 the 716 T-MB utility iron, as well as the 816H hybrids (that can come in 816H1 and 816H2 models).

You may have the DT TruSoft baseballs in the following paragraphs, which switch the DT SoLo within the company’s basketball selection.

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We’ll begin with the AP irons:

Titleist 716AP Irons

The 716 AP irons from Titleist are engineered for that mixture of a minimal center of gravity having a high MOI, helping golfers by minimizing the results of mishits (added forgiveness) while boosting launch position (getting individuals irons shots up in mid-air).

The variations backward and forward sets, the AP1 and AP2?

  • The AP1 irons are suitable for a broader selection of golfers and it is the greater forgiving of these two models if you would like maximum distance and forgiveness, the AP1 may be the set you’ll prefer.
  • ┬áThe AP2 irons target &quotplayers seeking distance and forgiveness inside a tour-proven iron,&quot Titleist states. They are player’s irons for golfers of lower handicaps.

Both sets achieve stores worldwide on March. 23, 2015.

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Titleist 716 AP1 Irons

Every new generation of irons leads to certainly one of a company’s latest choices being known as &quotthe longest, most forgiving irons we have ever designed!&quot And also the 716 AP1s are in possession of that distinction from Titleist.

Tungsten weighting is incorporated through the design – 50-percent more tungsten can be used when compared to previous-generation Titleist 714 irons – to improve perimeter weighting, and helps to create more stability at impact without requiring a rise in blade length.

That repositioned weighting boosts MOI and lowers the CG position, too, common aims in irons designed for an array of golfers. The greater launch position that results permitted Titleist to bolster lofts (examples below) for greater distance.

The &quotThin Fast Face,&quot fixed over a serious undercut cavity, flexes more at impact to improve ball speed.

The pre-worn innovative and cambered sole help turf interaction, creating cleaner connection with less digging.

The stock shaft choices are the real Temper XP90 (steel) and also the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 65 (graphite), each of which are high-launch designs.

The lofts start at 19 levels for that 3-iron and can include 25 levels for that 5-iron, 31 levels for that 7-iron and 43-levels for that pitching wedge.

The MSRP is $125 with steel shafts or $150 with graphite (MAPs $112.50 and $137.50, correspondingly, or, for that set, $899/$1,099). The 8-club configuration is 3-PW, with two gap wedges (47 and 52 levels) available too.

Titleist 716 AP2 Irons

&quotTour-proven distance,&quot forgiveness, forged feel – individuals would be the hallmarks Titleist cites for that 716 AP2 irons (which, actually, entered experience the professional tours captured and therefore are, based on Titleist, probably the most-performed cavityback irons around the pro tours).

Just like the AP1s, the 716 AP2s convey more tungsten weighting within the clubheads than the earlier versions, 25-percent greater than the 714 AP2s. The tungsten weights are co-forged using the 1025 carbon steel body, helping produce the low CG/high MOI profile that can help on less-than-ideal impacts (as well as on perfect impacts, too).

The MOI is 8.5-percent greater within the lengthy irons when compared to 714 models, and 5.5-percent greater over the full set. The blade lengths are shorter in accordance with the AP1s, as preferrred in player’s irons. The soles are only a smidge wider compared to what they were within the 714 AP2 model, with trailing edge relief to assist with turf interaction.

The stock shaft for that 716 AP2 set may be the steel True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT, that is lighter for that lengthy irons and heavier within the short irons. Additional shaft options could be purchased.

Lofts start at 21 levels for that 3-iron and can include 27 levels for that 5-iron, 34 levels for that 7-iron along with a 46-degree pitching wedge.

The MAP is $1,199 (3-iron through PW) with steel shafts or $1,399 with graphite. For more information, visit titleist.com.

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Titleist Irons Review | AP1, AP2, CB and MB Irons


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majorsmythe1: I played Blades all my life, hit them fine. Go ahead and play em, just need to play/practice more.Dont listen to that crap , I played blades as a kid. They just want to sell more crap!!!.

majorsmythe1: Even this Mizuno biased reviewer has to admit how great these are. The 710 CB is awesome, I will never leave it. He seems genuinely shocked how great the CB feels, its so good.Tons of guys on PGA, NCAA, use this and AP 2, nothing beats them.Get them while you can.

AJE1697: can you re-make this video now you have better equipment and cameras

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Leif E.: what kind of 4 iron should a kid have?

Leif E.: i mean ap2

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Clayton Dunn: Mark, how well can you work the ball with the AP1’s?

Ryan Hemming: Love your reviews! I watch them all the time!

Ryan Hemming: I have a few sets. I like the AP1s for rehabbing myself. As a kid of the 1980’s all I knew were blades and I like the feel of a blade. So I think have fun and experiment. I’ve had Muzuno MP 58’s. And MP 53’s. Great clubs! However, after joining a country club and playing more than usual I’m going to practice with my blades and work on feeling the shot. I think whatever works for the individual. I’m sick of hearing nobody can hit blades. Bullshit! Blades had been around for decades!

Elsonoir: Lol well if u arent a consistant ball striker and he just said that the cb was a blade which is least for giving why in the hell would u want that get the ap2 its more forgiving than the cb. Im 17 and just got a set of ap2’s

poopdick Johanson: Hey I am 17 years old and a 7 handicap and I was wondering of I should get the cb or the ap2. I’m not a very consistent ball striker and I know the ap2 are more forgiving but I don’t want to have to buy a better set of clubs later because I plan on getting better. Thanks

flatpicker15: Hey Mark, would you recommend the cb 710 or the mizuno mp 62? I’ve been playing the mp 32s but haven’t been able to play as much now that i’m in college, and i’m beginning to realize that even if i was striking the ball as well as i used to, i don’t really NEED a blade. Which would you recommend or should i stay with my mp 32s? Thanks a lot, Jesse!

MrRagnello17: @Technokid2114 As long as you keep it covered from rain and hit them well they should last a long time. Although the grooves may get worned, I would say 2 years if you took care of them.

MrRagnello17: @ZJComparisons I agree. Went to the rage today and hit the Ap2, CB, and then the Taylormade MB. I did not like the taylormade iron.

Zack Marcil: @tigerwoodsfan31 TAYLORMADE SUCKS.

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Alex Mcc: @tigerwoodsfan31 I would go ap2 or cbs because titleist irons are simply better than tmade irons. I would ap2s because they look the same at adress but the ap2 is more forgiving.

Alex Mcc: @tigerwoodsfan31 I would go ap2 or cbs because titleist irons are simply better than tmade irons.

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Chuck Norris: Hi Mark: I’ve been following your videos for a while and I absolutely love how analytical you are with these products. I’m just a bit confused about the AP2 710 and the AP2 irons. Other than the loft and bounce difference what exactly separates the two? because apparently it cost quite a bit to upgrade to the 710s. Your advice will be greatly appreciated

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keep up the great work

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