Nike covert fairway &amp hybrid review

Nike covert fairway &amp hybrid review

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Four Faces

It’s no stretch that i can state that I’ve been incredibly astounded by Nike Golf recently and just what they’ve completed with their recent releases from the Covert line. I had been impressed using the Driver and I’m equally impressed using the Covert Tour Fairways and Hybrids.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Four Toes

Nike has come up with a remarkable selection of clubs recently after many models using the Covert Tour 3 &amp 5 Fairways and also the 3 &amp 4 hybrids, the Coverts have me smiling ear-to-ear.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Soles

The Tour edition from the fairways and hybrids have a number of variations in the regular versions. The aesthetic is noticeably different using the silver face and sole substituted for a set black (that we strongly prefer) and also the Tour versions famous these clubs are adjustable and provide the brand new Nike FlexLoft adjustability.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Fairway Face

The adjustability concept is effective within the fairways and hybrids. While adjustability is mainly being observed in motorists, it can make as much sense to provide this degree of jamming the Fairways and Hybrids. Dialing within the clubs to fill any distance gaps is a big advantage then one that’s more difficult to complete with no adjustability. As the lofts are something which you’ll likely only dial in once – it’s a pleasant perk and enables for that seamless matching for your specific distances with the clubs presently inside your bag.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Adjustability

The Three wood can be adjusted from 13 levels to 17 levels, the five wood and three hybrid both share adjustability from 17 levels to 21 levels, and also the 4 hybrid provides a length of 21 levels to 25 levels. As I haven’t found a necessity to regulate the clubs to anything apart from the default neutral setting – tweaking the lofts has permitted me to fine-tune this set to complement multiple teams of irons which i frequently have fun with.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Shaft

All the Fairways and Hybrids have a stock Kuro Kage shaft that compliments the clubs perfectly. The Kuro Kage is turning up on a number of from the stock clubs this season which continues to be my personal favorite standard shaft that I’ve used.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Cavities

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Rear View

The tooth decay during these clubs (such as the Covert driver) isn’t observed in normal play and even though it’s among the first stuff you notice while inspecting the clubs from the course – it’s simple to ignore after putting the clubs in play. I’m unsure things to attribute the performance to, but many of these clubs really are a pleasure to experience with. The feeling, the weighting, the seem, and also the results all equal to a great playing experience.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Fairway Hybrid Face

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Fairway Hybrid Rear

While Nike fairways and hybrids may not be around the initial listing of clubs that you’d anticipate testing out, many of these choices count a lengthy and difficult look. I’d recommend thinking about and hitting these clubs while you refresh your bag for that year.

Covert Fairways Hybrids - Lineup

If you’d want to see more photos of those clubs, mind to our Facebook page and take a look in the Nike Covert Fairways and Hybrids Album.


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