Moe norman golf – hybrids – how you can hit &amp drills to assist

Moe norman golf -  hybrids – how you can hit &amp drills to assist

Prior to getting into how you can hit hybrids and a few drills to assist – let’s discuss why hybrids are extremely important to stay in EVERYONE’S bag.

Golf has altered previously ten to fifteen+ years.  Vegetables have become faster, harder and much more severe (sloped, etc..).   The opportunity to maintain vegetables in better condition has elevated.  Quite simply, vegetables have been in better condition (for putting), but harder to help keep approach shots in it.  When vegetables are not as easy / faster, the approach shot entering the vegetables be greater and softer to carry or remain on the eco-friendly.

With this particular being stated, 15-20+ years back, you can hit a 3, four to five iron to some eco-friendly with medium trajectory also it would stop around the green…. no more.  Unless of course you are able to hit individuals clubs high, and essentially possess the ball “fall” around the eco-friendly, they’re not going to hold.  Most who hit 3, 4, 5 as well as 6 irons into vegetables might find them skip from the back or jump from the sides (into rough, bunkers, etc..).   Clearly, not what we should want.

So, the hybrid iron was produced.  A golf club having a wider sole that can help kick the ball up in mid-air and can land More supple compared to equivalent iron.  And, due to the wider sole, they’re much simpler hitting compared to equivalent iron.   Equivalent irons / fairway forest to hybrids:

2 hybrid – 2 iron – 4 wood

3 hybrid – 3 iron – 5 wood

4 hybrid –  4 iron – 7 wood

5 hybrid – 5 iron – 9 wood

6 hybrid – 6 iron – 11 wood

Distinction between hybrids and fairway forest:  Hybrids are made to prevent faster.  Quite simply, both fairway forest and hybrids possess the wider soles and therefore are typically simpler hitting compared to equivalent iron, but hybrids are made to produce more back spin then fairway forest and therefore stop quicker than the same fairway forest.  If you’re hitting fairway forest into vegetables, they’ll roll off (like low hit irons) greater than the same hybrids.  Quite simply, you actually don’t ever wish to hit a fairway wood right into a eco-friendly if possible.  It is way better to achieve the equivalent hybrid inside your hands compared to fairway wood (or mid / lengthy iron).

Now, let’s discuss how hybrids ought to be hit.

1.  The ball position for any hybrid is slightly forward of it’s equivalent iron – it is incorporated in the “ZONE” from the Alignment and Ball Position Trainer.  Setup is going to be slightly wider (about 1/2 to at least one inch) since the hybrid is usually about 1/2 inch to at least one inch more than it’s equivalent iron.

3 Hybrid Ball Position

3 Hybrid Ball Position

2.  You’ll stand slightly farther away from the ball using the hybrid compared to it’s equivalent iron (again about 1/2 to at least one inch).  Again – since the hybrid is usually 1/2 to at least one inch longer.

3.  You Have To hit lower (produce a divot, or at best bruise the grass) using the hybrid.   This is actually the trouble with a lot of golfers who don’t hit hybrids well.  They “sweep” the ball using the hybrid striking the center / equator, or greater, from the basketball.   Remember as mentioned above, the middle of gravity of hybrids is low, that should go below the ball – not in to the ball.  If you don’t hit lower on your ball and make up a divot, you’ll be putting “overspin” around the basketball and it’ll not fly correctly, won’t achieve it’s optimal height and you’ll loose significant distance and spin on your ball.

Example of Divot I made with a 4 Hybrid

Illustration of Divot I created using a 4 Hybrid

DRILLS to assist hit hybrids:

Divot / Tee Drill:

1.  Sink / Push the letter in to the ground.  Push the tee lower until just the top tee is sticking from the ground.  Almost level using the ground / grass.

2.  Established to the tee (as though there is the golf ball around the tee) and swing in the tee (together with your hybrid).

3.  You need to hit the tee first, then your ground while watching tee (divot).   The tee should break, and when the floor if firm enough, the tee will really fly out and go backwards.

Tee in Ground

Tee in Ground

Tee Broken and Divot After Hybrid Swing

Tee Damaged and Divot After Hybrid Swing

4.  Do that over and over, before you can hit the tee from the ground (or at best break the tee) each time.

Tee / Ball Drill

Now – we will add the golf ball.

1.  Perform the same setup as above, now put the golf ball on the top from the tee.

2.  Setup within the ball and swing.  Don’t consider striking the basketball, but instead Smashing the tee.

3.  Hit correctly, the tee should emerge from the floor / break along with a divot ought to be produced beginning in which the ball was and forward.

4.  When finished, it ought to look just like above – divot with damaged tee.

2 Tee / Ball Drill

If you’re getting difficulty creating a divot in front of the basketball – give a second tee inside your tee drill.

1.  Convey a tee in the earth (with the golf ball on the top) along with a second tee just in-front (a good inch) from the basketball.

2 Tee Drill with Golf Ball

2 Tee Drill with Basketball

2.  Now, hit the ball using the hybrid concentrating on hitting both tees.  You need to hit the rear tee first and divot will hit / feel the second tee.

2 Tee Drill Finish - 1st tee out of ground, 2nd broken / bent over

2 Tee Drill Finish – first tee from ground, second damaged / bent over

This should help you to help make the divot “through” the basketball, not prior to the basketball.

Having the ability to hit hybrids / save clubs / bafflers / lengthy iron replacements is essential to experience good golf within the 21st century….  Golf has altered, vegetables have altered, conditions from the course has altered, making hitting greater / softer approach shots essential.  But for the average golfer with average swing speed, it isn’t very difficult when they understand how to correctly hit hybrids.

Focus on these drills – make certain and obtain “under and through” the basketball together with your hybrids – these drills will certainly enable you to become more effective hitting your hybrids and eventually cutting your scores.


Moe Norman shows his Master Move, Vertical Drop, Coin Drill. Golf swing instruction


talltree601: Don’t get me wrong I like and respect Moe a lot, but when he says he doesn’t believe in hip turn, and there is no hip movement in his swing he’s blowin more smoke than a diesel train……just watch his lower body…..just sayin.

Tiago Da silva: Listen to the legend

1cleandude: A little full of it if you ask me!

Jerry Patterson: Love watching Moe swing, helps me with my golf swing 🙂

Blah Playhard: Was Moe autistic?  What a character.  And a true savant with the golf swing.

The Artful Dodger: a. ridiculous; and

Ashton H: I`ve been playing golf for around Twenty years, struggling to break 90. After just reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I instantly, had the best round of the last 3-4 years. I have been struggling with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

Bret Schlyer: Nothing he describes actually matches what he’s doing. Not one bit.

Elotana Toras: this is not what he actually does when he swings …

TheNYgolfer: Vertical drop = right elbow dropping down to the right hip

Brian Sulzbach: Moe is absolutely right about this!

christocr: Obviously an amazing hitter. But, some of his comments really crack me up (yeah, I know he’s autistic, but funny comments are funny comments). The similarity to some of the lines by Bill Murray in Caddyshack (when Bill was swinging a golf club in a couple of scenes) is uncanny.

Allen Davis: Kirk jungle what is a good drill to help me hold wrist cock on downswing and help me stop casting the club ?

Steve Eyler: You know Kirk, Moe really had no idea what he was doing in his swing. You can’t listen to anything he says and try to apply it because his real versus feel is completely off.

MrZocor: Pretty full of himself isn’t he?

Scott Hosie: Tell me people don´t believe all his sideshow nonsense !

Chuck Adams: All u have to do is listen to that nice crisp click every time !!!!!!!!

okolekahuna: Moe is the perfect example that you can be the best ball striker (so he says) and never win a PGA tournament. Or at least I think…

z1ti: maybe this is what he feels but thats not what his body does. his thoughts somehow lead him to swinging it decent, but his thoughts are something that most people would not be able to replicate by his explanation.

Joey A: Help me understand this: if his ball control was so great, why is it that he didn’t win a single major?

sam fu: lol good luck hitting a big block right

fradaja: his hips do turn

GrandmasterN: He’s like autistic savant. He might hit the ball pure, but he looks to absolutely no power at all in that swing.

MrZocor: His hips turn just like anyone else.

Ron Childs: Moe on his worse day would beat 99% of you commenting. He’s trying to explain in his own words how it works for HIM! At impact he is in perfect position for his swing at the point of contact. Golf is a game of feel and for anyone to try to correct his approach to explaining…..your an idiot. Read his story and the reason why he never stayed on the US Tour.

Melissa Smith: Yeah, but he hits a 3 wood 150

ge10good: I believe moe norman was the only player that ben hogan watched practice. Moe was dead straight but too short off the tee to compete on the tour, although i believe he did win once

Jay Johnson: The way he centers his mass on his feet is so good. His footwork/foundation is great.

Geo B: He addresses the ball like he’s being frisked by the police.

Henry Tan: I recently adopted Moe’s left foot movement, it really has a stabilizing effect on my swing, I strike ball more accurately. Yesterday despite my left knee injury, with Moe’s footwork, I managed to walk the 18 holes, and shot a nice 82. I didn’t has presssure on aching knee as the move doesn’t require a knee twist. I feel like I can swing like this well into my 80’s without a knee replacement. And that’s a master move, I recommend it.

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