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The Hybrid Club is a welcome addition towards the modern golfer’s bag. It’s a great solution for players who’ve difficulty hitting lengthy irons or fairway forest. Regardless of this, in case your fundamentals are off, you’ll struggle.

Hybrid Golf Club Lessons

At Swing Action Prescription we offer Hybrid Club Training at our golf training facility in Oc. Here is really a connect to other golf training in Oc we offer.

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Lessons for a Proper Hybrid Club Swing

Training for any Proper Hybrid Club Swing

Learn to Swing a Hybrid Golf Club in Orange County

Learn how to Swing a Hybrid Club in OC

Become an Expert with Hybrid Golf Clubs

Become a specialist with Hybrid Golf Equipment

Learn how to Swing a Hybrid Club

Hybrids possess a rounded sole which enables players hitting behind the ball slightly but still pull off a good result. Should you hit behind the ball such as this by having an iron you wouldn’t have nearly as good of the result. So hybrid golf equipment are created to be more forgiving, yet you will find players who find it difficult to hit having a hybrid club. Normally, if you’re getting difficulty hitting with hybrid golf equipment, then there’s something fundamental failing inside your full swing causing this. We’ll identify this inside your swing action analysis which means you know the reason why you aren’t obtaining the results you would like. Only then do we will educate you the way to swing a hybrid club before you have it. We can’t quit assisting you improve. We’re here that will help you together with your game and will also be for your support throughout the improvement process.

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5 Star Review Hybrid Golf Club Lessons

Ryan makes learning fun which help u find out how the right motions become positive outcomes. I’ve found the moment overview of your swing and ball flight outcome probably the most helpful to understand “cause and effect”.

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How To Hit Hybrid Clubs


Superion Solace: You, Sir, are an awesome teacher!

tony smith: Hi Finchy,As usual,superb tips again,every time I have any struggles on the course I find the right video of yours and put it right in practice,keep it coming pal.

mike owens: good info..i dont use my hybrids much..but now i have a much better understanding of them..thanks..

Arthur Vermeulen: It looks2 Exceptiondl. draconian book ! !!

s.d. reese: man you make it look so easy

Timothy Williams: I never post on the internet, but I have to share this with other golfers. I struggled with my woods and hybrids and after watching Peter’s videos I can tell you, this was the most informative video on the internet. I watched the videos on both clubs, went to the range and it worked. I hit both woods and hybrids 95% of the time, compared to pre Peter’s videos, 40% of the time. One thing I noticed along with his instructions, just swing slow and turn, watch the golf ball fly…… Thanks Peter

aces 1982: This vid was so helpful, i really struggled with my 4 hybrid. The sweeping motion and ball position has helped me loads, TBH i was in the process of chucking it out of the bag last week lol!!!!!I do have a habit of topping it, caused by trying to knock spots off it, rather than letting the club do the work. Anyway another sound vid fella!!!!!

Joseph AOSHIMA: You have posted the clearest, most lucid golf instructional videos on YouTube. Thank you so much!!!

Infurious barstard: Hello Peter, nice vid, just a quick question regarding weight distribution, when using hybrids, does my weight need to be further forward like an iron or weight back like a wood/driver, or is it 50/50, if its weight forward/back what’s the ideal percentage of weight distribution?

Ray Beaudin: I like the way you explain and demo. Have a difficult time with hand position. Like the way your tempo is so smooth. How about lessons ? Please respond.

scotty195823: Thanks for the advice.  One small point is that due to the slightly longer shaft of a hybrid and the fact that they are so easy to hit means that matching the yardage of even identically lofted clubs is difficult.  I hit a 4 iron around 180 yards but get its hybrid equivalent around 190.  People new to hybrids may need to be aware of this. 

Andy On the Range: The vids are great explain the concept really clearly, thanks again

SimonGolfHo: Liked, shared and very useful, thanks pete.

terry1966: I hit my 22 degree hybrid as you describe but seem to pull it left off a tee on long par 3s I normally hit it perfect off the ground in fairways and just can’t understand why I don’t have consistency off the tee. any ideas?

Ross Pascoe: thanks Peter, great lesson can i write 2 you about a couple of things if so that would be great. I gather my email address will come 2 you throw my comment. thank you Ross.

Andy Daly: Hybrids have got to be the greatest thing…they are so forgiving and easy to hit with such accuracy to!

Ted Yorainman: Hello beard-less Peter, does the advice still apply now in 2017? I would think so, but club technology has come a long way. Appreciate all your videos.

Rodney Mounsey: Love these videos, always a good reminder about the fundamentals

subystu: Awesome vid bud… I’m a 14 handicap club player and I just bought my first hybrid a taylormade aeroburner 3  I had never hit a hybrid club and in my first outing with it I am hitting it 175- 185 m straight.. I can’t believe how easy it is..Thanks for the awesome tip.. Also loved your 3 wood vid. Stu

whogg0521: Man, Pete, your swing is always so money-looking.

Louis Fried: Great video Peter. Thanks. Cheers.

Dtyler171: I strike hybrids extremely well, but for some reason every hybrid I have used goes SHORTER than the iron equivalent.

Brian Reilly: simple stuff its all ball position and let the club work well done again love your information

George Duggan: can I hit this off the tee. great work Pete.

fdllicks: the best advice is choke down,far. Its much easier to hit and you lose only about 5 yards. the shafts are FAR too long.

fdllicks: I spent a month learning hybrids and this is what i found. cleveland and callaway are the easiest, titleist and ping the worst. CHOKE DOWN on it, far. consider cutting the shaft an inch, as the shafts are FAR too long. Light grip and butt out will help contact. only use from a good lie. If not, use your 4iron. Hit it just like a 6iron. same ball position and hit down. Take a divot! dont sweep it. if it slices, use a draw stance. I use a draw stance and it still fades. But its a beautiful, accurate, ridiculously high fade that rolls only a foot. Its all about contact with hybrids, not muscle.

cami ullyott: what if u have a 20 degree loft

Jessica Nussey: As with the Peter Finch video for hitting fairway woods, the hybrid video was very helpful.

Ken Lightfoot: Ken Lightfoot

Gino L: Shawn Clement’s intro music…

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