Hybrid club components – callaway, ping, taylor, clones and much more club hybrid clone component heads

Hybrid club components - callaway, ping, taylor, clones and much more club hybrid clone component heads

The most recent type of hybrid club heads for that custom club

builder to construct the hybrid to suit him or his customer on sale prices.

Acer Hybrid Heads


Power Play Hybrid Heads


IBella Ladies Hybrid Heads

Nextt Hybrid Heads


Dynacraft Hybrid Heads


Acer XDS React Hybrid Mind


Acer XF Draw Hybrid Heads


Acer XF Hybrid Heads


Acer XS Hybrid Mind


Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrid Mind


Dynacraft Driving Iron Mind


iBella Bellissima Hybrid Mind


iBella Obsession Hybrid Mind


Nextt Z1 Alloy Hybrid Mind


Nextt Z1 Ladies Alloy Hybrid Mind


Power Play Caiman X2 Hybrid Mind


Power Play Select 5000 Hybrid Iron Mind


Power Play System Q Hybrid Iron Mind

Resourse: http://golf-components.com/

5 Wood or Hybrid in Your Golf Bag


VWRabbit2008: I’m taking out my 3 wood and playing 16* hybrid with a 19* hybrid to follow. I never reach a par 5 so I would rather be in the fairway laying up then off

jerryrice4: What kind of wedge is that you’re holding at the end of the videos?

Brodie McFadden: Hybrid is best out of rough

Mike Eastridge: A strong 7 wood.

Josh Martins: Carry both

Totalavulsion: I think the fashion police have finally caught up with you

Dtyler171: I would like to see a full video on you playing out of the rough with the different clubs. Specifically the hybrids against the woods.

mchaggis1994: I live in the central valley of California and every course is like cement between February and October. I prefer to use a 20*degree hybrid in these dry months because hybrids do not roll out like 5 woods. During the dead of winter though, the 5 wood is far more helpful. Hopefully I was helpful!

scotty195823: My longest hybrid carries the ball around 190 yards and my 5 wood around 205.  The 5 wood I use is very easy to hit off the deck and is very useful for par 5s to get it down the fairway.

StankPunatra: Also what course your playing, if you like both just swap out depending on fairways width, trees, elevation, etc.

sir_NICKS_allot_ment: Ditch the hybrid

gbvoul: I gotta buy an app to get an answer from you?

wibble entity: Such a tricky decision. I used to play years ago and often uses a five wood from the rough, but the modern hybrids do it so much better. I personally have dropped my 3wood as it goes less far than my 5wood (same make and shaft…weird) so can carry a 3,4 and 5 hybrid!  My 3 hybrid doesn’t go much less than my 5 wood, but it’s a very versatile club so I keep both in my bag.  Second what mark says about getting yardages checked. It’s how I conformed my 3 wood carried less far than my 5 wood etc.

Daniel TheGolfShagger: 5 wood off the fairways, and a 4 Hybrid at 22 degrees when I am sitting in the rough. They both travel about the same distance based on their respective lies.

Lee (formerly Cahnt): I predict the Ping Rapture 3W will go in Mark’s bag, with its extra length causing a big gap between 4 iron and 3W which will require a 5W to split…….which will be the Ping i25 5W, so he still has some racing stripes in the bag!

Darragh Cashman: I prefer the 5 wood to a hybrid, can’t seem to hit hybrids as well as I used to

SimonGolfHo: Whoop my question got answered! Thanks Mark, I’m going to the range and test my yardage now, I was doing it based on lofts. Cheers!!!

Emilio Fedele: I’ve found a 5 wood much easier to launch than a 2 hybrid.  The longer shaft and higher loft creates more leverage, spin, and launch angle to get the ball in the air.

Lee (formerly Cahnt): when’s the ping rapture fairway review coming, mark?  looking forward to that one.

Sean Regnier: Hey Mark, I noticed that some players have a type of squat that begins on the down swing (Like Rory). It seems to add a bit of power. My guess is that the upward force from the squat adds more velocity on the downswing. Any thoughts? Thanks

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