Can titleist alter the thought of hybrid clubs? : golf business monitor

Can titleist alter the thought of hybrid clubs? : golf business monitor

“Golfers have lengthy considered hybrids as ‘save clubs’ and never ‘scoring clubs,’ but we plan to change that perception,” stated lately Chris McGinley, V . P ., Titleist Club Marketing.

The new Titleist 816H hybrids (new Titleist 816H1 and 816H2 models) usually are meant to change our thought of hybrid golf equipment. The brand new Titleist 816H hybrids are utilizing Active Recoil Funnel and Ultra Thin Face technology to create high-speed and occasional spin for lengthy distance.

They’ll be available in golf shops worldwide beginning October 23, 2015, with MAP of $249 (MSRP $269).


The new Titleist 816H hybrids are addressing the phenomenon of more golfers than ever before are replacing lengthy irons with hybrids and transporting multiple hybrids within their bags due to their performance benefits. Titleist really wants to see  hybrids like a direct extension from the iron set.

The Active Recoil Funnel – a lengthy, deep funnel, positioned across the sole from the club mind that jogs my memory Adams Blue Hybrid. It serves to provide more distance by positively flexing at impact to produce the ball with lower spin and greater speed. It also allows the entire clubface to deflect at impact for top speed.

The Ultra Thin Face works in conjunction with the Active Recoil Funnel to provide elevated ball speed over the entire face (this solution jogs my memory Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrids). Our prime-speed, constant thickness face insert, made from high-strength Carpenter steel. This really is Titleist’s  thinnest face insert.

H1’s MOI is 7% greater than  the prior generation 915H model, while H2 includes a similar MOI towards the 915Hd.

The brand new Titleist 816H hybrids are coming with 2 loft choices: every 2? along with a new 1? SureFit Tour hosel for independent adjustment of loft and lie. This really is allowing more fitting versatility for golfers.

My recommendation:

I would suggest 816H1 for golfers who need enhanced launch and like a fairway metal look.  816H2 is perfect for more aggressive golfers.


Buying Guide, The Titleist Hybrids H1 H2 by Mark Crossfield


George Sealy: Just wanted you to know that I recently purchased a Titileist H1 23 degrees club based on your review and information. I am an older golfer so I am using this club as my 5 iron and I have it set to 24 degrees square. I worked for a few hours on the range trying different settings so it delivers the high ball flight and distance, 170-175 yards, that I want. I can tell you that the club is worth every penny. I just do not hit bad shots with it. In your review you mentioned that the H1 is more of a ‘sweeper’ type of hybrid, which definitely resonated with me. Thanks for mentioning that. Yes, your reviews and information do matter, thanks for taking time to do them.

Danny Gomez: What hybrids do you use and loft? I’m a fan of both Taylormade Aeroburner and Titleist H1

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