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The Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid is evenly of the forgiving “mini wood” that’s great for gaps between lengthy irons and fairway forest.



Hybrids, utilities, save clubs, or other things you need to give them a call generally is one of the very best inventions of contemporary golf, but they’re also probably the most complex items hanging around.  Some players are searching for “mini fairway woods” while some are searching for any direct lengthy-iron substitute for any greater launching shot.  Callaway offers a variety of choices to cover these different needs, but the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid is a very forgiving and simple hitting club within the “mini fairway wood” family.



A main issue with the look within the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid is its bigger body and larger face for elevated distance.  It has a pear shape that resembles a shrunken fairway wood and provides a good feeling when setup behind the ball.  The crown from the Big Bertha OS hybrid includes a mean matte black finish, and also the sole includes a mechanical look using its dual runner the perception of better turf interaction.  For traditionalists, Callaway has been doing a fantastic job with minimal branding to create one classy searching club.


Seem &amp Feel

Staying with the “mini fairway wood” theme, the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid has much more of that wood seem and feel.  The face area is extremely forgiving around the hands having a large sweet place and the seem is really a solid metallic ping much like what fairway wood.  Towards the Big Bertha OS’s credit, it doesn’t seem anywhere near hollow or springy, however it comes with a bit more pop to the tone.  As the club is unquestionably forgiving, mishits don’t feel as lively as pure shots.



The adjustability and also the forgiveness pointed out formerly result in the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid probably the most versatile hybrid options in Callaway portfolio.  The greater ball strikers searching for shot versatility continue to be likely to lean towards something similar to the Apex hybrid, but the typical player searching for any club they are able to reliably hit lengthy, high, and straight are likely to love the large Bertha OS hybrid.

I believe the actual bread and target for the Big Bertha OS hybrid would be the player searching for something more than their longest iron from the tee.  I particularly consider my father who hits his 4-iron around 160-170 yards, but hits his fairway forest inside a 210 to 225 yard range.  He’ll regularly encounter holes where he needs so that you can hit the ball about 200 yards from the tee but doesn’t possess the right club for this.  The Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid makes that shot simple enough hitting without swinging from his footwear.

Obviously, you might have individuals same distance-gap woes from the tee box too.  The Large Bertha OS hybrid manages its way through thick rough but excels in the fairway – similar to a fairway wood.  The twin runners around the sole do assist with the turf interaction by guiding the club through squarely.  However, they don’t feel cumbersome enough where you can’t manipulate the club simply because they pressure the club mind to trace way too hard in one direction (it has been the situation along with other “rail systems” previously).



If you can call a hybrid a lot of things, Personally i think “utility” is the greatest descriptor for that Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid.  The Large Bertha OS hybrid is really a helpful club to complete that awkward distance gap in the center of your bag.  There are lots of options available to fill that place, however the adjustability, forgiveness, and simplicity of use result in the Big Bertha OS hybrid a useful choice for a normally difficult place within the average player’s bag.

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