Callaway big bertha os hybrid iron set 2017 – golfio

Callaway big bertha os hybrid iron set 2017 - golfio

Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrid Iron Set

The Women’s Big Bertha OS Combo Sets features game-altering distance and ball speed within the irons from the revolutionary new EXO-CAGE and 360 Face Cup, with explosive forgiveness and supreme forgiveness in hybrids which are quite simple to produce.


More Forgiveness and Ball Speed from New Exo-Cage Technology

The distinctively light-and-strong style of the Exo-Cage enables excess fat to become situated in proper locations to improve forgiveness whilst helping our next-generation 360 Face Cup technology to operate more proficiently.

Much More Ball Speed from Next Gen 360 Face Cup

Next-generation 360 Face Cup technology elevates clubface COR nearer to the USGA limit to create even faster ball speeds and much more distance.

Greater Launch for extended Carry from Tungsten-Loaded Standing Wave

Tungsten-Loaded Standing Wave technology within the sole lowers the middle of gravity to advertise a greater launch position for extended carry and much more ball speed on hits low evidently.

Progressive Center of Gravity for Elevated Control

Progressive Center of Gravity technology entails moving the CG location progressively reduced each mind in the greatest-lofted towards the cheapest-lofted, promoting greater launch and lengthy carry within the lengthy-irons and elevated control within the short-irons.

Women’s and Senior Models

Lighter in overall weight, with increased loft to advertise faster ball speed and greater launch position to really make it easy to obtain the ball in mid-air.

Explosive Distance from Next-Generation Hyper Speed Face Cup

Next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes faster ball speed over the face, especially on off-center hits.

Bigger and Faster Face for additional Ball Speed

A bigger and much more flexible face works well for two ways: 1) The additional size provides you with more area to get hold of. 2) The additional versatility pushes the COR nearer to the USGA limit, promoting faster ball speed for additional distance.

Elevated Forgiveness from the Refined Mind Design

Refinements towards the mind design include: 1) Longer heel-to-foot length that enables for any bigger and much more forgiving face. 2) Much deeper body for elevated MOI and stability. Together they create the BBOS hybrid remarkably simple to hit.

Better Turf Interaction from your Dual Runner Sole Design

The Twin Runner Sole design promotes better turf interaction for additional consistently solid contact.

Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrid Iron Set PRODUCT SPECS

Name Loft(°) Availability Standard Length(&quot) Lie(°) Offset(mm) Graphite Swing Weight Swing Weight
3H 19 RH / LH 40.50 59.00 TBD D1 N/A
4H 22 RH / LH 39.75 59.75 TBD D1 N/A
5H 25 RH / LH 39.00 60.50 TBD D1 N/A
6H 28 RH Only 38.25 61.25 TBD D1 N/A
7H 31 RH Only 37.50 62.00 TBD D1 N/A
#4 20.5 RH / LH 39.125 60.50 .260 D0 D2
#5 23 RH / LH 38.50 61.25 .240 D0 D2
#6 26 RH / LH 37.875 62.00 .220 D0 D2
#7 30 RH / LH 37.25 62.50 .200 D0 D2
#8 34.5 RH / LH 36.625 63.00 .175 D0 D2
#9 39 RH / LH 36.00 63.50 .150 D0 D2
PW 44 RH / LH 35.75 64.00 .125 D0 D2
AW 49 RH / LH 35.50 64.00 .100 D0 D2
SW 54 RH / LH 35.25 64.00 .100 D0 D2

Note: To your reference only and doesn’t denote the information from the product.

UST Mamiya Recoil ES 460 Graphite Shaft
Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
UST Light 64 mid low
UST Regular 65 mid low
UST stiff 68 mid low
TT Speed Step 85 Steel (PTIP)
Manufacturer Flex Shaft Weight Torque Kickpoint
True Temper Regular 85 low low
True Temper Stiff 85 low low
Callaway-Gemstone-Universal Red 51g Grip


Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrid


Sodthong: 200 quid for a hybrid, really ! And they wonder why less people are playing golf…

steven clark: it does look like a 5-wood to me. they say fashion goes round in circles. does this mean my 5 and 7 wood are fashionable again? will i no longer have to hang my head in shame whilst all around me are rinking their dinks and all i have in my hands is a well loved and battered 5-wood called george?

Kade Cannon27: what happened to puma

sparko2012: Mark, do you always hit a fade? Always looks like you push your shots on the slo-mos.

Richard Bryan: when did those mountains appear in Exeter?

Uwe Baus: sounds more like a 5wood spec then a hybrid

Snizzle Master: Mark, thanks for another great review. I play Callaway Hybrids and love their ability to soar high and land soft. This is something my 3 & 4 irons could never do. Thanks again!

Adam Flynn: the bottom of the club looked cheap to me and i originally thought u were reviewing a fairway wood when i saw it…at address it looks fine but biggggg…i want a smaller hybrid head than that…seemed to go very well 4 u mark..good numbers �� but still not for me and still an unnecessary range of clubs..2 super game improvement irons from the same company is 1 too much

Ratbacon: Let’s not be putting any of these in the bag. It would feel like you were putting Grandpa Rinky in a home.

theolsons: im looking for a new 19* to fit inbetween my 3w 15* and 4 iron 23* … def will give this one a try

Appe07: I am not a hybrid player. I’m using 4iron – 5 wood. and the gap between them is around 15 meters so I’m fine. Never really needed it.

daniel johnson: Seems perfectly sensible to me…??? Good vid Mark.

Tim Perkins: A not so rinky dink!

dg: Fuck off with the 1st comment pish! Are you 12 ya chode

Kim Nathan Inwon: I’d use 7 wood if hybrid is that BIG. lol.

Juliano Silveira: Mark…please please make some exotics products!!!

NEIL CLARKE: I like the lardness to!

Anthony Loiselle: If my comments on cran ser Sierre part 1 don’t get on a comment show I don’t know what will

Elliot Doyle: 1st comment

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