Callaway big bertha hybrid review

Callaway big bertha hybrid review

    Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Review

    Photo Packaging Product Credit: © Callaway Golf

    The Large Bertha hybrid represents a fascinating experiment for Callaway, to be the company’s first adjustable hybrid club. If I’d need to describe it shortly, I’d tell you just how Big Bertha is fairly lengthy, consistent and extremely forgiving/simple to hit. Also, I ought to recommend this baby for all sorts of golfers, essential-have/must try really, no matter your abilities. Yes, it’s so good folks and you may take that towards the bank! Having a cost tag beginning from $249.00, Big Bertha is really a tad larger than your average sized footprint, but you’ll be fooled relating to this matter by its pear shape. Design wise, you’ll be happy to begin to see the glossy-black crown which has a awesome chevron alignment that’s perfectly centered (the alignment aid that’s), unlike a number of other hybrid clubs. Another interesting aspect of Big Bertha I have to let you know about may be the height from the face that is taller than the majority of the hybrids I put my on the job which clever design provides you with a lot of confidence, because of the inspired look, combined with the face depth. Trust me, you will find situations when these small details change lives, for example opting for fluffy is based on rough terrains.

    Another awesome factor relating to this club may be the seem it makes. I am talking about, the large Bertha sounds pretty hot without making lots of noise it really sounds metallic/high pitched, just like a fairway wood would seem like pretty old-fashioned and incredibly satisfying to my ears, I have to tell you just how it can make you like golfing and that’s what is about , isn’t it? Performance wise, Big Bertha has it where it counts: it’s very forgiving and lengthy enough, giving the ball that sort of speed which belongs more to some fairway wood rather than a normal hybrid. This driver is perfectly able to deliver a powerful punch, enabling you to achieve massive distances while holding the eco-friendly tight! By using this baby you’ll have the ability to place your ball on the soft landing/high trajectory without fuss and without drama. And just what separates the large Bertha from all of those other hybrids is its adjustability feature, which makes it a fantastic choice for all sorts of golfers, not just for pros/high handicap players that’s.


Callaway Big Bertha hybrid

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