Best season to go to scotland for golf – graylyn loomis

Best season to go to scotland for golf - graylyn loomis

This publish may be the third inside a series about planning for a golf visit to Scotland. The very first publish was Planning a Golf Visit to Scotland and the 2nd covered Where you can Experience a Golf Visit to Scotland – enjoy!

When golfers consider “local knowledge” for his or her golf journeys, “where to play” may be the first factor you think of. However, when you should play is possibly the better still question.

The majority of Scottish Golf Trip Talking to clients and individuals who message me wish to place their journeys in June, This summer, or August. Their reasoning is the foremost summer time weather. It appears just like a natural choice, but could it be really the best choice?

May be the summer time weather really much better than the shoulder seasons? Should weather be also your primary factor for trip timing? How about budgeting concerns? The classes are packed busy within the summer time, but could it be exactly the same within the shoulder seasons? This informative guide when ever to organize your Scottish golf trip sets you straight!

The Elements

Let’s face the facts, the elements could be terrible in Scotland throughout the year. You could have absolutely perfect days in November and you may have cold rain for any week in This summer. We’d three days one April in St Andrews high wasn’t a cloud on the horizon. The typical days with precipitation in St Andrews is gloomier in April compared to This summer. If you’re worried about weather, the primary consideration ought to be temperatures.

Despite the potential of rain in virtually every month, the off-season may have cooler temperatures. You can easily put on some Under Armour, a hat, and mittens, however for some the colder temperatures from the shoulder seasons are an offer breaker. March/April may have temperatures within the mid-40s (F) and This summer/August experience average temperatures around 60 levels (F). Frost delays really are a common occurrence with the winter as well as in to the shoulder seasons. If you possess the choice, don’t book 7AM tee occasions since you could finish up waiting until 10AM for that course to thaw.

Newer courses that don’t serve many locals, for example Kingsbarns, Castle Stuart, and Trump Aberdeen really near the coast November and re-open in March/April.


Dunbar with an evening in April


Another large factor when thinking about off-season visit Scotland ought to be light. Scotland is on the greater latitude than Quebec, therefore the days are extremely short during the cold months and incredibly lengthy within the summer time. We’re speaking sunrise around 8:30AM and sunset around 3:30PM during the cold months. Follow by using 4:30AM sunrises and 10:30PM sunsets within the summer time. What this means is final tee occasions within the summer time fall as late as 5:30 or perhaps 6PM. The evening light lasts forever, which always managed to get my personal favorite time for you to play. 

Light spills into a number of additional factors when planning your vacation. Playing 36 holes per day throughout the off-season, or perhaps the shoulder seasons, could be a struggle! Shorter days also mean less tee occasions available. That being stated, less traveling golfers means less competition for individuals occasions. If you wish to go into the Old Course ballot or obtain a tee time at Muirfield, the shoulder seasons frequently provide much greater success.


Muirfield in March


Shoulder season rates could be a terrific way to reduce your vacation. You may expect between a 20-50% discount from peak (summer time) tee time rates from March to April and September to October.

One consideration may be the mats that some courses make golfers use when hitting in the fairway. The little bit of artificial turf helps to ensure that you don’t take divots that will find it difficult to heal with the winter. They take getting accustomed to, but I’ve discovered they never destroyed a game of golf for me personally. Are the mats well worth the savings and also the less busy courses? That’ll be your decision!

Your final factor is course conditioning. Even though many classes are fit within the winter and off-season, some utilize winter vegetables yet others cut lower the rough substantially before it grows during the spring. This really is a lesser element in the shoulder seasons, and can affect your vacation if you are planning it during the cold months several weeks. 


May evening around the St Andrews Old Course

Basically was traveling to Scotland, I’d turn to April. The cooler temperatures don’t bother me just as much, especially thinking about you’re walking, and also the savings permit a lot of versatility. The primary point is you don’t need to travel in June, This summer, or August. Great journeys occur within the shoulder seasons, which offer a far more “local” experience.

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If you’d like help planning your personal golf visit to Scotland, take a look at the Scottish Golf Trip Talking to feature online. It offers an alternate for golfers who wish to avoid pricey tour companies, but don’t have time or understanding to organize a visit themselves. Furthermore, you could send more than a question via email at


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