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Matt black may be the simple, business-like colour having a subtle, almost blended in, ‘V’ arrow around the crown. The blue and red around the sole provides the club a sporty look. The grooves evidently are wide. The mind is extremely larger than the XJ Pro hybrid from Callaway, for that more knowledgeable golfer.

Seem and Feel

This can be a meaty club, using the Callaway seem on impact. With your a sizable mind, the ball appears to remain evidently a lengthy time, however the feedback is nice. The mind-heavy weighting responds well to smooth, easy swings.

The seem from the almost traditional Callaway ‘zing’ in the shaft is enjoyable. The shafts are light which can be challenging for much better players who may suit the XR Pro version better.


Callaway-XR-2The XR hybrid is easy in play. This will make it a great club to save you and also enable you to get in have fun with reasonable distance. It’s excellent in windy conditions with it’s low, driving trajectory. The shot it creates also goes greater and also the ball lands more softly around the eco-friendly with less roll-out.

The XR very forgiving. It provides correction when you’re getting an off day with thin hits, which this club corrects to get affordable shots. It’s also great from the rough where fairway forest just can’t obtain the ball up and out. Also great for punching from under trees and shrubbery.

Callaway’s XR hybrid consistently adds 10+ yards than other clubs. It’s like you’ve put rock fuel within the baseballs. The variable face thickness that contributes distance also generates an additional 2mph ball speed.

Technical specs

Men’s 2015 XR Hybrid Product Specifications

ModelLoftAvailabilityLengthLieSwing Weight

3H 19° RH / LH 40.50° 58.50&quot D1
4H 22° RH / LH 39.75&quot 59.25° D1
5H 25° RH / LH 39.00&quot 60.00° D1
6H 28° RH only 38.25&quot 60.75° D1

Women’s 2015 XR Hybrid Product Specifications

ModelLoftAvailabilityLengthLieSwing Weight

3H 19° RH / LH 39.50° 58.50&quot C4
4H 22° RH / LH 38.75&quot 59.25° C4
5H 25° RH / LH 38.00&quot 60.00° C4
6H 28° RH only 37.25&quot 60.75° C4

Stock Graphite Shaft

ModelFlexWeightTorqueKick Point

Project X SD Light 55 High Low
Regular 58 High Low
Stiff 58 High Low/mid

The XR is really a hybrid that provides elevated distance. It’s been recommended that it may be a much better fit for somebody searching to exchange a 5-wood than the usual 5-iron. Try the XR hybrid around the next Callaways demonstration day, or visit their performance centres and fitting studios try it out.

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Golf Galaxy: Callaway XR Hybrid

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