Adams idea super s hybrid irons: range review

Adams idea super s hybrid irons: range review

The first time inside the good status for that organization, Adams Golf has formally launched an entire number of golf clubs under one model name. That name… “SUPER S.” The SUPER S family (since you may expect) includes: Driver, Fairway Forest, Hybrids and Irons. The SUPER S selection, completely through, should the simple hitting and supply golfers of levels the performance they’re trying to find. Recently our make certain review team was selected with the crew at Adams Golf to put their break through SUPER S Hybrid Irons using the paces round the course. We needed it a step further and spent nearly 72 hours round the range inside the simulator and picking away at local courses. Now we’re excited to speak about the final results together with you!

So, what sets this hybrid iron set additionally towards the rest? Well, take time to scroll inside the image below to find out all of the unique and additional features the idea SUPER S Hybrid Irons have to offer…

IDEA SUPER S Hybrid Irons Key Features:

Set Includes: 3H, 4H, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and PW

The concept behind the idea SUPER S Hybrid Irons would have been to blend Adams’ best hybrids and irons without dealing with sacrifice look or feel. A task that’s simpler mentioned than actually doing it! The entire set was engineered getting a thinner face for elevated ball speed – causing them to be quite simple hitting extended distances plus much more precisely. The SUPER S Irons genuinely have a brand new half hollow construction method. This latest design is mentioned to produce an iron with better stability at impact in a lower cost clubhead rotation. Because the hybrids possess a Cut-Through VST sole slot to enhance ball speeds for greater distance.

Inside the SUPER S Irons, we incorporated that which you have found inside our hybrid development, the irons possess a half hollow construction making it perform as being a hybrid, while still obtaining the feel and appear from the iron, giving golfers good all possible. -Justin Girard, Senior Design Engineer for Adams Golf.

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(7 from 10) Overall, almost all our testing crew were happy while using possess the SUPER S Hybrid Irons delivered. There’s a really solid feel at impact. Words like “powerful” and “crisp” were chosen by a few testers when requested to describe this set’s feel and appear. We did however notice sublet weighting variations from a couple of from the clubs – which was a thing that we weren’t use to and needed some practice to acquire 100% at ease with. This really is frequently associated with Adams patented gapping technology that is perfect for distance and forgiveness, but leaves somewhat to get preferred inside the feel department.


(8.5 from 10) The Idea Super S Hybrid Irons are the top three best searching groups of 2013 certainly! The irons provide an attractive look, nevertheless the hybrids are what truly stand out inside the bunch. The matte white-colored-colored crown (a la – TaylorMade) is the finest element in golf since the hybrid itself and seems fantastic. The “SUPER” graphics may also be eye-popping and oddly not just a distraction whatsoever during our testing sessions.

Beyond the SUPER S’s dashing appearance, were most impressed while using many features and engineering that have been incorporated within this hybrid iron set. The standout design element our crew noted were specially the hybrid crown and sole slots which not only look completely insane (and bad-@$$) however , works as being a trampoline to deliver the ball rocketing in the face by getting an very high CT (Characteristic Time) up to 230. Just 27 underneath the USGA limit of 257.

In addition, i had been very happy to uncover that Adams trimmed back the club faces overall by 20%, testing the limitations of club integrity and ball speed increases.


(8 from 10) During controlled testing sessions round the simulator our review crew (made up of seven golfers) saw increases of 7.6 yards typically within the 3 and 4 hybrids in comparison to their personal hybrids and threeOr4 irons. Within the irons portion (5 – 9 iron) of testing we possessed a less dramatic increase (but nevertheless an increase) of 3.4 yards typically.

And never the staggering figures i had been wishing for, but not one of them the without the SUPER S Hybrid Irons shown their technologies are not only seen hype.


(6 from 10) Overall our reviewers found the SUPER S Hybrid Iron set to get somewhat average inside the consistency department. While testing for overall distance acquired/lost round the simulator we crunched figures on consistency for distance (comprising club speed) as well as the figures shown to get somewhat mediocre inside the finish. Our crew experienced /- 5.8 yards of variation in distance control typically while using 3 and 4 hybrids, although it might be a smidgen better at /- 4.3 yards of variation typically while using irons inside the set.

The consistency figures aren’t atrocious, but they’re somewhat more than we’d have loved to find out in the “game improvement” equipment like the SUPER S line-up.


(8.5 from 10) Throughout our testing and review sessions we actually found these hybrid irons to get rather forgiving all-in-all. On off-center strikes the ball was imparted with cheaper spin rates than expected, leading to shots that have been closer to the mark line by 19.5% overall in comparison to our testers personal iron sets.

The overall “sweet spot” shown to get big and straightforward hitting. We learned that the hybrids were vastly more fogiving than any 3 and 4 irons we tested them against!


(8 from 10) We are feeling this set is certainly a genuine to goodness fair value for golfers seeking to discover a hybrid iron all-in-one package. In the perfect world you’d be capable of snatch these up in the local sports store for $599, but we don’t see anything wrong while using current $699 retail prices.

The Final Outcome:

We advise this searching for mid to high handicap golfers who’re trying to find many additional foreignness and distance inside their game this season. We found the Adams Idea SUPER S Hybrid Irons to get incredibly stylish, forgiving and filled with technology that’s targeted at enhance your yardage in the tee as well as in the fairways. Consistency may be this set’s finest lower fall, but overall it’s a thing that time round the range and workout can overcome the bottom line is time. A great acquisition of your golfing technique overall.

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