Adams golf: the red hybrid – the internet online hackers paradise : the internet online hackers paradise

Adams golf: the red hybrid - the internet online hackers paradise  : the internet online hackers paradise
Guest Author

March 20, 2015


Guest Article by Freddie Kong:

Within The month of the month of january of 2015, Adams Golf introduced the earth for the completely new Red hybrid within the PGA Merchandise Show. The 2009 week, Adams held a meeting in Florida for eight individuals from the golfing media to reintroduce this hybrid. The launch was together with not just a look, however a whole day with HOF golfer, Bernhard Langer.

Bernhard hadn’t done anything similar to this, so his reaction could be not used to a lot of us – and also the reaction was the stuff of legend. Bernhard demonstrated up round the range for just about any small private clinic along with a couple of one-on-one techniques for the eight people. He needed his time, carrying out a quick clinic and Q&ampA, to make use of everybody around the various swings, along with other they were, but he needed his some time to offered up tips connected with every swing. It had been after he dropped numerous pearls of understanding about his game and the way he goes about is the Hall of Fame golfer he’s.


One tip that has associated with me was how he works the ball: not by altering his swing, but by managing the face in the club as well as the direction his can be aimed. He doesn’t trust switching your swing, proclaiming that golf is tough enough since it is also to keep it simplistic.

After he shown us a few moves that will permit us to, he needed some swings along with his new Red Hybrid. Understandably, he flushed it, smiled and mentioned ‘this the very first is mine’. Many of us chuckled, but he was dead serious. I requested him later how extended it could require him to place a brand new club inside the bag along with what he looks for in the hybrid. He described his method of testing clubs which makes it apparent he needed to know the club. Also, he shared that in the hybrid he wants consistency in distance. He is not trying to find any hybrid that could smash it 230 once are available back getting a 210 shot. He makes use of a regular distance, launch and trajectory within the hybrid. He’s also trying to find consistency inside the miss. The final results from the miss round the feet or heel need to resemble what solid strike.

Adams Golf, #1 hybrid in golf, has created a flexible weighted hybrid. The Red, since they’re calling it, can be a compact, aerodynamic club, designed to aid golfers in launching the basketball easily and precisely.


The recipe for Red is easy:

Engineers placed the primary concentrate on versatility, having a smaller sized sized mind (95cc) that could handle a larger diversity of difficult shots which makes them simpler hitting all conditions.

Adams’ patented upside-lower mind design brings the CG lower, promoting simpler launch and greater demand all lies, growing playability and galvanizing player confidence.

To keep ball speed fast, even on off-center hits, Red utilizes Adams’ reliable and proven Velocity Slot Technology TM round the sole and Ghost Slot Technology TM round the crown.

Becoming an extra assistance to individuals seeking maximum shot-shape options, three transferrable weights round the sole (one 25g &amp two 2g) might be configured to market the flight that really is most effective.

Brought on by these elements is Red: an great searching hybrid that’s helpful for that golfer to really make the game’s difficult shots simpler.


The Red could be the tiniest hybrid I have tested/gamed inside my career. The compact mind having its dark steel-gray matte finish frames the ball perfectly. Her type of an Adams hybrid having its squared feet, slight offset and deepish face. Once I look lower advertising online I’m like I am capable of working the ball as quickly after i can hit a normal shot lower the eco-friendly or round the eco-friendly. This is often cliche, however it seems as if a genuine save club rather than a collection-out bomber that many hybrids are becoming.


Using the looks I had been expecting a great deal from the club and very soon found that it could deliver the thing that was requested from this. I started by helping cover their an easy swing and just hit balls to the 20 mph wind lower range. I do not know how long the ball was traveling, however saw the identical ball flight with each and every ball. I soon started turning the ball left getting a rather lower trajectory, but each shot moved on one path as if I’d worn a tunnel of sorts across the palms that fronted the left in the driving range.

Using Bernhard’s tip, not switching your swing but modifying the facial skin, I started hitting high fades. Each was the identical, moving center to right and falling well missing the draws I’m hitting. It absolutely was nice to find out these 3 shots while using current weight setting (pictured above).

Final Ideas

I am very picky in regards to the hybrid(s) I have inside my bag. I really like a tight mind, distance, playability and workability. The Red offers me everything plus much more. It exceeded our preconceived ideas from the products I’d see as of this launch. I felt very comfortable standing inside the club and i also understood I used to be going to escape it a few things i devote. It is a great 14th club within my bag and very and truly has filled a dent.

After our range session we headed around the program for just about any 9-hole round with Bernhard plus it was one of the highlights of my golfing career. He was one of the guys, which sounds funny, but he was truly just part of the group. Not to diminish his 98 worldwide wins, two Masters and world domination in the over-50 set, however truly felt like I’d known him for any lengthy time. Many of us chuckled, hit shots and moved to another hole. Bernhard dropped pearls everywhere while he hit solid shot after solid shot round the well-manicured fairways of Delaire CC. It absolutely was a delicacy understandably.

After golf, Bernhard grew to become part of us for just about any fabulous meal inside a local steak joint and told the very best golf tales one man could tell. Hearing him discuss is the first man to utilize the Lord’s name useless on national TV after both Masters wins had a lot of us laughing. The main reason in regards to the missed putt round the 18th hole at Kiawah Island had jaws open. Let’s just say nerves had nothing associated with the miss. His Simon Hobday (South African PGA Pro) tales had us holding our sides. It absolutely was a vintage memorable day with Adams as well as the Red Hybrid, plus an unforgettable meal getting a consider the presence of the truly amazing man getting an excellent amount of belief and conviction. Bernhard Langer can be a true gentleman in every single sense of the word. He and Adams Golf increase the risk for golf landscape far better.


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Google Glass: A hacker's paradise?


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