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Tee off at Royal Dornoch Championship Links. Dornoch is broadly regarded as among the best natural and delightful links in Scotland (many say on the planet!). While records indicate golf was performed within 1616, the club was created in 1877 having a Tom Morris layout. The program was later extended and modified by Jesse Ross, a Dornoch native (componen 72, 6,533 yards). Ross’s design is viewed in each and every hole especially round the huge vegetables with bunkers, ridges, hollows and plateaus, and gorse abounds throughout. Overnight in Nairn.

The Third Day:

Tee off at Royal Aberdeen Club – Balgownie Links. The club, formally placed in 1789, may be the sixth earliest on the planet. At 6,404 yards, a concealed chasm while watching first eco-friendly sets the atmosphere of those stern, lengthy links. The floor is uneven however the landing areas tend to be more level. Following the sixth, the gorse closes in compounding the golfing challenge. Overnight in Cruden Bay.

Royal Aberdeen Club – Balgownie Links

Rated #48 on Golf Digest’s Listing of

100 Finest Courses outdoors the united states

Day Four:

Tee off at Cruden Bay Club. The initial course was created by Old Tom Morris of St. Andrews and opened up in 1899 subsequent revisions were created by Tom Simpson in 1899. The program provides spectacular views from the ruins of Slains Castle, which provided inspiration for Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Initially of the truly amazing North of Scotland Railway Company, this traditional links offers a good amount of humps, hollows and vegetables tucked into unimaginable places. The best sequence of holes is most likely between your fourth hole, among the finest componen threes in golf and also the componen four, seventh hole. Cruden Bay creates unique challenges demanding the abilities of power, placement and fine judgment upon the discerning golfer. Set against a backdrop of subtly contoured vegetables and luxurious breathtaking views, a trip to Cruden Bay is a most memorable one. Overnight in Cruden Bay.

Cruden Bay Club

Rated #37 on Golf Digest’s listing of

100 Finest Courses outdoors the united states

Day Five:

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Review | 2016 Ford Focus RS | Reality Check


Nooooooooooooooooooo!: The production value of these videos are off the charts. Thanks for making them!

Ganaria Gente: savage gees spitting the bare truth again. thanks as always

Lexus Beema: Nobody ever talks about the lack of depreciation with these cars. Or the fact your buying an instant classic.

Huss Ali: Its fifty thousand in Canada LOL only retards would buy this i would rather get a cheaper sti or even the focus St

Drummer Man: Hands down one of the highest quality car reviewers on YouTube today.

Gerald “Jerry” Stein: I’m 58 and it’s definitely my dream car.

dannonyogurt98: I feel like most of these issues could be corrected by not being 300 years old.

detaart: Meh.

Jason Lillis: I drove the Focus RS when they were released and the Ford dealerships were no longer treating them like the holy grail and would let you go for a test drive. I found it to be gimmicky, and that’s coming from a guy who commutes in an Abarth. I think the Golf R is a better car but then you’re dealing with VW dealers for service and that’s hit or miss. I hope to see the Mazdaspeed 3 in the next couple of years or at the very least the CX5 with the 2.5L turbo.

Raptor: Your voice is so condescending I can’t really tell if you like the car or not lmao

vezzarn: For $40,000, you can find a brand new 2015 Chevy SS with magnetic ride control, nice interior, and a much better-sounding motor… If you look REAL hard, you can even find one with a six-speed manual.

Im here because im bored: Don’t get me wrong the rs is a great car but for me it’s crazy over priced. The golf R with dsg and every extra known to man is tons better value for money. I have the fiesta st right now and the build quality of ford’s is bullshit I’m getting the golf soon.

Tyler Watthanaphand: @

TheAdventureMazda: Awesome review like usual, letting the average buyer know the true details of what the car will be like. At one point I was very interested in getting one, but have moved on. It ended up being way over hyped and looks much better on paper than the road. I still love the styling and the fact that its a hot hatch. Most manufacturers are dragging their feet with them.

Beanjuice: It sucks that the only local dealership that has one of these marked it up 25k over msrp.

TERRORIZERRRR: What’s up with the horror movie background music though?

07wrxtr1: The best unbiased review of ANY car I’ve ever seen.

Polestar Wes: RS just place last in comparison test in the April 2017 issue. They praised the RS for the same reason you did and they killed it on the ride quality. The said it rides like a dump truck and said the RS is not a true drivers car, but its a tremendous performance car. And I totally agree

Abendschein: Dude, you didn’t fold that seat down properly.

Affalterbach 1967: Should we settle for the Focus RS, or wait for a revival of the Probe GT, designed by Mazda ? Of course for winter and family errands, I would have a GLC43.

Brandon Harper: why is he listening to a breastfeeding tutorial. rofl

SI RICKO: Saying that that type r is for 12 years olds shit is like saying A damn lambo is for 5 years olds shit is just fucking stupid.

AdrenalineAddicted: If RS is that bad which other car is better in this price range?

Andrew Dave: God dose this guy even like cars ?

Gil Vietor: My wife’s daily driver is a 370z nismo, and we went to try one of these out. It is nice, but I dunno. It is an amazing performer, no denying, but I don’t think it is 45,000$ nice.

frank: I only notice the choppy ride in mine when it’s in track mode, and it is brutal if you are not prepared for it. Sport seems fine. Coming from someone who has owned a lot of mustangs, this car drives so much more confidently as you stated. I really like mine a lot, but I bought it going in knowing it is a ford hatchback and wasn’t going to give me a Tesla or Porsche level interior. I wanted it fun car to drive that didn’t soak me for twice the cost, which is what you have to spend for some of the things people put the RS down for. They could have put in a digital cluster at least, but this is Ford.

Ja son: it looks like an evo. the only problem is that ford logo on it. lol

pupper: In america is the clutch and brake reversed?

pupper: I have a ford fiesta st, I actually love it. I’ll upgrade to a focus rs when I find one thats been loved and is reasonably priced

Jager’s 4xFORD: I just wish they would speak in big boy terms and not be so smarmy about everything. It’s like lessening to a couple 9 year olds looking at dirty pictures. FORD has come a long way in the past few years, they kick ass in whatever they put their minds to…  so cut them a little snack. Rustang, really? Grow up…

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